first_imgRose (Marilyn Chambers) and her boyfriend Hart (Frank Moore) are involved in a motorcycle accident on a country road. While Hart escapes with only minor injuries, Rose is left in a coma and requires emergency surgery. Dr Dan Keloid (Howard Ryshpan) decides to use an experimental plastic surgery technique on Rose to save her life and after a month, she finally wakes up. Suffering from side effects after the surgery, Rose finds she has a taste for blood and acting on it turns her victims into zombie-like creatures.David Cronenberg’s Rabid is considered a horror classic and it screened at Arrow Video FrightFest to coincide with the premiere of the remake by the Soska Sisters. The film has been given a 2K restoration, which looks and sounds pretty amazing. Screening a day ahead of the remake, and introduced by the Soska Sisters, Rabid is one of the jewels in Cronenberg’s work. Starring adult film star Marilyn Chambers in her first non-adult film lead role, Rabid is a hugely engaging film that has stood the test of time.Revisiting the film at a time when zombie films and shows are at saturation point, it’s clear that Cronenberg’s film has been a reference point for many film-makers. The premise, once you put the slightly dodgy medical science to one side, is very simple with Rose feeding off the blood of her victims, which passes on a rabies-like illness that turns them into violent zombies. As Rose’s condition worsens, and she becomes more careless about choosing her victims, Hart is locked in a race against time to find her and stop her before a true epidemic breaks out.Credit: 101 FilmsThe film’s biggest flaw is the lack of character development. Chambers give a solid enough performance but Rose is so two-dimensional, she doesn’t get a lot to work with. Cronenberg exploits Chamber’s looks and body to titillate the audience and it’s a shame that he didn’t give her more depth to show what she can really do as an actress. In some ways that’s a little by-the-by as the film is less about the characters and more about the horror unfolding on screen.Rabid is undoubtedly a classic. While you may not require your brain to be switched on to enjoy it, it’s a pure guilty pleasure of a horror film. There’s plenty of shocks, violence and gore to keep fans of the genre happy and the story, while slightly thin, is enjoyable enough to hold your attention. At only 91 minutes long, the film is a breezy watch that doesn’t outstay its welcome and with the fantastic 2K restoration, fans of the original have another reason to seek it out on the big screen. Rabid is enormous fun and anticipation for the remake is considerably high.Cast: Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore, Joe Silver, Howard Ryshpan Director: David Cronenberg Writer: David Cronenberg Certificate: 18 Duration: 91 mins Released by: 101 Filmslast_img read more

first_imgHello, once again my fellow Roblox fans. Once more we publish our weekly roundup of the top games we’ve been playing on Roblox. As ever these may not be new games but they are new discoveries for us. Each week we spend hours checking out a variety of Roblox games so that we can bring the best of the bunch to you!This week we have three games to recommend all of which are quite different so hopefully, there’s something in there for everyone.View the Heroes Online release trailer below:Our first title is Heroes Online by Bloxxit Studios. Heroes Online is best described as an action RPG. In Heroes Online you can play as a hero or a villain. Your aim is to simply complete quests in order to level up your character but beware, PVP is active all the time and I found that higher level players would quite frequently hang around the starter area to gank newer players. This game stands out for me because of how fast it plays. As you progress you quickly unlock new abilities which not only look cool on-screen but also do some devastating damage.Our next title is Arsenal by ROLVe Community. Arsenal is very much a CS:GO in terms of its playstyle and is very exciting for it. It’s a fast and fluid shooter with very quick respawn times so you’re not out of the action for very long when you get killed. An interesting touch is that when you kill an enemy you automatically pick up their weapon (even if they were miles away) and have to use it. This forces you to try all of the weapons in the game, often in a single map, and means you need to adapt on the fly.View the Arsenal trailer below:Our final title is the Roblox classic Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_S. In Theme Park Tycoon 2 you are given free rein to create the theme park of your dreams. You start with a more or less blank canvas. If you want to keep things simple and just place rides and paths then you can approach it this way. If, however, you want a more detailed experience you’re covered too as you can go as far as changing the level of the ground to truly customise your theme park. There are loads of rides to choose from and it will have you glued to the screen for hours.Check out YouTuber Denis playing Theme Park Tycoon 2 below:That’s it for this week folks, hopefully, you’ll like at least one of the titles we’ve recommended and remember to come back next week for more recommendations.last_img read more

first_imgCredit: Sony MusicHard work really does pay off and if there’s one band in Country music that knows that, it’s Old Dominion. The band came together as individual songwriters and musicians, and released their debut album Meat and Candy in 2015. They scored their first number one that year with second single Break Up with Him and have gone on to score countless number one hits since including Song For Another Time, No Such Thing as a Broken Heart, Written in the Sand, Hotel Key and Make It Sweet. As well as finding success on their home turf, the band has gone global finding a big fanbase in Europe and particularly the UK, where they’ve toured several times over the past few years.This week sees the release of the band’s self-titled third album, the follow-up to 2017’s number one record Happy Endings. The album has been a long-time coming with the band having turned it into their label at the beginning of the year. They also started releasing singles from it last year with Make It Sweet the lead track. When they toured the UK last year, we got treated to a handful of songs that made it onto the final track-list for this new album.For Old Dominion, the band has collaborated once again with hit-maker Shane McAnally with both taking on production duties. Each of the 12 tracks features various members of the band on songwriting duties with frontman Matthew Ramsey, guitarist/keyboard player Trevor Rosen and guitarist Brad Tursi credited on almost every track. Those that have heard the tracks released from the record so far (half of the album was released prior to the full album) you’ll have a good idea what to expect. The songs here are a progression from the last two records, injecting more soul than we’ve heard before and sounding looser than the tighter production of the last two records.The album fittingly opens with Make It Sweet, their latest number one, and it’s a perky track driven by hand claps and a strong melody. Lyrically the song encourages the listener to embrace the good in life and make the best of the short time we have on this Earth. It’s a positive message and one that more of us could do with taking to heart. Of the tracks released prior to the album arriving in full, My Heart is a Bar and Midnight Mess Around have been the strongest. My Heart is Bar is a piano-led song about realising you’re being taken advantage of by people looking for comfort but never being able to find a shoulder to cry on yourself when you need one. It features a great vocal from Matthew and the intricate instrumentation really lifts the melody. Midnight Mess Around is a different beast altogether, incorporating a bluesier rhythm while Matthew sings about feeling frisky in the presence of a woman that’s feeling similarly. It’s a fun record that perfectly captures that feeling of lust I’m sure we’ve all felt.The 6 tracks that hadn’t been available before the full album dropped are a real mix of sounds and flavours. Do It With Me has an 80s sounding guitar riff while the instrumentation and harmonies are super smooth as the band encourages the object of their affection to spend their time with them. Hear You Now feels like a nod to Fleetwood Mac, American Style is a funky pop number that will be a smash live, and Paint the Grass Green is a nice bridge from Happy Endings to this record. The standouts are the throwback feel of Smooth Sailing, which the band performed during their recent UK tour, and the moody Country track I’ll Roll.Elsewhere on the record Never Be Sorry has a fun vintage soul/pop feel to it and One Man Band, the band’s current single, sees Matthew singing about wanting to be in a relationship rather than moving through life alone. Album closer Some People do was co-written with Thomas Rhett and it’s a big ballad that brings the album to a subtle but solid close.With each record Old Dominion continues to evolve and hone their craft. This is their most mature collection of songs yet and some fans may find it’ll take a few listens for these tracks to get under their skin. I always think Old Dominion are a band that are in their element live and often I’ve found that after seeing them performing live, the songs take on completely different meanings. With the band back in March for C2C: Country to Country, I look forward to hearing more of these tracks live but until then I’ll be putting this strong collection of songs on repeat.Track list: 1. Make It Sweet 2. Smooth Sailing 3. One Man Band 4. Never Be Sorry 5. My Heart is a Bar 6. Midnight Mess Around 7. Do It With Me 8. Hear You Now 9. I’ll Roll 10. American Style 11. Paint the Grass Green 12. Some People Do Record label: Sony Music Release date: 25th October 2019 Buy Old Dominionlast_img read more

first_imgIn Journey to the Savage Planet you play as a new recruit for Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar space exploration company. They’ve sent you off to an uncharted planet named AR-Y 26 to see if it might be fit for humans. Your mission is to explore and document what you find there.With little experience and even less equipment you need to find and make use of the resources on AR-Y 26. After leaving your damaged Javelin spaceship you soon realise that this is a very different world to earth. Pressing Up on the D-Pad activates your scanner which is used to highlight and examine things of interest.Watch the Journey to the Savage Planet launch trailer below:Collecting resources is key to progressing so you need to be on the look out for veins of materials such as carbon and silicon. Resources that you collect can be deposited back at your ship and used to 3D print new items and upgrades. Another key element is identifying plants of interest and learning how to best make use of them. The many plants contain different seeds that can be used in a variety of ways. For example there’s some that are sticky, some that explode and others that can be used to help you climb.As you progress you’ll also find a mix of alien creatures. Many of these are variations of incredibly cute Pufferbirds and most of them are friendly. Some are more aggressive and force you to use some of the different items you find in order to defeat them.The only weapon you have available throughout the game is a blaster. This can be used to destroy certain breakable environmental objects such as crystals and grass. It can also be used to kill the various alien life and take on the few bosses the game throws at you. When you’re forced to fight with the blaster it can often be a frustrating and clumsy affair. Refreshingly though there isn’t a focus on combat in Journey to the Savage Planet. Credit: 505 Games / Typhoon StudiosThe game is quite lenient when it comes to dying. Often you’ll slip off a ledge but you’ll be saved by your ship’s flying robot. If you fall too far onto a hard surface or take too much damage against an enemy then your ship with print another you. Like many other games if you make your way back to where you died you can grab all the stuff you were carrying. Here you can also bury your previous self too.Most of your time is spent simply exploring the alien planet. It’s full of variety and many areas are split up into smaller islands and rely on verticality. The game definitely falls into the Metroidvania genre. Often you can see things that you need to obtain but they are out of your reach or require you to have access to a specific item or ability. There are neat audio cues that let you know when you’re closing in on a secret or collectible. If you don’t have the right upgrades then you’ll need to make a note and come back later. Upgrades include the ability to hold and use different seeds as well as jump and stomp thrusters. My favourite was probably the proton tether which is a kind of grapple hook.The game demands a fair amount of backtracking but each area you discover has its own teleport that you can use to fast travel if you wish. I often found myself skipping fast travel so that I could explore more. The main reason for backtracking is to return to your Javelin.Credit: 505 Games / Typhoon StudiosYour Javelin features a large TV screen that plays video updates from your boss back home. These are always quirky and humourous and I genuinely looked forward to seeing the next one. The TV also plays a variety of fake adverts for crazy products which are well done and I found many of them hilarious. There’s also a lot of other neat touches in your Javelin which I won’t spoil here.There’s a few different ways to beat the game. The most simple requires you to find five fuel sources around the world. A first playthrough of the game is going to take most players upwards of 10 hours. There’s plenty of reasons to come back though such as tracking down all the secrets and collectibles. There’s also a great photo mode and an “Old Game Minus” mode that gives you 3 lives. Overall I absolutely loved my time with Journey to the Savage Planet. It’s a fun and compelling game that can be taken at your own pace both solo or co-op. It also caters to player who like to speedrun with an achievement for beating the game in under 4 hours. I’m already looking forward to the upcoming Hot Garbage expansion.Journey to the Savage Planet was reviewed using a digital code provided by the publisher.Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Typhoon Studios Release Date: 28th January 2020 Reviewed On: Xbox One Also Available On: PC, PS4last_img read more

first_img Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Twisted French psychological thriller The Other Mother is coming to Channel 4 courtesy of Walter Presents.Created by Véronique Lecharpy, Toma De Matteis and Pascal Elbé, the series stars Anne Charrier, Pascal Elbé and Sophie Quinton. The series is about a young boy who claims that his mother isn’t his real mother. Despite being urged by a child psychologist to take up the case, the police face a tough choice; risk allowing the boy to stay with the wrong parents, or trust the word of a child and ruin a family’s life forever?When three-year-old Malone insists that his mummy is not his mummy, child psychologist Vasile believes him. Police captain Marianne, however, is much more sceptical and is already occupied solving a serious robbery in which millions of euros have been stolen and two fugitives are still at large.But they are running out of time; Malone’s memories are fading fast and if his story is not just child’s play, it would be criminal to ignore it. Can you trust a young child with an overly active imagination?Or could this be a sophisticated case of kidnapping? Forced together by the case, Vasile and Marianne embark on a passionate affair, further complicating two investigations that could be more intertwined than they appear…Pascal Elbé, who plays Detective Papy, starred alongside Alexandra Lamy in Harlan Coben’s No Second Chance while Anne Charrier is critically acclaimed in France, winning the Best Actress award at the Festival de la Fiction TV and best supporting actress at the Olympus Film Festival.Viewers may recognise Pascal Elbé, who plays Detective Papy, for starring alongside Alexandra Lamy in Harlan Coben’s No Second Chance. Lead actress Anne Charrier is critically acclaimed in France, winning the Best Actress award at the Festival de la Fiction TV and best supporting actress at the Olympus Film Festival.Walter Presents: The Other Mother premieres at 11pm on Sunday 3rd May on Channel 4. The full boxset will be available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately after transmission of first episode. Preview the series with our gallery below: Credit: Walter Presentscenter_img Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presentslast_img read more

first_img Credit: Walter Presents German crime drama Walter Presents: 23 Cases is coming to More4 from 11th September 2020.The series is created by Alexander Eslam and stars Shadi Hedayati, Franz Dinda, and Bernhard Piesk.The German public breathes a sigh of relief when serial killer Maximillian Rapp finally confesses to 23 brutal murders. But for Detective Tara Schöll, something doesn’t add up; there are missing fingerprints and Rapp might have an alibi for one of the 23 cases.Why would he confess to a murder he didn’t commit?Tara Schöll and her lover and colleague Henry Kloss suspect Max Rapp is innocent of at least three of the murders to which he confessed. Convincing the chief of police that their necks will be on the line if they don’t solve this, he asks Tara to head up the investigation team. But when Rapp warns them that another murder is on the horizon, they have no choice but to enlist him to find the real killer before more innocent lives are taken.With a sixth sense for detecting evidence, Rapp could be the key to proving his own innocence; or could he just be a master manipulator using Tara for his own sick game?Walter Presents: 23 Cases begins at 9pm on 11th September on More4 and continues every Friday for 10 weeks. Preview the series with our gallery below: Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presentscenter_img Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presents Credit: Walter Presentslast_img read more

first_img Clodagh Halliday (aged 17, from Dumfries High School), with a geodesic dome model Molly Coxon and Annabel MacGregor (both aged 15 and from St Josephs College, Dumfries)holding laser-cut designs. The studio, at Unit 10, The Loreburne Shopping Centre, High Street, Dumfries, is a joint initiative by the Glasgow-based MAKLab network and Upland CIC – Dumfries and Galloway’s new organisation to support, nurture and train artists, makers and designers.Clare Hanna, Director of Upland, said: “Having a MAKLab in Dumfries is a huge leap forward, giving artists, makers, designers and young people the chance to use the latest disruptive technologies to create amazing artworks and products.“Up to now this kind of centre, and this type of equipment, has often only been available in major cities. It’s a real coup to bring all this to a rural area like Dumfries and Galloway – it has the power to transform what people in the region can design and make.“We have already had young people in to try out the equipment and the results have been brilliant, really firing their imaginations.”The MAKLab will also be a centre for textile work. Tuition will be available from Iona Barker, originally from Castle Douglas, who is a successful costume designer who has worked on costumes for world class performing artists including Beyonce, Prince and Lady Gaga.Iona, who went to Castle Douglas High School and art college in Dumfries, will be creating textiles courses and doing some tuition in Dumfries and is really looking forward to passing on her skills.She said: “As head of wardrobe at the SECC I had some wonderful opportunities – creating dresses for Beyonce and her dancers, making sure Katy Perry had enough rhinestones and creating ruffles for Prince.“Now I really enjoy teaching and am very much looking forward to helping people in Dumfries and Galloway learn to use our digital technology. There’s a huge amount already going on there, and all across Scotland, and I believe we can be at the forefront of textiles if people have the right skills and equipment.”The Dumfries MAKLab is opening on a pilot basis for three days a week and members of the public are encouraged to drop in for a look around.Richard Clifford, Executive Director, said: “When Upland invited us to look at Dumfries we were really impressed by the creativity down here and what could be achieved if people had access to the equipment and expertise we can offer.“This will give people the tools and the knowledge to really unleash their creative potential.“We want this to be a place which everyone of any age or level of expertise can use, whether they are trying to pick up new skills, experimenting with ideas and materials, or producing art, craft or commercial products.”People with business ideas are among those who could benefit most from MAKLab as they can create products at low cost, and with expert help, without having to invest in equipment such as 3D printers, which can cost anything from around £2,000-£20,000.Likewise it’s perfect for established artists, craft makers and designers wanting to try new ideas or branch out in a different direction.The studio is also for those who simply want to make things for their own pleasure, perhaps making models, dressmaking or digital embroidery.Members of the Dumfries workshop will have access to MAKLab equipment and expertise elsewhere in Scotland. They can even carry out substantial manufacturing work – for example producing furniture or even pre-fabricated buildings like pavilions.The equipment is so sophisticated that it can be used for incredibly complex projects. The Glasgow centre has helped make individually tailored bionic hands.The Dumfries initiative is supported by a range of funders. It has been granted £25,200 from CashBack for Creativity, a Scottish Government scheme to reinvest the proceeds of crime back into communities.Amy Marletta, Upland’s Professional and Talent Development Manager, said: “The Cashback funding, along with support from theAmy MarlettaHolywood Trust and the Big Lottery, will let us run free workshops for schools and young people.“One of the really exciting things we want to do is break down barriers and get young people in to have fun while they learn.”The programme for young people of 15-25 is still under development. It is hoped that it will inspire them to get more involved in creative activities and perhaps even consider a future in art, craft or design.Leonie Bell, Director, Arts and Engagement, Creative Scotland, said: “This is an exciting moment for Upland as they embark on this digital technology initiative for young people from all across Dumfries and Galloway.“It’s equally exciting for the CashBack for Creativity programme to be supporting this initiative in order that all young people in the area can access this new facility and engage in a free programme of creative learning with some of the latest high tech digital technology.“Enabling young people in rural areas to access this kind of facility has huge potential to inspire and progress a young person’s future and I look forward to following the programme over the coming months.”Photos by Colin Hattersley Photography – Clodagh Halliday (aged 17, from Dumfries High School), with a geodesic dome model Clodagh Halliday (aged 17, from Dumfries High School), with a geodesic dome model AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInUpland and MAKLab Open Hi-Tech Studio to Unleash CreativityTop technology for artists, designers and makers – plus textiles tuition from the costume maker who dressed BeyonceA hi-tech digital fabrication studio is being launched in Dumfries – opening up a new world of opportunities for designers, artists and craft makers of all ages.MAKLab gives easy access to advanced digital technology like 3D printers and laser cutters, enabling people to make everything from intricate jewellery, to furniture and sculpture – or create prototypes for commercial products.It will also provide exciting free programmes for young people – plus the chance to learn about textile design from a costume maker who has helped dress some of the world’s biggest stars.last_img read more

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedIn Dumfries and Galloway Libraries are preparing to travel the world with Bookbug.  Bookbug Week will take place between the 16th and 22nd May and the theme this year is Around the World with Bookbug. There are 19 events taking place at libraries all over Dumfries and Galloway. There are special Around the World story times and Around the World Bookbug Sessions so come along and join in Bookbug’s travels!Bookbug Week is a celebration of Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years Bookbug programme, which encourages and supports mums, dads and carers to share books, talk, sing and cuddle with their children from birth. Dumfries and Galloway Library Service hold Bookbug Sessions all year round and these sessions help all local children learn social skills by being with other babies and toddlers. Parents can also borrow board books and picture books to continue supporting their child’s development at home.Councillor Tom McAughtrie says ‘It’s great to see so many events taking place in our libraries across Dumfries and Galloway for Bookbug Week. One of our Council’s top priorities is to provide the best start in life for all our children, and encouraging parents to help their children read at such a young age stands them in good stead for later life.’Parents can find details of all the events happening in Dumfries and Galloway by visiting , on the Dumfries and Galloway Council website or asking at their local library.last_img read more

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInPolice Scotland officers in Dumfries are investigating the sexual assault of a 40 year old woman in Dumfries at the weekend after she got into what she thought was a taxi in Munches Street in the town.The woman entered the car, which she describes as being grey or silver in colour at around 2300 hours on Saturday 25 June 2016 in the car park in Munches Street in the town, intending to travel to her home in the Rotchell area of Dumfries.  During the journey the driver made improper suggestions to the victim and thereafter sexually assaulted her.  The woman was not injured as a result however was left in a shocked and distraught state.  The matter was later reported to police.The woman entered the car, which she describes as being grey or silver in colour at around 2300 hours on Saturday 25 June 2016 in the car park in Munches Street in the town, intending to travel to her home in the Rotchell area of Dumfries.  During the journey the driver made improper suggestions to the victim and thereafter sexually assaulted her.  The woman was not injured as a result however was left in a shocked and distraught state.  The matter was later reported to police.The driver of the car and the man police want to interview is described as being white, in his 30s/40s, medium build, shaved head and clean shaven and was wearing light coloured jeans.  He may have spoken with an Eastern European accent.Detective Sergeant Scott Torrance at Dumfries said “ Munches Street on a Saturday night is a busy place and we are appealing to anyone who may have been in that area to call us on 101 if they can help us identify this man or his car.  The car is thought to be silver or grey in colour.  We also want to hear from anyone who may have had any similar experience, either on Saturday night or on a previous occasion, where they may have got into a car which turned out not to be a registered taxi. Anyone who can help us in this investigation can call us at Dumfries on 101, or if they want to remain anonymous, then through the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.“Sadly this incident serves to highlight the importance of planning a night out in relation to how you are going to get home, and who with.  In particular it is important not to travel home alone after a night out where possible, and to take care that only vehicles that are actually registered as a taxi are used to travel home in.”last_img read more

first_imgTaxes due as of November 1stThe Records, Taxes & Treasury Division has mailed more than 500,000 property tax bills for 2016. For property taxpayers whose bills are paid by escrow arrangement, a courtesy tax bill copy will be mailed in mid-November. Property taxes must be paid no later than March 31, 2017 to avoid penalties and delinquency fees, but may be paid now to take advantage of discounts. A four percent discount applies to taxes paid in November; a three percent discount applies in December; a two percent discount in January; and a one percent discount in February.All 2016 tax bills will also be available at on Nov. 1st for viewing, printing, or online payment. Property taxpayers whose bill will not be paid by an escrow or tax-paying agent may pay tax bills in a variety of ways: in person online credit/debit card, or echeck payments, bank online bill pay service, by mail or at a Wells Fargo Bank Branch.Partial Payments are also acceptable. Current taxes may be paid in up to five partial payments. Partial payments must be for a minimum of $100 and include a $10 processing fee. Partial payments forfeit all tax discounts that would otherwise apply to early payments. The final payment must be payment in full and paid by March 31, 2017, or the balance due will be subject to penalties and interest.For more information, call 954-831-4000 or visit read more