Photo of the Week: November Rainbow Lights Up the Sky

first_imgWe had all kinds of weather yesterday.The sun desperately trying to break through the gray clouds, strong winds, sudden rain showers, streaks of lightning across the sky, and rumbling thunder.And then out of the blue sky, literally, after a drenching downpour in the afternoon, the sun shone brightly in the sky, lighting up the gorgeous fall colors in the sugar maple and Bradford pear trees.And this brilliant multi-colored rainbow appeared.The rainbow didn’t last long, gray clouds moved in less than 20 minutes later, but it sure brightened up my day!With a goal of seeing 200 birds this year (I’m now at 176 species), I thought I was going to name 2017 My Year of Birding.But given the number of rainbows I’ve seen this year, now I’m wondering if 2017 is My Year of Rainbows.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedPhoto of the Week: Rainbow Over James Scott Memorial FountainFor someone who’s rarely had her camera with her when she sees a rainbow, I’ve had remarkable luck this year photographing rainbows. And this past week topped it off when I discovered what was at the end of the rainbow at Belle Isle State Park in Detroit. When I left…In “Michigan”Photo of the Week: Winter Rainbow at Lake Erie MetroparkDid you see it? Look in the sky, to the left of the pond. I was expecting another hawk. Or perhaps a Great Blue Heron slowly winging its way across the early morning sky at Lake Erie Metropark on the northeastern shore of Lake Erie. I was surprised by what…In “Michigan”Photo of the Week: Red-tailed HawkAfter a week of gray cloudy skies followed by two days of freezing cold weather and snow flurries, it was wonderful to wake up this morning to clear blue skies and a bright shining sun. Which meant I spent most of my day birdwatching, looking for: Whooping Crane (found it!)…In “Nature”last_img

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