iPad and MiFi marriage touted in Verizon commercial

first_imgVerizon Wireless may not have the iPhone yet, but at least the door to Apple products has been opened with the carrier now offering the iPad in conjunction with a wireless data service plan. That doesn’t mean that Verizon is offering the 3G version of the iPad, though. The company has instead paired a Wi-Fi version of the iPad with a MiFi 2200 hotspot.The MiFi 2200 hotspot provides an Internet connection to the iPad or up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. Verizon’s 3G solution for the iPad is different than the solution offered by AT&T which includes the 3G version of the iPad and therefore doesn’t require a device like MiFi to utilize a wireless data plan. Given that some may view AT&T as having a competitive advantage Verizon has embarked upon a television campaign to tout the marriage between the Wi-Fi iPad and MiFi.The MiFi 2200 is bundled with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of the Wi-Fi iPad priced at $629.99, $729.99 and $829.99 respectively. Subscribers will be able to choose data plans with monthly allowances of 1GB ($20), 3GB ($35), 5GB ($50) and 10GB ($80). The 3G versions of the iPad are offered at the same price by AT&T as Verizon’s combo price which includes the MiFi. The major difference between Verizon and AT&T, besides the MiFi, is that AT&T only offers two data plans with monthly allowances at 250MB ($14.99) and 2GB ($25).Read more at Verizon Wireless and AT&TBrian’s OpinionWhen I first heard that Verizon would offer the iPad, but in conjunction with a MiFi hotspot, I kind of thought it was a silly idea. Yet, when you compare the data plans between the two carriers and you think about the fact that the MiFi is not only good for the iPad, but other Wi-Fi devices, the decision regarding which way to go is a head scratcher.Personally, I would go the Verizon route simply because of the flexibility the solution offers for possible needs that may arise with other Wi-Fi devices. I would admit that carrying a separate device for use with the iPad would be a pain though. That’s probably a big reason why many people choose the 3G version of the iPad as a solution.Still, the genius about the MiFi offering is that it is not necessarily just being marketed to folks looking for a new iPad. It is also being marketed to those who already have one. For some iPad customers who own a Wi-Fi model, but wish they bought a 3G one, they now have a way to take their current investment and use it the way they want. Considering the amount of Wi-Fi iPads out there the campaign to get people to pair a MiFi with a Wi-Fi iPad is a smart one.last_img

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