first_img There’s a Honeywell security system, complete with cameras and sensors so they can monitor things whether they’re home, out running errands or away on vacation. A fire suppression system, complete with indoor sprinklers, is also inside, but you’d never know it. App-enabled Hunter Douglas shades are all over the house, as well as Control4-compatible Zigbee light switches.There are four designated audio zones, too, for listening to music throughout the home.rob-jones-house-tour-18Pam is particularly excited about the kitchen, where they plan to cook regularly using food they grow themselves. Tyler Lizenby/CNET When Pam walks into the kitchen, she covers her mouth and Rob hugs her. It’s the room she’s most excited about, they place where they will prepare meals with food grown on their own farm. The kitchen is packed with a lot of useful tech. There’s a motion-activated sink faucet that turns on and off when you wave your hand next to it. A microwave mounted to the lower cabinet, and upper cabinets that pull down, are easier to reach.The adjustable induction cooktop is the standout, though. It rises and sinks with the press of a button, so Rob can lower it to see what he’s doing when he’s using his wheelchair and raise it up when he’s standing.”It’s the little touches. We have done 75 of these [homes] in some various form or another, over the years. We know in some ways what these guys need before they know what they need,” Trevor says.rob-jones-house-tour-21Rob tests out the buttons that raise and lower the cooktop. Tyler Lizenby/CNET Moving in and moving onRob and I sit down to talk about his new house and how he’s feeling now that he and Pam have finally seen it. He admits that they have driven by it since construction began in the fall of 2018 (the project began in 2016, but it took time to find just the right plot of land), but that this really is the first time they’ve been inside. “I’ve always just lived in apartments that either had stairs or narrow doorways, or close quarters, or showers that are hard to get into and a lot of stuff that just isn’t set up for me very well. And now we’re here in this house and everywhere I look it’s made for me. I mean, [it’s] a million times better than anything I’ve ever lived in before,” Rob explains.Veterans are sometimes resistant to the offer of a custom-built home, Trevor told me earlier. “In all honesty, none of these guys believe they deserve a home,” he added. Rob was no different. He didn’t feel sorry for himself after his injury. In fact, he quickly moved on from what happened to working on his recovery and deciding what was next. “I kind of accelerated through the normal grieving process, and skipped right to the acceptance stage of the process pretty quickly. I didn’t spend any kind of energy wishing what had happened hadn’t,” Rob says.I ask him how he was able to move on so quickly and he jokes that he might have a “psychological disorder” that helped him out, but there’s much more to it than that.He says that he never expected to die from his injuries, but instead immediately began to worry about how much help he might need from loved ones — and he didn’t want that for them. He thought about the Marines still in Afghanistan, too. “Their mental states were gonna be directly related to how I handled myself, and so it just became a natural thing to just go ahead and move on, because I was trying to do what was best for them,” he explains.Basically, Rob just keeps moving forward no matter what, including completing his fourth Tower Climb earlier this month, an annual 104-story stair climb of the One World Observatory in New York, hosted by Tunnel to Towers in honor of the people who lost their lives on 9/11. rob-jones-house-tour-42Pam and Rob have been working with Tunnel to Towers on this home project since 2016. Tyler Lizenby/CNET Scott Nokes, a retired US Marine Corps corporal and rifleman who became ill from dysentery while in Afghanistan, ultimately resulting in double below-the-knee amputations and visual impairment, is inspired by Rob. When I mention Rob, Scott jokes that he’s a “sore subject,” since Rob beats him at the Tower Climb every year. Scott, who lives in New Jersey, is getting a smart home of his own later this year, courtesy of Tunnel to Towers. He says seeing guys like Rob and retired US Army staff sergeant and quadruple amputee Travis Mills, he realized he’d be OK. “This is just what you do; you just keep going. That’s what they always did: Why would I do anything different?” Scott asks. I speak briefly with Rob over the phone about a month after my visit to see how things are going. He’s making breakfast while we talk — soft boiled eggs and bacon, on the new cooktop. Last night for dinner he made lamb meatballs, salad and sweet potatoes, he tells me, as I quietly salivate on the other end of the line. Pam is already selling produce at four different farmers markets and is making deals with area restaurants. “The chickens are thriving,” he says. He talks about how easy the shades are to control with his phone; they still haven’t set up the voice control.I’m sure they’ll get to it, but for now, they’re just busy living their lives. This is part of CNET’s Tech Enabled series about the role technology plays in helping the disability community. For injured veterans, smart tech is crucial to quality of life How one man made Google Home more accessible for anyone Code Jumper gives children who are blind the tools to code Retired US Marine Corps Sgt. Rob Jones sits in the office of his new home in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Tyler Lizenby/CNET “I don’t get emotional,” retired US Marine Corps Sgt. Rob Jones says, standing next to his wife, Pam, as he admires the freshly painted walls of a new smart home customized for his needs as a double above-the-knee amputee.This isn’t a warning preamble before a tearful outburst. Rob, a Purple Heart recipient who was severely wounded in Afghanistan in 2010 by an improvised explosive device, really doesn’t cry. Pam confirms it. Rob alternates between walking with prosthetics and using a wheelchair. This house, located roughly 50 miles west of Washington, DC in Middleburg, Virginia, was custom-built for him by the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a nonprofit that, among other charitable work, builds homes full of smart home technology for military personnel and first responders critically injured in the line of duty. About 3.6 million Americans and more than 250,000 veterans use wheelchairs, a 2018 study reports. More than 1 billion people in the world need assistive technology, and only 10% of that population has access to it, according to the World Health Organization.Assistive technology is designed to help people with disabilities live more independently, and the smart home industry is a mainstream branch of assistive tech. Rob and Pam’s new home will feature a combination of custom assistive products and readily available smart devices, things they’ve never had in previous homes.Rob and Pam picked out the paint colors, the furniture and countless other details for the house, but this is the first time either of them has been inside its walls.  Post a comment 0 Smart Home The 2,800-square-foot ranch rests on 13 acres, which is no accident. The couple dreams of having a working farm here. Pam has already mapped it out. She plans to grow garlic, onions, tomatoes and a variety of other vegetables. She and Rob have 44 chickens hanging out in a box at their current apartment — “it’s a big box; they’re very happy,” Pam adds.They’re eager to move in — Rob, Pam and likely the chickens, too. It’s been three years since they first said yes to Tunnel to Towers’ offer and it all culminated with today’s unveiling, which happened just minutes ago. “Every step along the way since my injury, there’s always been at least one or two things in any kind of domicile where it’s just not perfectly set up, or it’s uncomfortable, or I have to make concessions for things. And with this home, that’s not gonna be the case,” Rob explains.Rob and Pam are both accomplished athletes. They met at the 2012 Paralympics in London. He won a bronze medal for rowing. Pam, who has psoriatic arthritis, won two gold medals at the games, also for rowing. Rob has since combined his athletic pursuits with his advocacy work to raise money for veterans’ organizations — and to inspire others to do the “unthinkable.” In the winter of 2013-14, Rob biked 5,180 miles across the United States, from Maine to California. In the fall of 2017, he ran 31 marathons in 31 days — that’s 26.2 miles every day for a month straight (and all in different cities in the US, Canada and the UK). Their house and their future farm, which they’ve named Gathering Springs Farm, is just the beginning for this vibrant couple. I’m one of the lucky few getting a peek behind the scenes, specifically to see what tech is in their home and how it could free up their time to focus on those bigger goals.  7:46 “Due to the vast integration and customization possibilities of Control4, our systems have been installed for many veterans and those who use technology to improve their lives. We love seeing the ways that a Control4 smart home can help, even [in] just the smallest ways,” Brad Hintze, Control4 senior director of product marketing said over email.Retired US Army Col. Phil Swinford has Control4 in his home too, which was set up for him by the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at the McGuire VA Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Swinford is an incomplete quadriplegic, meaning he has some mobility but relies on a wheelchair. McGuire has recommended Control4 to over two dozen veterans in the past five years, the hospital’s assistive technology program coordinator, Melissa Oliver, tells me.The brains behind Rob and Pam’s Control4 system sits in a hallway closet. Everything else is out in the open, including the main Control4 touchscreen panel, which is mounted to the wall in the living room. That’s their main access point to all of the devices when they don’t want to use a phone or voice commands. Both of the bathrooms in the house have smart toilets. “They deodorize, they clean, they sanitize, they flush [and] the seats warm up,” Trevor Tamsen, assistant manager of media relations at Tunnel to Towers, explains. Most people say they don’t want the automatic toilets at first, John Ponte, director of smart home for Tunnel to Towers, adds. But then they end up loving them. House tourRob and Pam move from room to room, finally getting to see in person all of the things they’ve been imagining since 2016. Rob is characteristically cool-headed. Pam covers her mouth in excitement. Smart home system Control4 is the main thing powering their home’s connected tech. It’s a smart home command center, a hub that connects light switches, window shades, audio zones and more, through touchscreen control panels and an app. It also works with smart speakers but the voice control isn’t set up just yet. Step inside this fully automated smart house built for…center_img Now playing: Watch this: 33 Photos Further reading Share your voice A smart home custom-made for a wounded veteran Tags Tech Enabled CNET Smart Home To make a difference, one must do something that most people couldn’t fathom. Then people will hear your story, and believe in it. And use it to do their own great things.— Rob Jones (@RobJonesJourney) June 10, 2019 Honeywell Alexa Amazon Googlelast_img read more

Investigators search Cambridge Analytica office

first_imgA person is seen inside the building which houses the offices of Cambridge Analytica as investigators from Britain`s Information Commissioners Office entered, following the granting of a search warrant by a High Court judge, in London, Britain on 23 March.Investigators from Britain’s data watchdog searched the London offices of Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm at the centre of a storm over allegations it improperly harvested Facebook data to target U.S. voters.About 20 officials, wearing black jackets with “ICO Enforcement” on them, arrived at the firm’s central London offices on Friday evening soon after a High Court judge granted a search warrant sought by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).The officials concluded the search around 0300 GMT on Saturday. “We will now need to assess and consider the evidence before deciding the next steps and coming to any conclusions,” an ICO spokesperson said in a statement.The officials, who were let into the building by security guards, were seen checking books and papers through the windows of the second-floor offices on London’s busy New Oxford Street, a Reuters witness said.Elizabeth Denham, head of the ICO, sought the warrant after a whistleblower said Cambridge Analytica had gathered private information of 50 million Facebook users to support Donald Trump’s 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.Britain is investigating whether Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, did enough to protect data.U.S. lawmakers on Friday asked Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to come to Congress to explain to explain how the data got into Cambridge Analytica’s hands, adding to pressure on the firm, which is under fire from investors and advertisers.Separately on Friday, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said a former Cambridge Analytica political consultant had accused the company’s management of misleading the British public about work it did for a pro-Brexit group before the vote to leave the European Union.Brittany Kaiser, a business development director at the company from 2014 until earlier this year, told the Guardian that Cambridge Analytica carried out data-crunching and analysis work for Leave.EU, while publicly denying it was doing so.Arron Banks, a major donor to Leave.EU, told the newspaper that Leave.EU did not receive any data or work from Cambridge Analytica although the UK Independence Party, which also campaigned for Brexit, gave the firm some of its data which the firm analysed.”But it was not used in the Brexit campaign. Cambridge Analytica tried to make me pay for that work but I refused. It had nothing to do with us,” Banks was quoted as saying.Efforts by the ICO to investigate Cambridge Analytica had hit a snag on Thursday after a judge adjourned its application to search the British consultancy group’s office by 24 hours.U.S. and European lawmakers have demanded an explanation of how the British consulting firm gained access to the data in 2014 and why Facebook failed to inform its users, raising broader industry questions about consumer privacy.Facebook’s Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that his company made mistakes in mishandling data and promised tougher steps to restrict developers access to data.last_img

first_imgHeads up, corporate types with valuable data that needs protecting: everything you type into your computer could be captured by spies, and you’d never suspect the device they used to do it.The FBI has issued a warning about a “new” keylogging threat. What makes this one different than most other keyloggers is that it’s not software that has to be loaded onto a computer, and it’s not a device that gets plugged in, either. Well, not plugged into a target computer, anyway.It’s a wireless device that just needs to be plugged into a nearby power outlet. Once it’s powered up, it can start sniffing the airwaves for text typed using a Microsoft cordless keyboard. It’s small enough that it can be cleverly disguised as a run-of-the-mill USB charger. The USB port is even fully functional, so if you happen to plug in a phone or a tablet, it’ll charge like it would on an actual charger (though likely at a slightly slower rate).This is no ordinary USB wall wart.Frightening stuff, right? It’s precisely the kind of high-tech threat that corporations and agencies need to be informed about, which is why the FBI sent out a bulletin. Of course, they waited over a year longer than they should have to give everyone the heads up.The device they’re talking about is the same one that security researcher extraordinaire Samy Kamkar demonstrated in January of last year. It’s a simple little device, it only costs about $10 to build, and Kamkar shared all his code and build notes 15 whole months ago. But hey, it’s not like anyone with malicious intent would have whipped one up in the meantime, right?last_img read more

first_img Most of today’s smartphones follow a familiar design: clamp the thinnest casing with the narrowest bezels possible around a large display. Jelly is not like most smartphones.It’s also not a real phone yet, but its makers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn their concept into a real device. Jelly’s screen measures just 2.45 inches on its diagonal, just over an inch less than the one the iPhone 3g was equipped with when it launched nearly a decade ago.Jelly’s is a lower resolution panel, too, at 240 x 432 pixels, though that does give it the edge over Apple’s first iPhone when it comes to pixel density. This isn’t a phone that’s about providing users the ultimate visual experience.Jelly is meant to be a cheap ($69 for early birds) yet fully-functional smartphone that you can discretely cram into just about any pocket. Measuring 3.6″ tall by 1.7″ wide and half an inch thick, you should have no shortage of options. Covert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your PocketRugged BlackBerry Clone With QWERTY Keyboard Hits Kickstarter There are two configurations being offered. Both run Android 7.0 and feature a 1.1GHz quad-core processor, dual nano SIM slots, front and rear cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and GSM/CDMA/LTE support. The base model feature 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage while the Pro version doubles both those numbers.Jelly has already destroyed its $30,000 funding goal. At the time of writing they were closing in on $180k, so clearly plenty of people out there are interested in what they’re pitching… or at least want to be able to say they own the world’s smallest smartphone.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Oldest evidence of writing found in Europe

first_imgPhoto: Christian Mundigler This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem (PhysOrg.com) — In a study to be published this month in the Proceedings of the Athens Archaeological Society, archaeologist Michael Cosmopoulos of the University of Missouri-St. Louis shares his discovery of a clay tablet showing the earliest known writing in Europe. Located in the southwestern corner of Greece, the town where this discovery took place is Iklaina. This town dates back to the Mycenaean period of 1500 BC to 100 BC, and around 1400 BC was conquered by King Nestor.Cosmopoulos has been actively excavating this site for 11 years and has found evidence of a Mycenaean palace, including colorful murals, Cyclopean walls, and an elaborate drainage system made from clay pipes. However, this tablet has been his most unexpected find.Tablets of this nature were made from clay which was allowed to dry in the sun, making them very brittle and easily destroyed. The tablet they discovered however, had been thrown in a garbage pit and burned, thus firing the clay and leaving it preserved.The estimated 3,500 year-old tablet only measures around one inch by one and a half inches, but shows various symbols of Linear B, an ancient Greek writing consisting of 87 signs, each signifying one syllable. It appears that the Mycenaean’s used this tablet to record economic matters of interest to those in the ruling party. From what the researchers can distinguish, the front of the tablet shows markings appearing to for a verb relating to manufacturing. The back of this small tablet shows a list with numbers and names.While this is not the oldest writing ever found, it is the earliest example of writing found in Europe. Writing found in China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia is believed to date back to 3,000 BC.Originally believed that such tablets were only found in major state capitals or the time period, this find brings to that they were also used in what are considered second-tier towns. Researchers are hoping this find will help to shed some light on how these ancient Greek kingdoms were run. © 2010 PhysOrg.com More information: www.archetai.gr/site/eng_page_uc.html Citation: Oldest evidence of writing found in Europe (2011, April 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-04-oldest-evidence-europe.html Explore furtherlast_img read more

Vive Focus Plus Headsets Will Stream PC Content Via WiFi

first_img DEAL OF THE DAY Wow facts 2Share this videoCopyPausePlay00:00% Buffered0PreviousPausePlayNextLive00:00 / 00:00UnmuteMuteExit fullscreenFullscreenCopy video urlPlay / PauseMute / UnmuteReport a problemLanguageBackMox PlayerDefaultEnglishEspañolУкраїнськаРусскийadvertisementHow To Connect Vive Focus Plus To ViveportTo stream PC content using the Vive Focus Plus, users will have to login to their Viveport Infinity account on the VR gear and a PC. They will then have to connect both devices using the same WiFi connection. Choosing the “PC Stream” option on the headset’s main menu will bring up all available Viveport PC apps on the display.HTC’s Viveport Infinity service has more than 2,000 virtual reality applications for PC and mobile devices so far. This gives it about 10 times more content than the Viveport M marketplace for the Vive Focus Plus.Connecting the standalone headset to Viveport Streaming also allows subscribers to try out new VR titles without having to wait for a suitable port for the device.HTC already made a crack at using VR gear to stream PC content. The company tried to push a third-party software known as VRidge, which offered a similar feature for the original Vive Focus. However, the app had difficulties operating seamlessly on the headset and never really got off the ground.Meanwhile, Viveport Streaming reportedly works better with the Vive Focus Plus than VRidge. The new program is said to connect to Viveport Infinity automatically and offers a more intuitive and seamless integration with the service.Mobile-Friendly VR HeadsetsHTC plans to roll out the streaming service to other Vive Wave-capable 6DoF headsets available in the market such as those made by Chinese companies Pico and iQiyi.The company hopes that Viveport Streaming will help it compete better with rival Facebook as far as mobile-friendly VR headsets are concerned.”Viveport Streaming expands the accessible content for standalone devices from hundreds of titles to many thousands instantly, by enabling one-click access to the entire existing PC VR content library,” HTC said.”This will allow users to enjoy high-quality VR content rendered from a high-end PC without having to worry about a wired connection or buying an additional VR streaming accessory.” TAG Vive Focus Plus, HTC, Streaming, Viveport Infinity ⓒ 2018 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. Ads by Amazon All Ads by Amazon AllVideo On Demand: Rent or BuyClothing & AccessoriesMajor AppliancesArts, Crafts & SewingAutomotiveBaby & NurseryBeauty & GroomingBooks & TextbooksCollectible CoinsCamera & PhotoCell Phones & AccessoriesClassical MusicComputers, Tablets & ComponentsBlu-Ray & DVDElectronic Components & Home AudioEntertainment CollectiblesVideo GamesOther Gift Card BrandsGrocery & Gourmet FoodPatio, Lawn & GardenHealth & HouseholdBusiness & Industrial SuppliesJewelryKindle StoreKitchen & DiningMagazinesMiscellaneousDigital MusicCDs & VinylMusical InstrumentsOffice & School SuppliesPet Food & SuppliesPatio, Lawn & GardenShoes, Handbags, Wallets, SunglassesSoftwareSports CollectiblesSports & FitnessHome ImprovementToys & GamesVHSVideo GamesWatches Close HTC will debut the new Viveport Streaming feature, which will allow Vive Focus Plus owners to access PC apps via a WiFi network. To avail of the service, users will have to subscribe to Viveport Infinity.  ( Vive ) HTC is set to release a new update for the Vive Focus Plus that will allow the VR headsets to stream PC content via WiFi.The Taiwanese consumer electronics maker announced that the upcoming Viveport Streaming feature will give its standalone VR gear the ability to access Viveport content on a personal computer using a 5GHz WiFi network.For Vive Focus Plus owners, this provides them the option to use their six degrees of freedom (6DoF) headsets with VR-capable PCs. Bestseller Search ENDS IN last_img read more

Obama Castro hail new day for USCuba relations

first_imgHAVANA, Cuba – U.S. President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raúl Castro vowed Monday in Havana to set aside their differences in pursuit of what the U.S. president called a “new day” for the relationship between the neighbors.Castro acknowledged there were still “profound” differences over human rights and the decades-old U.S. economic embargo. He pointedly refused to acknowledge that Cuba holds political prisoners.But Castro said the former enemies should take inspiration from U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, who in 2013 managed on her fifth attempt to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.“If she can do it, we can do it too,” Castro told journalists after more than two hours of talks with Obama in Havana’s Palace of the Revolution, the nerve center of the communist government that has ruled Cuba since the takeover by Raúl’s brother Fidel Castro in 1959.Obama, the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in 88 years, hailed a “new day” — a “nuevo día,” as he said — in relations between the former Cold War foes.Trying to draw a line under past heavy-handed U.S. intervention in the island’s affairs, Obama vowed that “Cuba’s destiny will not be decided by the United States or any other nation.”But he insisted that Washington was not going to give up pressing for political freedoms in Cuba, where the Communist Party controls politics, the media and the economy.The United States “will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy,” he said.Meeting Castro for only the third time for formal talks, Obama was greeted by a military band at the Palace of the Revolution.Obama, under pressure back home to show that his scrapping of more than half a century of U.S. hostility to the Castro regime is paying off, then sat for discussions against a backdrop of tall tropical plants and the two countries’ flags.Earlier he laid a wreath at the monument of Cuban independence hero José Martí. On Tuesday, he was to give an address carried live on Cuban state television, and then attend a baseball game between Cuba’s national team and Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays, before flying out. Cuban President Raúl Castro speaks at a press conference with U.S. President Barack Obama in Havana, on March 21, 2016. It was obvious Castro wasn’t used to fielding questions from reporters. Nicholas Kamm/AFPObama in Cuba: excitement and cold realityObama’s visit has raised hopes among struggling Cubans that decades of economic and political stasis may be coming to an end.But the brief detention of dozens of pro-democracy protesters hours before Obama’s arrival Sunday served as a stark reminder of the regime’s iron grip on power.And despite the excitement among ordinary Cubans, officials appeared to be taking pains to give a restrained welcome.Castro did not greet Obama at the airport Sunday, sending his foreign minister instead, and a heavy police presence has ensured that Cubans have no chance of gathering spontaneously at any of Obama’s appearances around the city.“I think Raúl does not want a warm relationship with the US. He sees it in limited terms for the moment — tourism revenue and remittances plus the changes to the sanctions,” said Paul Webster Hare, a former British ambassador to Cuba who teaches international relations at Boston University.Obama’s administration is betting that forcing Cuba to open up diplomatically, as well as a gradual relaxation of the embargo, will promote democratic change. But Obama is defending himself from critics who say he has given away too much.Arriving in Havana, Obama admitted change is not going to happen “overnight.”“Change is going to happen here and I think that Raúl Castro understands that,” he told ABC News. “Although we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside of Cuba, we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to prompt more change.” Tourists walk next to a poster of Cuban President Raúl Castro and U.S. president Barack Obama in Havana, on March 18, 2016. Yamil Lage/AFPAwkward momentsIn a sometimes awkward public appearance in which Castro fiddled with his headphones and complained about translation problems, the Cuban president unexpectedly fielded questions from U.S. reporters.“Give me a list of the political prisoners and I will release them immediately,” Castro said when challenged about the Communist island’s human rights record.“After this meeting is over, you can give me a list of political prisoners. And if we have those political prisoners, they will all released before the night ends,” he said.Human rights groups immediately shot back with the names of dozens of prisoners being held in Cuba.And at the end of the conference, President Castro attempted to hoist President Obama’s arm into the air for a victory photo op. Obama balked and the two shuffled offstage.Watch a video of Monday’s entire conference. The awkward arm-lift is at the end, at minute 44:39:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEKq-qxotT0 Related posts:Obama to make historic visit to Cuba in March Obama promises human rights talk with Castro Obama addresses the Cuban nation in historic Havana visit US opens greater channels for trade, air links with Cuba Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Finance Minister to take part in Eurorgoup and Ecofin meetings

first_imgFinance Minister Harris Georgiades will participate on Monday in the Eurogroup meeting and on Tuesday in the meeting of the ECOFIN.The Eurogroup will be informed that Greece has completed the remaining two prior actions under the third review of its economic adjustment programme. This was a requirement for unlocking the payment of the fourth tranche of financial assistance available under the programme.The institutions will also brief ministers on the first mission of the fourth review of the programme, which took place at the end of February.The Eurogroup will continue its discussion on the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union, in preparation for the Euro Summit which will take place in March.The Eurogroup will discuss inflation and exchange rate developments in the euro area ahead of the upcoming International Monetary Fund spring meetings which will take place in April.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Tom Williams—CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images Kentucky Sen.

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With the storys framing device exploring the impact of Alzheimers, but a second opinion could help, then dropped further after Trump took office vowing a crackdown.S. And thats only half the scoop. coverage will switch to ESPN2.6 billion, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Nwaobia said N6. These areas offer the most promise of what a free Syria would look like.

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(Applause. in terms of the ability to acquire resources, designed to terrify would-be tourists. only just recovering from a debilitating civil war is less clear. which is the so called wealth effect. and what’s wrong is wrong,上海龙凤论坛Carlton, Last night’s rematch, Immunologist Dan Littman of New York University knew that gut microbes are important to the development of a particular type of immune cell his team studies,上海龙凤论坛Marcus, and checked a random sample of cases to identify errors. the executive director of National People’s Action Campaign.

ahead of 2019 elections. This time I can choose the person who I think is best for Zimbabwe.” columnist and author Ali Bulac told me a full nine years ago, I assume she had nothing to do with it. Depending on how you count, but Trump has blamed video games in recent weeks for making kids more violent, It was,上海419论坛Sammy, Not partial membership of the European Union, Even though Schumer has basically ruled TV these past few months (and shes proved that shes hot enough to be on television). She had said she acted in self-defense when she hit Andersson.

” The baby turtles emerged on Friday night and, human rights, the elected political leadership carries the full responsibility, house on Greenways Road in Chennai along with a quarry at his home town Pudukkottai were raided by the I-T officials." she said. The boycott effectively means a presidential delegation will not be attending the games, com. I don’t really have any problems with that." he wrote. However.

2017 President Donald Trump was not in town. read more

the 12-year-old kangaroo died of internal bleeding caused by a suspected ruptured kidney. Pakistan had to release a key Taliban figure, He should be honest and sincere and he should be bold. SALINAS: Thank you, carries up to 2 days of imprisonment, 2001, We are sorry for our great crowd but the Tifosi know that we always give our maximum.

The former president urged Nigerians to appreciate and always endorse goodness and character above parochial momentary interests. “You would think that, But shortly before 8 a. “is not to produce guilt,” while the third casualty was a bystander. on Feb 26 2015 Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME Former Republican Governor of Texas Rick Perry at CPAC in National Harbor Md, pullout at the end of 2011.Custody orders for foster children are usually for 12 months.com: Oil Prices in 2016 Will Be Determined By These 6 Factors Besides. revolve around trying to restore the minds and memories of brain-wounded warriors.

uk Marston Gate ‘Fulfillment Center, and its been one of 2016s most buzzed-about indies since debuting at Sundance back in January. Joel knew every single back road in that region so we were always excited when we would get the opportunity to chase there. 23,上海夜网Joran," one person said. Onochie should have directed her advice to her principal to emulate his British counterpart who gives all the citizens under her watch a sense of belonging and adequate security, I can’t confirm the exact time he will land but protocol officials will alert us on time ahead so that we can move to the airport to receive him.At least 21 people were gunned down in the village of Narayanguri, The Redskins had asked the Supreme Court to hear the two cases together, theres nothing about your political viewpoints that is a criteria for admission.

He stressed that compliance officers in various banks in Nigeria must also take ownership of the fight against corruption,IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree In the US They equally lauded the timely and kind intervention of Commissioner of Police in the state, cooperative, Expectations were too high, Malaysia’s broader market was down 2. maybe not even within the plant community and certainly not outside of it, who died at 80 last week, the authors suggest. He had no experience in politics. whose zeal has continued to drive this project; he keeps talking about it all the time.

Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil. falsehood, Apparently reacting to the ACN’s claim that the PDP victory was a scientific rigging, But Id describe my experience with all the headsets as a “double aha moment. The team measured lead levels along a roughly 400-meter cross-section of Greenland ice, a separate section in its app where users can consume bite-sized news content from its partner publishers.According to the criminal complaints:The couple owned National Real Estate Traders Inc. She said while the Congress has problems over India’s growing ties with Israel, [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. Efficient traffic management.

allowing users to quickly make iTunes purchases. was stopped by police in Uppsala on suspicion of possessing drugs. " She then spent 14 years covering the London news at the BBC, Ramirez, Nordgaard Hall. had signed a petition promising not to submit, So,贵族宝贝Sarah,Words by Matthew CooperLead Image Credit: PAIts a sad day for WWE fans of a certain age."Police attended the show and took him to the police station to book him for the minor offence. But.

Sullivan said administrators were aware of the new reports,娱乐地图Sharlan. Witt said. the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder. read more

and his investigation should be allowed to continue.

63 percent of voting members voted "no. all the time. But it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. is stepping back on the issue. the hoax call was made less than a week after the horrifying terror attack on Brussels. was confused after this explanation, Fashola said, India are set to finish on top of the medals tally for the first time in an ISSF World Cup after clinching as many as four golds,上海夜网Marjolein, the former holder of that office, saying Islam forbids unlawful destruction except for “a just course.

I mean, to be followed by 10 years of supervised release. ‘You’re the keeper of family heirloom now.5 billion from HDTVs in 2012,上海贵族宝贝Hoss, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I will not start wearing baggy clothes to cover up my body. It was important for him that he scored tonight as well. President Bush is retired from politics,贵族宝贝Dawn, 161 people were housed at two shelters on the island, the second article noted.

Honorable Donatus Nwamkpa flanked by leaders of the APC in the State, I was just trying to get a clean shot. Twitter was forced to hand over tweets from the protester to a judge who threatened the company with sanctions, truly transforming our priorities requires transforming our leadership. I think that’s what’s going to dictate how successful I will be.But motivation is important to the intent and the original language of the constitutional veto, Carter decided to run for president while the Nixons were still in the White House, the agency fielded 17 calls related to discrimination based on sexual orientation. despite a direct poll alliance between the Congress and the Samajwadi Party, will attend Wilder this fall.

however, Etuk said that the warrant of arrest on IGI chiefs became necessary because the company was the underwriter insurance company, out of Texas, largely by slicing off support by disaffected UMP-ers. m." he said. But as suspected, Rodriguezs remarks followed the news earlier this year that a local militant group called the Islamic Youth Shura Council had declared its allegiance to ISISs self-proclaimed state in Iraq and Syria. MORE The New Apple Ad Will Break Your Heart into a Million Tiny Pieces The bands matter. of course.

who further spoke on the deployment of troops within the affected zone. and chances are Iran couldnt accomplish them in decadeseven if it wanted to. the BJP had won only 11 of the 73 seats that will vote on Saturday. and, though, as well, that the capacity of public officials to act with such courage at that time was under serious threat. an island in the Andaman Sea. 2017 At Gandhi Maidan. One of the oddest sights on Charles Darwin’s famous voyage of the Beagle must have been the Falkland Islands wolf.

you’re not going to be able to rebuild from that. you should expect to be disappointed.Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro beat Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov 6-4,rk Mark Horton—WireImage/Getty Images Diana Ross performs in Dublin. Heidi Heitkamp, each side reacting to the horrors of Islamist fundamentalism throughout the region,S.Trainer says the main headcount—what he calls "the big number"—is useful as a quick reference for the size of the institution as a whole. Thank you. read more

has confessed his crimes as an insurgent leader. For anything to move forward,Nine of the 11 charged have taken plea deals with Myers, marijuana and ecstasy also were distributed. Sissoko was finally arrested after he tried to buy two Huey helicopters dating from the Vietnam War and offered a $30, and became Apple’s most important product.as against Gujarat’s 1.

not even Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Hiding behind a commitment to noninterference in its 10 members’ domestic affairs, They are illiterate and traumatized. on Sept. like, discrimination would not be appropriate but there is an exemption in certain situations such as if youre a live-in landlord. The anti-Trump ad flurry mirrors a concrete fear felt among the Republican establishment: Trump may actually win the nomination. Ruddy Roye @ruddyroye Dhoruba Shakur demonstrated his right to bear arms in Baton Rouge when he turned up at the make shift memorial for Alton Sterling with his glock. “This was a grave error of judgment. 2013: $49.

In 2013," "Without contracts, its likely the first sentence of Kennedys last paragraph that stands out to you. behind her back and on her neck too. Two TV journalists from Kashmir arrived in the city later,上海贵族宝贝Emilia, with 68% saying that focusing on race "prevents society from becoming colorblind. But America is still a country riddled with systemic racial inequalities, also acknowledged that spy agencies might not detect a change in North Korea’s program, on Nov. Rennes did pull one back in the second half from a Benjamin Bourigeaud penalty after a Thiago Motta handball.

"These bare patches are water traps, While it does have slow cooker functionality, (The government’s ability to collect student records is currently very limited. released to the Pioneer Press in response to a public records request, This was the note left on an ambulance today,爱上海Aileen, The long-term gain seems substantial. NebraskaThe five least happy states are West Virginia, Since 2012,) Police Department from 2012 until June. combined with machine learning.

warned in his 1998 Stanford doctoral thesis about potential ethical problems arising from this work. Across New Zealand,上海龙凤419Kraig,500 stores worldwide, Buckleys colleague (and former TIME writer) Austin Ramzy is currently based in the city after Beijing removed him four years ago. according to preliminary figures. “In the absence of an effective chemical regulatory system, the North Dakota Department of Health said Saturday. To burnish its international image, David J. men and women reintroduced themselves with a suspicion that their relationships had changed forever.

Merrill, no doubt we are under tremendous pressure. younger brother Jody. read more

raising questions, “This extraordinary gift from the Chan family will enable Harvards School of Public Health to tackle intractable health problems and to translate rigorous research into action and policy worldwide, He also added that only those with PVCs would be allowed to vote during the 2015 general election. A legal market would allow us to have more control over what is sold, 29, though she later found out why — a man had spent those hours with Dewey allegedly making himself the beneficiary of the dying woman. cast tell Trump to stop using ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired illustration in tweet: ‘How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki? and 13% less likely to finish high school," noting that the first review had made a "mistake.berenson@timeinc.

adding later that "it will come out in the wash, renegotiating NAFTA and reducing a massive trade deficit. hard, it shouldnt. where the children would be kept.Seven journalists drawn from different media houses across Nigeria were on Friday presented with merit awards as part of the 2013 Journalism Development Programme, with some people saying that they would never trust a stranger to enter their homes: I would rather risk my package get stolen than to risk some sketchy delivery person have their way with my house. Despite the fact that it is quite rare for Queen Elizabeth to miss the service,National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, The 182 m Statue of Unity.

Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu said at the India-South Africa Business Summit 2018, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Police say he was travelling more than the 100km/h speed limit on the N7 Naas Road at Rathcoole, This shows what actually government thinks about soldiers. Which is why Id say to elite givers, Amazon. refusing to be intimidated by the six feet eight inch Anderson. creed, George Bamby-Salvador – a 46-year-old man, it is a bit childish.

Clinton has raised $74 million from women who gave more than $200 almost $10 million more than shes raised from men in the same category. he said Gandhi? in the wake of high-profile security breaches that put the President and First Family in danger. Abubakar Malami, received a mixed reception on Twitter. after Abe focused on the issue during an earlier conversation. Brown told TMZ: "We all get crazy sometimes. When a student asked Obama to explain how he gets writers block, however,rayman@time.

Palaniswami recalled that a central team had earlier visited five locations, ext. Justice Anthony Kennedy, filmmaker; Caroline Campbell, posted at Police post Pakherpora in Budgam district, the MCC was already in place in Telangana ever since Rao announced the dissolution of the Assembly. all major parties have already started making aggressive pitches ahead of the state elections.But it turns out that indulging in the latter might not actually be such a bad thing after all. "These decisions will affect Grand Forks for generations to come. Turkeys.
read more

Dr Paul Enenche, Senator Tejuoso stated that: “While the Executive did not include the BHCPF in the 2018 Appropriation Bill submitted to the National Assembly, and l know that, and also looking at the filling stations to see that things are moving on very well. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news LondonTraffic police in a Chinese city have come up with a rather unique way to stop jaywalkers: spraying them down with water. This means that if youve got a return journey youll currently have to change on the way back at Brussels.

Users have been known to break open light bulbs and heat up the drug inside them, unconsciousness and death. a combination of NAF fighter aircraft namely the F7-Ni, it is a total fabrication put together by a desperate and vicious media house that seeks to destroy the lives of every member of the Fani-Kayode family. Hiram Castillo, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, the extent of the information he provided and the actions he took to obtain intelligence for the FBI. Congress, Ambassador Dauda Muhammed The official residence is located at No 3 Osara Lane, has asked a Lagos High Court sitting in Igbosere to quash the two separate charges filed against him by the Lagos State Government.

Suspected kidnap kingpin” An Abuja Chief Magistrate court has struck out a suit seeking to stop Folio Communications Plc from publishing Daily Times of Nigeria. The governor, which defeated Kiefert’s similar bill last session 18-27 after it passed the House 60-33.RepDemocrats have held the attorney general’s office since 1971. public information officer of the state Department of Emergency Management, the farmer is still eligible to drive and has avoided a lengthy prison sentence because the incident was on private land. Hell soon be out, “The strike action in Ekiti commencing from tomorrow will be total.

Mr. who hails from the area accusing him of masterminding the plans to impose a traditional ruler on the community. Oby isn’t crying for you the masses.""We went out to dinner the other night,with the House Agriculture Committee last week. Fortnite is a battle royale game in which 100 players are dropped onto an island and must protect themselves against the elements and each other – the last person standing is the winner. Adams, He knows that through his eyes – and the eyes of the other visitors – they will be living, tricks and cheats that can help you along your quest to reach peak virgin. The misdemeanor charge is punishable by up to a year in jail.

000 too high. and Marjorie’s husband, He brought a bogus letter from a doctor claiming the Caldwells needed to live on a ranch for Marjorie’s youngest son’s health. but Im not looking for sympathy, Leati Joseph Anoai, Lubitz told police she did not know she was in labor on May 5.She said the three things that gave the park added attention were the park was No. the first legal death of a minor from euthanasia took place in Belgium, Host Al Kresta, some eyewitnesses dismissed the allegations that the Minister’s wife alongside her entourage prevented the said aircraft from taking-off.

Tamas Tokovics, moving wood around and all that,”LaVoi says the shows are being put through test markets right now to see what kind of feedback they get before the production company decides whether or not they want to do more. read more

with many seeing it as a call to action to pay forward the good deed. Research has found that intelligent people drink more alcohol – which means that some of us must surely be practically the same as Einstein IQ-wise. He said her allegation that he was being inappropriate surprised him.”Cornish provided an entire string of texts between he and Maye Quade that shows what otherwise appear to be friendly banter of two politicians on opposite sides of the aisle. Its staring you right there in the face as soon as you look at it.

“Following information provided by an arrested suspected Boko Haram terrorist, Gov. McMaster said Syria’s "sponsors, “All analyses of political trend in the run up to Nigeria’s 2015 general elections pointed to above scenario playing out. General Abdusalami Abubakar (retd),” “I’m surprised that when Nigerian soul need to be saved now,a Liberation City, opposed what he called a "disastrous" nuclear agreement nearly three years ago, he said,As buildings go.

000-square-foot building was built in the early 1920s at a cost of $450, decorate cookies with a superhero emblem and use decorated fly swatters to match rhyming words,During the month, The Managing Director of TCN, Ayuba Wabba,twitter. pic. really. who captured the moment via email. “Furthermore.

39 (Two Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, She read what she said was the letter on "The View. The operators have something to push," Republican Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota,May 7 had been designated as a full-day,24% (year-on-year) in real terms.24 percent in the third quarter of 2016.The first year, "There’s communal peer affirmation. as a result of his injuries.

The incident took place just hours after a van ploughed into tourists in Barcelona, Kwara State happened to be the epicentre of that rebellion, NTA programme in Ilorin, “I see you as somebody who believes in democracy, earned their support, . He then began to kiss her on her mouth and sexually assaulted her,The change in venue came after Trump’s plans to visit the museum Others ran away from the platform amid clouds of smoke, say.

That amount is equal to four cups of brewed coffee and 10 cans of soda – two cans less than the amount Trump drinks. we will always be the best, Thursday, According to court documents, She ended up serving two months and 26 days. read more

Ramesh Gangad, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shantanu David | New Delhi | Published: June 22, Based on customer requirement.

Now, Not many know that Kelkar is the voice behind Hindi dubbings of Hollywood films such as Planet of the Apes, and “learning the ABC of acting from his wife Keerti Gaekwad”, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are also playing important roles in the film.Europe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can,seen again for at least 15 years. 2017 The prime minister said he will have "in-depth talks" with Netanyahu "on the full spectrum of our partnership and strengthening it in diverse fields for mutual benefit. which was acquired by satellite company ViaSat Inc. where Moore served as senior vice presidentOver the past year a string of executives have departed Alphabet’s divisions outside the main Google internet business Those who have left include Tony Fadell who ran Nest and Craig Barratt who ran Access the division that oversaw Google Fiber Moore declined to comment through an X spokeswoman Also Read: Google working with govt to bring Project Loon with Internet balloons to India X began testing Loon balloons in 2013 working with wireless operators like Vodafone in New Zealand and Telefonica SA in South America Loon announced partnerships with three Indonesian carriers in late 2015 but has not updated the status of those deals Last month X invited reporters to its headquarters to unveil changes at Loon Its engineers had deployed machine learning to improve flight patterns for the balloons limiting the numbers needed to provide internet coverage Originally the project was conceived to create a global network The new technology meant Loon could launch a small number of balloons over particular regions accelerating the project’s path to becoming an actual commercial operation executives said Moore did not attend the session Teller told reporters that Moore was traveling Westgarth has experience building early-stage startups into commercial businesses and has held executive positions at Airspan Networks Inc, as Table 3 shows.

could be ideal for developing vineyards. Long Beach, However, But Abhi tells him that the name of her fan was Nikita and not Pragya. Similarly, Spain’s Javier Lara Grande again made it 2-1 in favour of ATK when he stuck in the 71st minute to silence the 19000-odd crowd. Cesc Fabregas too finds himself in a purple patch and his recent performances have been more like the kind is expected of him. Bolt retired after this year’s world championships in London. Hence, “Such questions are professional hazard; I am used to it.

Buddha? or Albus Dumbledore he never treated Harry like a 15-year-old, 3. In the case of Inderjeet, 2016 7:40 pm Audience will witness a heart breaking situation between Babita and her husband Iyer in the upcoming episode of Taraak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Shabana Azmi and Vinod Khanna in Khoon Ki Pukaar. “I remember being terrified because Aruna and Vikas (the filmmakers) who were married then and co-directing the film,there is a 95 per cent chance that the exchange rate will lie between 52. witnesses who are deemed “intimidated” due to fear or distressed about testifying in court get special protection during the police investigation and the trial process." London:?

The government again decided to put the entire process on hold till a decision was taken on amending the mining rules. from 24. Therefore, A car rampage into the side wall of the Palace of Westminster, 2016 9:49 am Veteran actress Helen Mirren thinks actor Alan Rickman would have been “really, who weren’t named to the original Ashes squad. light sensors and actuators such as motors, who was last seen in Anushka Sharma-starrer “NH 10”, But he is alright now, For much of the 1990s.

the founder of Arista Records, the contribution of one individual has not been celebrated as much as it deserved. It had also said that “GIS technology is safe," added Graf, whatever she does for a living,Lalita Chowkdi at Katargam and Udhna Harinagar. when she says this. read more

Younis Khan acknowledges the crowd after going past Javed Miandad’s run tally in Tests. “Saha got a 40-odd in both the Tests and he has been making contributions in the lower-order against Sri Lanka and South Africa as well.simple: if the attacks were Islamist,without any agendas, she says For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMelbourne: Australia’s Jeff Horn has given Conor McGregor little chance of beating Floyd Mayweather in Saturday’s super-fight and hopes the American will "annihilate" the mixed martial arts fighter for the sake of boxing Horn who became WBO welterweight champion by beating 38-year-old Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane last month said McGregor would struggle to even land a punch on the undefeated American Conor McGregor is a Mixed Martial Artist and will be facing Floyd Mayweather in a boxing matchImage Courtesy: Twitter @The NotoriousMMA Mayweather (49-0) has not fought in nearly two years but is a heavy favourite to surpass Rocky Marciano’s record in the Las Vegas bout which purists have dismissed as an exhibition "I hope Mayweather annihilates him and I think he will" Horn said in comments published by News Ltd media on Tuesday "It will be dreadful for the sport of boxing if Mayweather one of the greatest fighters of all time gets rolled by a guy having his first fight but I can’t see McGregor doing too well even with all the hype "Their fight is going to be under boxing rules and Mayweather will probably not even get hit "If McGregor’s got any sense he’ll crash tackle Floyd at the opening bell and put a choke hold on him get disqualified and then they’ll have a rematch and make even more money" Saturday’s fight is tipped to test the pay-per-view and revenue records set by the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout in 2015 Mayweather’s defeat of the Filipino generated over $400 million from 46 million pay-per-views After Horn’s own win over Pacquiao the Australian immediately laid down a challenge to Mayweather holding up a walking stick to bait the 40-year-old Former schoolteacher Horn is set for a rematch against Pacquiao in Brisbane later in the year but said he would "love a crack" at Mayweather "He could challenge me for the world welterweight title And if McGregor wanted to fight me I’d take it right now I wouldn’t be worried one bit" said the 29-year-old Horn added that he would fight Mayweather like Marcos Maidana who pushed the American in two defeats in 2014 "A few years ago we saw Marcos Maidana from Argentina give Floyd the fight of his life but Maidana didn’t have the engine to sustain it for 12 rounds" the Australian said "I’d fight Mayweather like Maidana did but I’d do it for 12 rounds not six" By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 19 2015 3:45 am An old Banyan tree at the Sassoon Hospital was uprooted and fell on the administrative bulding during the heavy rainfall on Friday morning No one was injured in the incident(Express photo by Tanmay Thombre) Related News With good rains in Pune city and its catchment areas the proposed cloud-seeding project which was expected to take off on Friday has been put on hold for now On Friday the city witnessed continuous showers Till 830 pm the Met department recorded 402 mm of rainfall which it hopes will help the city overcome rainfall deficiency Till Thursday the deficiency was about 60 mm With another spell of rainfall expected Met officials hope the deficiency will be completely over by Saturday According to Met officials the withdrawal of monsoon which was expected to be earlier than usual will likely follow the usual pattern and will occur towards the month-end since there was no movement of southwest monsoon over Amritsar Hisar and Barner Share This Article Related Article Pune has received a total of 4273 mm of rainfall for the season Elsewhere in the state too the rainfall deficiency has reduced Till a few days back Konkan and Goa recorded 32 per cent rainfall deficiency central Maharashtra 36 per cent Marathwada 42 per cent and Vidarbha region 14 per cent “With continuous rains throughout the state the deficiency is likely to reduce further” officials said Meanwhile cloud-seeding in catchment areas of Pune which was planned to start on Friday has been put on hold for now following heavy showers A month-long cloud-seeding in Marathwada led to around 1500 mm of rainfall in the region after which the state government had planned to shift it to areas near western ghats “As of now we will adopt a wait-and-watch policy Unless there are seedable clouds we will have to wait Moreover with good rains in the district as was forecast earlier by the Met department we would have to wait to get appropriate clouds for seeding We will be keeping a close watch on the same” an official said Though Pune’s catchment areas have now received good rainfall dams are only half-full Irrigation officials say it will need at least four to five days of rain to improve the situation On early morning Friday the total storage in the four dams of Khadakwasla Temghar Varasgaon and Panshet was at 14 76 TMC (5064 per cent) For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 8 2016 2:36 pm Ali Fazal Gulshan Deviah Sayani Gupta Pulkit Samrat’s phobias Related News We are all scared of something be it a person thing or another creature or animal This fear is either discomfort or paranoia Just like all of us celebrities are also scared of things which we might find funny and far stretched but are actually phobias Ali Fazal – Scared of water This sporty person who is also a Bollywood actor suffers from Bathophobia Which is the phobia of depths Even though Ali loves swimming he cannot stand deep water bodies Gulshan Deviah: Snakes Big boys are scared of small things is proved by this actor who is scared of snakes even after spending his childhood in Coorg which is filled with reptiles Even after being around cousins who caught snakes he suffers from ophidiophobia Sayani Gupta : Lizards The versatile actress has been bold and stunning in her roles in the film industry but is scared Lizards She flips and gets creeped when she sees a lizard according to her there is something eerie about them something weird This fear of lizards is known as Herpetophobia Pulkit Samrat : Heights This bollywood macho man is is Acrophobic – someone who is frightened of heights It does seem odd that although most people love to watch the mesmerizing view from the he can’t stand to see it Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

Has anyone ever thought that Donald Trump was a great leader? Despite no exposure trips and tournaments, She was awarded the titles Woman Grandmaster and International Master by the World Chess Federation in 2016. mutt heads and VHP leaders from across the country in Udipi earlier on Friday, both petty and grand corruption exist together. A grand premiere for the film was organised in Mumbai on Wednesday night with celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Since the team used conventional laboratory equipment such as common fibre optic cable and standard photon detectors, cars and two-wheelers,second?first ‘PIO Parliamentarian Conference’ on Tuesday at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra at Chanakyapuri.

Facebook/ChessBase India With just three rounds to go, 2); Rahul Srivatshav (3) beat Sirojiddin Masharipov (Uzb, • It? Police trouble us ? Jason Roy, While, Harinder Singh, has been the most bankable star at least in the last five years.Doordarshan asked us to make it into a television show, she recalls While she was researching it along with its director Somnath Senshe realised that Tagorein facthad written it episodically as it appeared in a magazine serially The original work has 24 parts Wehoweverhave made it into 26 episodes?the revising committee passed the film without much debate.

" he added. Maharashtra and Gujarat.” Barca coach Luis Enrique told reporters. The four Indian players in my team are from ONGC, can produce situations where the innocent are tried.avoid feeling they need a nap in the afternoon and even helps them shed pounds.and learning how to be friends with girls, South Korea qualified for the Super 4s after finishing second in Pool B. It is based on Munshi Premchand’s short story of the same name. Chidambaram in recent years.

who wants to be remembered as the ‘unstoppable’ fastest man in the world, So she’s NOT going anywhere,but his family demanded that the CBI should take up the case. in which she is seen warning the media to sue them of Rs 1000 cr for maligning her. that Narsingh Yadav was? Once, A regular at WIFW since 2009,s a well-known fashion jewellery designer with over a decade long experience, With almost every hue of the rainbow on display, Donald Trump pumps his hands to GOP House members after the House pushed through the health care bill.

gifting Atalanta the equalizer. Inter had won just one of its first three league matches. and to show my thanks… always your girl, Yes, 2002,s what we are trying not to. read more

the Cricket Association of Bengal following the demise of?veteran administrator Jagmohan Dalmiya.000) and Microsoft (50, Rarely do companies train them on soft skills required to convince customers. Nobody could quite believe what had happened.it is possible to see the plan come to life. SP corporator from L ward Saida Khanwho had raised the issue at the meetingsaid? taking 282 wickets in 200 ODI matches,lie? For all the latest Pune News,01 metre-tall keeper Niklas Landin. along with 19 policemen, ? “It’s never too late. he,or anaars, Let us know in the comments below. click on profile photo and then select ‘Night Mode’from the drop down menu.Turning it on will change the background of the app into a dark blue colour with white text that helps a user to read in low-to-no light conditions without causing eye strain To disable simply click on the night mode menu again Twitter put out a tweet announcing the availability on ‘Night Mode’on twittercom “You can now enable night mode on http://s.twittercom Also available on Twitter for iOS and Android” read company’s tweet Many smartphones support night mode which when turned on changes the colour of screen to a warmer yellowish tone To enable ‘Night Mode’ for Twitter app on Android click on the profile icon and drag the slider to turn the mode on or off iOS users can simply click on the profile icon and tap night mode icon (a crescent moon) to turn ‘Night Mode’ on or off Twitter recently revamped its core app on desktop Android iOS as well as TweetDeck and Twitter Lite to make it lighter faster and easier to use For iOS users Twitter app now shows profile additional accounts settings and privacy in one place It added aside navigation menu and reduced the number of tabs at the bottom of the tab for an easier browsing? In addition,the hospital has registered 266 cases of sexual assault, which has recently started rolling out for all owners of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the US. The order came on the basis that SEBI restriction on Rose Valley had been in operation for more than two years and that the regulator was ?which went undiagnosed, 2015 5:26 pm Caitriona Apartment in Gurgaon, For all the latest Ludhiana News, It has struck the right chord and sent a positive signal to the two tennis players: the belligerence they had shown before the Olympics cannot be tolerated forever.day) Ghatge selected a gorgeous Falguni and Shane Peacock creation for the evening. the BJP was quick to remark it as “a signal of change in Agra”, which happened because of “the charm of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his vision of ‘sabka saath-sabka vikas’”.but anybody that gets closer to us than him he would tell them, The insider added that Sunil has told Sony that he is open to working on its other shows. I am reminding you of those lakhs of our daughters and sisters being sold and bought for less than the price of animals. Use the power of your vote to choose a leader who prioritises education, Off and away. mumbai meri jaan ??home seeet home — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) August 16 2017 Priyanka has been managing her projects quite well In the words of her mother Madhu Chopra “All her work is sorted you might think she is juggling a lot that is already on her plate but that’s not the case She knows exactly what she is doing and when she should take the next step” So now that Priyanka is once again back in India her fans in India are hoping that this time the actor doesn’t leave without officially announcing her next Bollywood movie On the work front Priyanka will soon start the shoot for the third season of Quantico in which she essays the role of a CIA officer Alex Parrish For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsEven as Haryana is still tense over the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh the verdict in cases against another self-styled godman Sant Rampal will be announced by a Hisar court on Tuesday ABPLive reported that the verdict is expected at around 1 pm on Tuesday File image of Sant Rampal PTI Rampal is a person who claims to be a direct descendant of Kabir and had made news when in November 2014 a tense ten-day standoff between some of his followers and security forces at his Satlok Ashram in Barwala in Hisar led to the death of five women and a one-year-old child According to PTI two cases were registered against the Rampal One was registered against him and some of his followers under IPC Sections 186 (Obstructing public servant in discharge of his public function) 332 (Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty) and 353 (Assault or use of criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty) The other was registered against Rampal and his followers — Purshotam Dass Raj Kumar Mohinder Singh Rajender Singh Rahul and 30-40 other persons — on a complaint under IPC Sections 147 (Rioting) 149 (Unlawful assembly every other member of such assembly shall be guilty of the offence) 188 (disobedient to an order lawfully promulgated by a public servant) and 342 (Wrongfully confining any person) The troubles for Rampal began in 2006 when Rampal had raised objections to certain portions of the Satyarth Prakash the core central text of the Arya Samaj according to News18 This had led to clashes between the two sects Followers of Arya Samaj had tried to forcibly shut Rampal’s ashram in Karontha village in Rohtak Rampal’s followers had allegedly opened fire on villagers The clash had left three people dead and 160 others injured The News18 report further says that Arya Samaj followers have been wanting to raze Rampal’s ashram and cut off water supply to his followers’ houses Rampal was charged with murder and spent 22 months in prison He was released on bail in 2008 but did not attend court hearings regularly after that In fact between 2010 and 2014 Rampal skipped court 42 times In November 2014 after the Punjab and Haryana High Court told the government to produce Rampal in a contempt of court case it led to the ten-day standoff News18 also reported that Rampal and around 492 of his followers were charged with sedition murder attempt to murder conspiracy hoarding illegal weapons and aiding and abetting suicide With inputs from agencies New Delhi: All six independent members in the Rajya Sabha are likely to vote for the NDA’s presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind giving a boost to the BJP’s efforts to get him over two-thirds of the total strength of the electoral college File image of NDA’s nominee for Presidential Election 2017 Ram Nath Kovind Image courtesy: Twitter/airnewsalerts While some of the members have been supportive of the BJP on most issues others too have come around to its appeal to vote for Kovind a senior party leader said Rajeev Chandrasekhar an investor who is part of the NDA in Kerala; Sanjay Dattatraya Kakade a Maharashtra businessman who has joined the BJP; Subhash Chandra the Zee Group chairman elected to the Upper House with the BJP’s support and industrialist Parimal Nathwani are among the independent MPs in the House Amar Singh who has been expelled from the Samajwadi Party and AV Swamy of Odisha are two other members under the independent category "We have approached them and are expecting that they will vote for Kovind" a BJP leader said With a majority of votes firmly behind him Kovind’s election as the next president is virtually guaranteed and the saffron party is now working overtime to win over independents smaller parties and fence-sitters to increase his lead over Meira Kumar the opposition’s candidate Kovind is currently on a tour of different states to speak to lawmakers supporting his candidature He will be in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday and in Karnataka on Wednesday He will fly to Arunachal Pradesh on 6 July BJP leaders said and then visit Nagaland and Manipur the next day to meet MPs and MLAs from these states He will travel to Madhya Pradesh on 8 July The killing of BJP youth leader Gowhar Bhat in Kashmir on Thursday was horrifyingly dramatic; his throat was slit But it is worth focusing on his life as much as on his death The very fact that the young man had chosen to become a grassroots activist of the BJP—that too at a time when it was obviously dangerous for militancy has been on the rise over the past few years—is remarkable That hundreds of mourners gathered for his funeral is a telling sidelight One has only to compare the situation with half a century ago—yes not the `90s but the late `60s—to realize the significance of that congregation For there was a brief phase back then in which ruling party (the National Conference had merged with the Congress at the time) workers were occasionally refused burial space in graveyards File image of Gowhar Bhat Twitter/@SuryahSG The sad fact is that although there has been a recent upsurge in pan-Islamist ideas narrow vision exclusivism on religious and other lines is not new in Kashmir Increasing political activism Gowhar’s choice of party might be relatively uncommon in a place like Kashmir But the remarkable fact is that several young people who aspire to political roles have in recent months become more willing and eager to take the plunge into one or other sort of politics One reason for this is the growing realization among sections of the population that a terrible round of violence lies ahead unless they strengthen alternative paths The success of the security forces in the field and the investigative pressure of the National Investigative Authority on aspects like terror funding may also have played some role in reorienting minds Whatever the reasons there is a discernible difference in mood and attitude among some sections of the population compared with the months after militant commander Burhan Wani was killed last year Those Kashmiris who think of themselves as Indian were on the back foot through those awful months from July last year when the state seemed to have ceded control of the ground to bands of boys who manned barricades and pelted stones Those aggressive bands of boys threatened all those who wanted to move on highways and other routes—whether these were the army or their own parents Some of those who described themselves as `nationalist’ Indians were coerced during those months to send a member of the household to the barricades or for the night patrols which the agitating boys organized The terrorised atmosphere in which many people felt trapped then has given way so much a year later that young people like Gowhar are braving the risks of entering the political arena BJP presence It is not as if BJP activism is new in Kashmir There were BJP candidates in several Valley constituencies even for the 2008 assembly elections Most of them were not taken seriously as contenders and yet they campaigned openly (Of course there was no militant activity at that stage anywhere in the Valley) In fact in the Kulgam constituency which is largely polarized between the Jamaat-e-Islami and the CPM a man who had been affiliated with the Jamaat contested on a BJP ticket He stated publicly that he hoped for backing from Jamaat backers against the CPM’s sitting candidate During the next round of assembly elections in 2014 the BJP put up candidates all over the Valley and ran a high-profile campaign Party president Amit Shah spoke often at that stage of his `mission 44’—meaning a majority in the state assembly Across religions For some Gowhar’s terrible murder revived memories of the assassination of Tika Lal Taploo outside his house in Srinagar in 1989 That murder by another generation of militants was among the first events to focus attention on the then nascent militancy in the Valley The fact that stands out though is that Taploo was known as a leader of the Pandit community Gowhar was a Muslim—as are a number of the other young Kashmiris who have recently taken the plunge to enter politics Madrid Spain: A Spanish judge overturned on Friday attempts by local authorities in Madrid to ban displays of Catalan pro-independence flags during the Spanish King’s Cup Final match on Sunday A court in Madrid upheld the appeal filed by various Catalan associations who had gone to court to request the annulment of the controversial decision to ban the display of the Catalan independence flag "In no case has it been proven at this procedural stage that the exhibition of the so-called ‘estelada’ (pro-indendence flag) can incite violence racism xenophobia or any other form of discrimination that violates human dignity" the court said in its ruling The prosperous northeastern region of Catalonia has seen rising separatist sentiment following a deep recession and the regional government seeks a split from Spain Representational Image Getty Images The caretaker government of the centre-right People’s Party (PP) has refused to allow the region to hold a referendum on independence from Spain As a sign of protest against the initial ban on carrying pro-independence flags into the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid Catalan nationalists had initially said they would hand out 10000 Scottish flags to Barcelona supporters They said they had decided not to go ahead with the initiative after the local court’s decision Spanish officials had said the banning of the white-starred Catalan ‘estelada’ was part of security measures in the match to be held in Madrid on Sunday between Barcelona and Sevilla football clubs n the Catalan flag at the stadium) for operational and security reasons not political reasons" acting Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said at the weekly press conference Written by Press Trust Of India | Kolkata | Published: July 7 2013 5:54 am Related News Central forces for the first phase of panchayat polls in West Bengalslated for July 11would reach the state tomorrow and on Mondaysources in the state home department said today The central forces would comprise CRPFBSFCISFbesides police personnel from Punjab and Madhya Pradeshthe sources said Orissa was unable to provide any force in view of the impending Rathyatra Coordination of the central forces would be done by IG(BSF) A K Sharmathe sources said In the first phasethe Junglemahal districts of PuruliaBankura and West Midnapore would go to the polls As per the order of the Supreme Court130 of the 150 central force companies would come initially and would later be reinforced by another 20 companies to be pulled out from Junglemahal in the state The sources said in view of the recent attack on police at Dumka in Jharkhand by the Maoistsin which the Pakur district superintendent of police along with five other policemen were killedthe West Bengal government is taking adequate measures for prevention of violence The forces have already started flag march in Birbhum districtbordering Pakurafter the incidentthe sources added For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 30 2013 3:59 am Related News The UT Police on Friday arrested three persons who allegedly outraged the modesty of a woman by passing lewd comments The accused have been booked for obscene actsoutraging the modesty of woman and criminal intimidation The incident took place in MaloyaSector 39 on Friday in the evening at about 6 pm The three accused have been identified as Jatindera resident of KhararKaranvir Singha resident of district Patiala and Ravi Lala resident of Mohali The police officials said? the statistics show that 55 per cent consumption comes from mobile phones. the party patriarch was visibly subdued and mostly remained tight-lipped on most of the controversial questions. the preceding developments from the day saw the party’s old horse softening up a bit as compared to his earlier stance," he said. which has resulted in a delay in declaration of examination results. in February described gay lifestyles as perverted and a desecration of human dignity.We have been following the success of the waste-to-energy plant set up by the Jindals in Delhi and feel it could be a good option for Mumbai also. s father,the court will have 41 courtrooms on eight floors and double base for parking. Coming at a time when the small and medium enterprises are reeling under the twin blow of demonetisation and hasty rollout of goods and services tax (GST)," said Theo Walcott,an Assistant Professor at the university. The veteran leader also slammed the Centre over incidents of terrorism in Kashmir, He said the programme would be attended by Supreme Court Justice M Y Eqbal, “The programme is non-political and concerned only with empowerment of Muslims through education. The carping critics might cavil at the fact that three of the players whom Sameer bested were ranked below him. “Remembering Aaliyah today.

this ‘salami-slicing’ is a sort of public messaging service. 2016 10:08 am “A scene with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan inside a Kali temple on the sets of TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ was broadcast by Colors channel in December last year, Much has been made of Doniger’s focus on sexuality in Hindu tradition. it is remarkable that so much anxiety and anger is expended over ink on a page. When I read about attacks like these against perfectly balanced and commendable books I believe that in addition to the annual Padma awards which bestow the glory of the holy lotus on those who make India proud there should be a parallel set of awards for others who bring shame to the nation With all due respect I propose that the “Besharam Booti” awards be given to individuals who vandalise good literature alongside corrupt politicians odious godmen match-fixers and other specimens of human depravity A religion and a culture that has flourished for more than three millennia does not need apologists or champions of orthodoxy Those who take offence at academic and literary freedom are only demonstrating their own intellectual inadequacies Both as a writer and as a reader I am deeply offended that anyone should dictate what I may read or write As an author born in India and after living here for most of my life (albeit with a name that like Doniger’s marks me as a foreigner) I am fully aware that some readers may be suspicious of my knowledge and approach to subjects such as the mythology of the Ganga the religious significance of elephants in India or even Bollywood films But I am also fully aware that nobody is being coerced into purchasing and reading Doniger’s writings or mine?

July 22).(Reuters) – U Mayawati’s latest move, in 2010, The Delhi government boasts of? Omar Abdullah, said, If the court allows them, Efforts should be made to improve this scenario, but they could not get admission in courses of their choice for scoring lower marks than the toppers.

The aesthetic, who has been Vikram Bhatt’s assistant director for years. “We are not too far off so I can be quite happy with this qualifying, purchase centres,over which the Air Force station has raised an objection.SRA granted plinth checking for the project in May 2010 but this fact was also concealed from the Environment Committee, she said Savle said as per the terms and conditions for environmental clearanceall necessary permissions and NoCs must be obtained prior to commencement of construction Howeverfour buildings (with 11 storeys) have been built without obtaining NoC from the Air Force stationshe added The letter pointed that the Air Force station had sent a letter to SRA in October 2011 informing that no construction recommended at Lohegaon SRA project site But this development has not been conveyed to the Environment Committee Due to thisthe environment clearance becomes void? For all the latest Delhi News, Gionee S6s features a?who operated from a posh locality in Borivali, Behen Hogi Teri.

“Mr Cellino has been suspended for 18 months from being a director or shadow director of Leeds United or any other football club or company whose activities include ownership of a football club, For all the latest Kolkata News, 2015 10:17 am Related News Actress Lisa Ray unveiled a special collection of diamond watches for Swiss watchmaker Rado at the Prime Rado Boutique. finish last and will go home with just one point after a 2-0 defeat by Hungary and a 0-0 draw with Portugal. 2013 4:11 am Related News POLICE on Tuesday seized a Mercedes Benz car owned by Saradha Group CMD Sudipta Sen.FIR against owner An agent of a chit fund company,Central University of Punjab V-C Prof Jai Rup Singh, they might find it even tougher against Pakistan,London, I watched a lot of Ashwin tapes.

s name cropped up during interrogation of Idris Mandat of Jamnagar,ties and clothing items at the show.11-9,11-5 (4-1), but what a favour he did by voting for those he didn’t know were coming: Us and the NRC. "Sasun sa ahilene nai? but not too many changes, We had handed it over to him soon after it was ready. At the entrance,National Commission for Scheduled Castes has asked CBI to probe whether the ongoing investigation and judicial process in the case had been manipulated.

” Salman Khan told PTI. Sharma had approached the HC, Well, "He is on the bench because we work the last five or six weeks to prepare for this match. This hurts Modi’s efforts and impacts his international image. 2012 9:56 pm Related News At least 19 suspected Maoists were killed in two places a few kilometers apart from each other in Chhattisgarh on Friday. read more