first_imgTHERE ARE PLANS to bring in cashless welfare transactions at Post Offices – but postmasters want them suspended until a plan for the future of post offices is in place.The Irish Postmasters’ Union (IPU) is set to meet tomorrow with the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte on this and other issues.They want the Government to suspend the current move from cash welfare payments to electronic transfer until a plan for the future of post offices is in place.They also want to talk to Rabbitte about a number of other issues: The possibility of providing insurance advice services through Post Offices now that An Post has acquired the Aviva branch network, The Minister to instruct An Post to pull back from discussions with Tesco and other multiples regarding services which is “totally unacceptable to Postmasters” Establishing a mechanism to resolve issues between An Post and postmasters.Cash At the moment, around half  of the welfare transactions involve cash payment in post offices, making up 30 per cent of post office business.The Department of Social Protection is moving towards eliminating cash payment by 2017 and replacing it with direct electronic transfer.However, a recent independent report by Grant Thornton concluded that this move would result in 550 of the 1,100 Post Offices closing, said IPU.IPU General Secretary Brian McGann said the union recognises that electronic transfer is a modern medium of choice for many people.But he said a specific plan needs to be developed which “modernises how welfare payments are paid and in parallel modernises how Post Offices provide services”.We are calling on the Government to suspend the migration of cash welfare payments to electronic transfer to allow time to develop alternative payment mechanisms.McGann said a solution could be “a full banking service through the Post Office which would facilitate electronic payments and also expand services provided”.The IPU has recommended the establishment of a working group, under the Chairmanship of UCD-based Professor Ray Kinsella, to report on the issue.It also wants the Government to give priority to its proposal to provide Motor Tax renewal through post offices, and that this move be speeded up.Read: Postmasters distance themselves from campaign to ‘Name and Shame’ TDs>last_img read more

You Can Get 3 UltraDurable Lightning Cables for Only 13

first_imgStay on target This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves Most charging cables are less than reliable. They fray and break so easily that people find themselves purchasing new ones on a semi-regular basis, which gets expensive. And that’s what makes these JunoPower cables so notable. They’re super tough so they’ll last a long time and they’re currently discounted by 56 percent so they’re economical too.The Kaebo cable from JunoPower is not your garden variety Lightning cable. Unlike other cables, Kaebo’s are designed to withstand the punishment of day-to-day usage. They feature a braided nylon covering that resists tears, so they’ll last far longer than a standard Lightning cable that’s coated with rubber. And, since they boast aluminum adapter heads, you’ll enjoy stronger connections too.Got a case on your iPhone? No sweat. Kaebo cables feature slim heads, so they’re safe to use with most iPhone cases including those from Lifeproof and Otterbox. And they’re compatible with all other iOS Lightning compatible devices, such as the iPad and iPod Touch, so you’ll find plenty of ways to use them.Simply choose the color that suits your style. Cables are currently available in Gold, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, and Silver. Each cable is an ample 3.2 feet in length and you’ll receive three with your purchase so you can leave one at home, keep one in the car, and take one to the office. If you are tired of buying and replacing cheap cables, then this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.Constantly replacing your iOS Lightning cables? Save your time and money and purchase a set of three Kaebo Braided Anti-Tear Charging Cables from JunoPower for just $13.center_img Like this deal? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Try it free for 14 days now!Prices subject to change.last_img read more

first_imgVancouver police have arrested a man in connection with a homicide that occurred in Arnold Park on July 26.William D. Peek, 27, was booked into the Clark County Jail on Thursday on suspicion of first-degree murder, according to a police news release.The victim’s name has not been released pending notification of family members.The male’s body was found in Arnold Park — the nearest cross streets are Northeast St. James and Northeast 42nd — and an autopsy fixed the cause of death as a homicide.Peek was arrested Thursday by major crimes detectives with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force.He is scheduled to make a first appearance today in Clark County Superior Court.According to court records, Peek has felony convictions for a 2010 residential burglary and theft of a motor vehicle and 2008 residential burglary.Additional arrests are possible, police said.last_img read more

first_imgWASHINGTON– The Obama administration on Friday gave banks a roadmap for doing business with legal marijuana sellers without getting into trouble, another step by the federal government toward enabling a legalized marijuana industry to operate in states that approve it.The guidance issued by the Justice Department and Treasury Department is intended to increase the availability of financial services for legal marijuana businesses that are licensed and regulated, while preserving the government’s enforcement power.Washington and Colorado in 2012 became the first states in the nation to approve recreational use of marijuana. A citizens’ group is hoping to make Alaska the third state in the nation to do so.Currently, processing money from marijuana sales puts federally insured banks at risk of drug racketeering charges, and they therefore refuse to open accounts for marijuana-related businesses.Friday’s move will allow banks and other financial institutions to serve marijuana-related businesses while ensuring that they know their customers’ legitimacy and remain obligated to report possible criminal activity, the Treasury Department said.last_img read more

first_imgThe recent closing by Condé Nast of Gourmet and three sibling magazines, the shuttering of Country Home by Meredith, and the bankruptcy filing by the owners of Reader’s Digest, were sobering events for anyone in the publishing world. And the list of troubled or failing newspapers has increased dramatically in the past few years, fueled by the continued decline in both circulation and advertising, which is a cause of grave concern for survivors.To be sure, there were systemic problems that none of these failed publications could address in terms of the recession, falling readership, rising costs and the like. One issue that must be confronted by publishers moving forward is the notion that Web distribution should be free (I contend it’s economic suicide).Another issue that gets less attention is automation. Whereas the production folks in typesetting departments and the pressroom have had to accept the impact of technological advances on their respective crafts, art directors, managing editors, ad trafficking managers and other personnel responsible for assembling publications have maintained relatively stable workflows since the adoption of desktop publishing technologies some 15 years ago. As someone who spent more than a decade writing, editing and assembling publications, I grew to love the creative interaction between art director and editor, the iterative process that resulted in a well-designed magazine. However, the stark economics of 21st century publishing have left those fond memories in the dustbin of history. Today, publications have to automate any task that does not require creative input or some sort of judgment. I would contend that automation is increasingly going to be a necessary criteria for success and even survival in print-based publishing.Among the tasks that can be automated are file reception, image preparation, initial page layout, ad trafficking, preflight and insertion, proofing/approval cycles, final file transmission to the printer, and archival. In the interest of full disclosure, I am the director of business development for Enfocus Software, a software company that sells a publishing automation application. However, we are offering just one approach to this issue.There are several approaches that can be used, all of which are viable and which will fit different environments and budgets. Three Ways to GoSo what does automation mean? In broad terms, there are three types of automation for publishing and graphic arts workflows: first is related to standardization of tasks—making people play by the rules. Such an example might be an Apple Script that requires a job ID that is validated (i.e., five digits starting with a ‘3’) which is then entered into a database.Next is what might be called the one-trick pony: a script or action that performs a single task in an application. It might be a utility that converts native design file to PostScript or EPS and drops it into a Watched Folder for Distiller, then moves it to an archive folder.The most complex is process automation in which multiple steps are linked in sequence according to either fixed or dynamic rules. Fixed rules means that every file is processed the same way—i.e. an InDesign file is converted to PDF/X-1a for output compliant with SWOP, preflighted using a particular profile and then sent to a folder for either review or forwarding. Dynamic rules require instructions—most likely in the form of XML—to accompany the data file and outline the sequence of tasks and the specific details performed by each one. Here the instructions might link text and image files to a page layout template, then generate and distribute a low-res PDF for review and revision; if and when it is finalized, the file is then automatically distilled for final output and FTP’d to the printer, and archived to a server or off-line media.Stick to the ScriptsGiven the prevalence of the Macintosh in publishing, Apple Script and its sibling, Apple Automator, are likely to be implemented most. Complementing these are JavaScript, which is platform independent, and Visual Basic for the Wintel platform.  All offer an incredibly inexpensive and flexible way to automate numerous tasks in a publishing workflow for either of the first two categories mentioned above.If your operation is using a database application such as FileMaker Pro along with the Adobe Creative Suite, you can assemble a number of template-driven publications and catalogs. To be sure, there will be “tweaking” required to finalize the layouts, but you can eliminate hours of work importing text and images. Automator is another tool that costs nothing other than time and which can perform plenty of useful tricks. One is archiving final files. Image preparation is an area in which the human need to touch and interact needs to be reined in just a bit. I am not talking about image retouching, but image optimization and preparation. In this case there are several tasks that can help the art director. First is teeing up images: copying originals and making a thumbnail and/or a low-res RGB for layouts and the web. In addition, while there is a strong case to be made for using an RGB workflow all the way to final RIP/output, the vast majority of publications are still using a separated workflow in which the final PDF contains CMYK images. In addition to writing scripts for all of these tasks, users can create Photoshop Actions for many of them which can then be run in batch mode.Ad trafficking lends itself to automation, too. Incoming ads can be routed based on source (e-mail address or FTP site/folder) or naming conventions and then renamed or slugged using scripts. Once an ad has an ID, it can then be automatically inserted into page templates.So what’s the downside to scripts? Maintenance. Since all software is subject to upgrades and revisions the scripts most often need to be revised when new releases come out. Closely related to this is the custom nature of scripting: if the person who wrote the script leaves the organization, so goes the software maintenance, too. In some cases, this might raise intellectual property issues, but the real problem is that the scripts have a bad habit of breaking when the next release is installed, as anyone who has migrated along with the Adobe Creative Suite can attest. Typically this happens because resources get “moved” inside the application.From Start to FinishProcess automation requires the most analysis, planning and investment, but delivers the greatest return on investment. Editorial systems such as K4, Typefi and Woodwing on the editorial side, coupled with digital asset management databases and other tools can automate much of the page layout process while providing high degrees of flexibility with respect to content and delivery format.Closely related to this are systems that address other tasks in the workflow. Among these are DALiM TWiST and Enfocus Switch, both of which fall under the category of rules-based automation systems. While they work in different ways, both enable production managers to build customized workflows that automate file reception and routing, image preparation, page processing, PDF generation, preflighting, proofing, final delivery and archival. With these server-based applications, either a job ticket (XML or a derivative such as XMP or JDF) defines the steps and processes, or a fixed pipeline pushes files from a point of “entry” through to completion.For printers, there are numerous production systems, including ECRM WorkMates, EFI Fiery Central, EskoArtwork Odystar and BackStage, Fujifilm XMF, Kodak Prinergy, Rampage, Xerox FreeFlow ProcessManager, and Xitron Navigator and Sierra. As one would expect, these systems’ capabilities are more focused on the final output requirements, such as imposition, process and spot-color separations, trapping, RIPing and screening.Common to all of these systems is the ability to build notification lists of internal and external personnel to facilitate review/approval cycles or, in the event of an error, to intervene and get the process back up and running again.So, what’s holding you back? Many operations, especially smaller ones, typically say they don’t have enough volume to justify automation. Or they say that the tasks don’t require much time. In some cases, people have built workflows that are intended to save their jobs. However, these arguments will succumb to the almighty dollar, as the operation or position—at least with respect to these tasks—becomes economically unviable. Automating repetitive tasks is absolutely critical for small operations to increase their output without increasing head count (or the workday for employees). And publishers will increasingly be unable to afford the aggregate cost of myriad 30-second to two-minute file manipulations. There are multiple options at a variety of price points available to publishers, ad agencies and printers to automate numerous tasks. No matter which approach you settle on, there’s no time to waste.last_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR School Committee Vice Chair Jennifer Bryson Endorses Bendel

first_imgDear Editor and Wilmington Residents,I am writing to express my sincere and heartfelt endorsement and support of Greg Bendel and Kevin Caira for the Board of Selectmen. Both have demonstrated their commitment to supporting education, veterans’ affairs, elderly services, combating the opioid crisis, infrastructure improvements, and public safety. They are thoughtful leaders and deeply committed to public service.Selectmen Bendel and Caira have worked tirelessly for the residents of Wilmington as elected members of The Board of Selectmen. Their commitment to our town has been evidenced in many ways. They were strong advocates for funding Wilmington’s full-time Health and Recovery Coordinator. As an educator, parent and voter, I am struck by their ability to address this epidemic with a myriad of solutions, compassion and care. Additionally, they have advocated for funding for our schools and have supported improvement projects throughout our community. Mr. Caira remains very active in Wilmington Alumni fundraising activities and I also had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Mr. Bendel during the Superintendent Screening Committee last winter. His knowledge as an educator and his dedication to the process served the committee well.Selectmen Bendel and Caira’s community volunteerism and public service are among the finest examples of any citizens I know. I am in awe of their ability to dedicate such tremendous time to their work on The Board of Selectmen while also maintaining such a strong presence at our community and school events. I am committed to the continued progress of our town and grateful that Selectmen Bendel and Caira remain committed to their positions. Please join me in casting your vote on April 27th for Greg Bendel and Kevin Caira for The Board of Selectmen.Very truly yours,Jennifer BrysonLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedA VOTER’S GUIDE To Selectman Candidate Greg BendelIn “Government”A VOTER’S GUIDE To Selectman Candidate Kevin CairaIn “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Jonathan Eaton Endorses O’Mahoney, Bendel & Caira For SelectmenIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

first_imgIndian stock markets opened with losses of over 1 percent on Wednesday tracking their Asian counterparts that fell after a new poll showed Republican candidate Donald Trump taking a lead over rival Hillary Clinton in the US presidential elections.The BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty were trading at 27,590 (down 286 points, or 1.03 percent) and 8,533 (down 92 points, or 1.07 percent) respectively at around 11.57 am.Top Sensex losers were ONGC, State Bank of India and Tata Motors while stock that were bucking the trend included Mahindra and NTPC.The weak opening was on expected lines, according to brokerage Angel Broking.”Indian markets are likely to open negative tracking global cues and SGX Nifty. U.S. stocks fell Tuesday, with the S&P 500 dropping for a sixth consecutive session to end at a nearly four-month low as investors grappled with a tightening presidential race, economic data, corporate earnings, and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decision,” it said in its pre-opening note.On Tuesday, the benchmark indices extended their Samvat 2073 muhurat trading losses, though metal stocks such as Vedanta, Hindustan Zinc bucked the trend.In related news, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra declared their October volume sales data.Trump led by one percentage point in the ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Tuesday. It is the first time that Trump has led in that poll since May. Clinton recently led by as much as 12 points.last_img read more

first_imgThis research examines pain ratings during the deliberate infliction of physical injury to one’s own body without intent of suicide (i.e., nonsuicidal self-injury, or NSSI). Participants (15- to 21-year-olds who engaged in NSSI) received prompts on their phones five times a day for 2 weeks asking them to rate the extent to which they were feeling negative emotions (e.g., sadness, anger, being overwhelmed) and to assess whether they had thoughts of self-injury and whether they had engaged in NSSI since the last assessment. When participants reported having engaged in NSSI, they were asked to report their experience of physical pain before, during, and after the NSSI episode. Results suggest that most participants felt pain during most NSSI episodes, and some felt that pain diminished after the NSSI completion, even though it was still higher than before NSSI. However, many participants reported not feeling pain during NSSI. Participants who experienced less pain during NSSI and more negative emotions before the NSSI reported more NSSI behaviors. But participants with higher fluctuations in negative emotions and who reported more pain during NSSI also self-injured more. These results suggest a complex pattern of the relationship between pain, NSSI, and negative emotions. These relationships vary between people and episodes, and understanding them better may enhance current treatments for NSSI. The Phenomenology and Correlates of Flashbacks in Individuals With Posttraumatic Stress SymptomsAnne L. Malaktaris and Steven Jay Lynn The Dynamics of Pain During Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Edward A. Selby, Amy Kranzler, Janne Lindqvist, Kara B. Fehling, Julia Brillante, Fengpeng Yuan, Xianyi Gao, and Alec L. Miller Read about research published in Clinical Psychological Science: People acquire more calories from eating hot food than from eating the same food cold, since they expend more calories digesting cold food. Therefore, the authors propose, the widespread use of microwave ovens to reheat food might have played a small role in the current increases in obesity rates. Using data from the British Cohort Study, which tracked individuals born in Great Britain from their birth in 1970 until 2012, the authors analyzed individuals’ body mass indexes (BMI; people with BMI of 30 or more are considered obese), dietary habits, physical-activity frequency, and household, including the existence of a microwave. The researchers found that individuals whose households had a microwave were more likely to have a higher BMI, regardless of their dietary preferences and physical activity. The researchers also looked at U.S. obesity rates from 1960 to 2014 and estimates of the proportion of American households with microwaves during the same period. They found that as the rate of microwave ownership increased, obesity rates also increased. Given the complexity of the obesity epidemic, which has implications for mental health and pathology, identifying even a potentially small contributor, such as increased microwave use, may increase understanding of the phenomenon. Understanding the mechanisms that generate false memories is important in mental health and legal contexts. Recently, Otgaar and colleagues (2017) proposed that associative activation is a viable mechanism for generating false memories. According to the associative activation framework, activation of one concept activates other associated concepts, the automatic spread of activation reaches highly associated concepts that were not presented, and false memories are formed. However, Tryon (2018) argued that Otgaar et al.’s description of associative activation did not meet the criteria of causation and explanation to qualify as a mechanism. In this commentary, Otgaar and colleagues disagree with Tryon and present several studies providing evidence for associative activation as a likely cause of false memories. For example, the higher the semantic association between presented words and an associated nonpresented word, the higher the probability of falsely remembering the nonpresented word. Otgaar and colleagues agree with Tryon that it is vital to establish whether something can be called a mechanism but believe there is evidence for associative activation to be considered a mechanism for the creation of false memories. Recognizing at least one mechanism of false memories may elucidate how false memories occur in legal cases and therapy. A Potential Role of the Widespread Use of Microwave Ovens in the Obesity EpidemicSatoshi Kanazawa and Marie-Therese von Buttlar Individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often experience flashbacks to traumatic memories. But what are these flashbacks like? Participants with PTSS (i.e., PTSD or subthreshold PTSD symptoms) reported the frequency, severity, and sensory properties of their flashbacks. These data were then compared with ratings of imagined flashbacks provided by participants with PTSS who did not experience flashbacks, participants without PTSS but with trauma exposure, and participants without trauma exposure. Only participants without PTSS underestimated the vividness, emotional intensity, distress, and functional impact associated with flashbacks. Moreover, flashbacks of individuals with PTSS were not fragmented but rather coherent. Other psychological characteristics were also assessed, and participants with PTSS with and without flashbacks reported greater symptom severity, including more sleep complaints and dissociative symptoms. Participants with PTSS also reported greater psychological inflexibility, lower mindfulness, and higher experiential avoidance (i.e., avoiding thoughts, memories, and experiences). These results suggest a meaningful connection between PTSD symptoms and mindfulness and highlight the possible utility of clinical approaches that enhance mindfulness skills and psychological flexibility to treat PTSD. Associative Activation as a Mechanism Underlying False Memory Formation Henry Otgaar, Mark L. Howe, Peter Muris, and Harald Merckelbachlast_img read more

AgencyCoverMoretravel insurance

first_imgAgencyCover-Moretravel insurance Cover-More has announced major new benefits in their agency travel insurance policies, including cancel-for-any-reason (CFAR), which has not previously been available to Australian travellers. The customer-focused changes follow Cover-More’s lead last year in removing general exclusions for mental illness, including existing conditions, across all their travel insurance policies in Australia and New Zealand.Other new agency benefits announced include:cover for cancelled tours due to lack of numberscover for travel delay due to an act of terrorismadd-on cover for motorcycles and mopeds with greater than 200cc engine capacityadd-on cover for heli- and off-piste skiing and other more extreme adventure sportscover for travel service provider insolvencyincreased cover on our existing new-for-old luggage benefit“… by giving travel consultants a product that reflects the evolving needs of travellers we anticipate they will find it easier to convert their customers so that more Australian travellers travel with the protection insurance provides,” said Cover-More General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mike Stein.The new policies also provide customers with Virgin Velocity points for every dollar spent.last_img read more

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Cardinals fans will get to see their team take the field aweek earlier than normal this preseason.The NFL announced Wednesday that the Cardinals will play theNew Orleans Saints on Sunday, August 5, in the 2012 Hall ofFame Game in Canton, Ohio. The Cardinals have played in the Hall of Fame Game threeother times, most recently in 1986.The game will take place one day after the newest class ofHall of Fame inductees, including Jack Butler, DermonttiDawson, Chris Doleman, Cortez Kennedy, Curtis Martin andWillie Roaf, is enshrined. Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Kickoff is scheduled for 5 p.m. Arizona time, and the gamewill be televised nationally on the NFL Network.center_img 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

TripAdvisorLeonardo From lightningfast interne

first_img TripAdvisor/Leonardo From lightning-fast internet connections to “WorkLife” rooms featuring multipurpose spaces to satisfy both business and leisure-driven travelers, there’s so much to appreciate about the upgraded hotel. Always searching for a spot to charge your devices? Never fear: the Crowne Plaza Atlanta is simply swimming in power outlets, so you’ll never be without access to a charging spot. Hotels.com The Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia is a four-star hotel situated at 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road. This top-rated hotel has long delighted visitors with its exceptional service, comfortable accommodations, and ample amenities. Posted in Travel News TripAdvisor/Leonardo Following a nine-month renovation process, the hotel recently unveiled a series of changes in affiliation with the tech-forward Crowne Plaza Accelerate program. In an effort to enhance each guest’s experience, the Crowne Plaza Atlanta has filled its rooms and public spaces with tech advancements that help guarantee a seamless stay.center_img August 02, 2019 by Sophie Boudreau Technology Takes Center Stage At This Newly Renovated Hotel In Atlanta The phrase “renovated hotel” might conjure images of luxurious infinity pools, glamorous bars and eateries, silk sheets, and magnificent on-site gyms – but one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to renovations. In fact, some amenities and upgrades aren’t immediately obvious to the naked eye, and there’s one updated hotel in Atlanta that demonstrates the benefits of these not-so-visible changes. Address: 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30346For information about rates and hotel amenities, click here. Are there any other upgrades you’d like to see within your favorite hotels? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.To read about another newly renovated lodging option, check out our previous article here. TripAdvisor/Leonardo Visitors will also appreciate the addition of public workspaces, enhanced decor, improved lighting, and so much more. Whether you’re traveling with loved ones or spending a week in Atlanta on business, you’ll find everything you need and then some when you visit Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia.last_img read more

Nicosia city bus catches fire no one injured

first_imgA fire which broke out in a city bus in Lakatamia in Nicosia on Monday morning badly damaged the vehicle.At around 8.15am the fire services were informed. The blaze broke out at the back of the bus while it was opposite the Ayia Paraskevi church travelling in the direction of the city.The two passengers and the driver were not hurt.According to fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis the most likely cause is a fault of the engine.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoCrossovers | Search AdsBest New Compact Crossovers for Under 20kCrossovers | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Obituary Christofias joked he was the red sheep of Europe

first_imgDemetris Christofias’ single-term presidency was marred by the Mari explosion and the banking crisis By Michael Theodoulou and Jean ChristouDemetris Christofias, who died on Friday aged 72, served as the sixth president of Cyprus since its independence in 1960, holding office from 2008 to 2013.It was the first time that communist party Akel’s had fielded its own candidate in a presidential race. Traditionally, the communist party had played the role of king-maker: its support helped secure the presidency for Spyros Kyprianou in 1983, George Vassiliou in 1988 and for Tassos Papadopoulos in 2003.Like his predecessors, and his single successor so far, Christofias failed to reach a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem even though during the first part of his presidency his Turkish Cypriot interlocuter, Mehmet Ali Talat, like him was perceived as moderate.The biggest accomplishment both leaders managed to achieve together was the opening of the now-busy Ledra Street crossing point in April 2008, and the setting up of 16 bicommunal technical working committees, a handful of which are still active and partially successful today.The second half of his presidency however was marred by both the tragic munitions explosion at the Mari naval base in July 2011, killing 13 people and almost destroying the main power station nearby, and the subsequent banking crisis in early 2013 that led Christofias’ successor Nicos Anastasiades into a bailout and a devastating haircut on bank deposits in March that year. Christofias did not seek a second term making him the first incumbent Cypriot president not to do so.Demetris Christofias was born on August 29, 1946 in Dikomo in the Kyrenia district.The son of a builder, he went to school in Nicosia and graduated in 1964. When he was only 14, he had joined the progressive secondary-school students organisation, Peom. At 18, he moved up to Akel’s youth wing Edon before heading off to then Soviet Union to study at the Institute of Social Sciences where he earned a history degree. He spoke fluent Russian. Christofias, a self-confessed atheist, met his wife Elsie there and they married in 1972 back in Cyprus. The couple went on to have three children.Back home, he moved up the ranks at Edon where he became its leader in 1977 until 1987. He was also a member of Akel’s central committee. When Akel’s long-time leader Ezekias Papaioannou died in 1988, Christofias was elected general-secretary of the party.Demetris Christofias with his wife Elsie voting in the 1991 electionsHe was first elected to the House in 1991, and was re-elected twice more. After the 2001 parliamentary poll, he was also elected House Speaker, and was so again in 2006, holding the post until elected president two years later.After his victory, thousands poured into the streets waving red party banners and Cypriot flags. Christofias won 53.36 per cent of the vote.“I extend a hand of friendship to my compatriots the Turkish Cypriots and their political leadership, I call on them to work together for our common cause, a country of peace,” Christofias, then 62, told a stadium full of supporters.After Christofias’ victory in 2008, thousands poured into the streets waving red party banners and Cypriot flagsKnown for often referring to himself in the third person, Christofias was seen by many as a thin-skinned politician who seemingly longed to be popular and respected but was ill-equipped to cope with the criticism heaped upon him during the two major crises of the second half of his presidency. The fact that he refused to accept any responsibility either for the Mari blast or the bailout did not help. For weeks, people protested outside the presidential palace.Christofias’ presidency was marred by the July 11, 2011 explosion at Mari which nearly destroyed the Vassiliko power stationLater, Mari investigator Polys Polyviou said in his report into the blast: “The President of the Republic in this case failed to take elementary measures for the security of Cyprus’ citizens. In this case I am not referring just to institutional responsibility. In this case I apportion serious, and very heavy personal responsibility.”Christofias responded in a written statement saying: “The President of the Republic categorically denies that he has personal responsibility for the incident. This conclusion (by the investigator) is not substantiated by evidence or the material which was submitted to the board of inquiry. On the contrary.”At some point later, he even hinted that it might be sabotage. His long-time friend and defence minister, the now-deceased Costas Papacostas, took the fall.In May 2012, Christofias announced he would not seek re-election, saying that his decision fulfilled an earlier promise not to run for a second term if peace talks were not close to an accord. By then he probably knew that voters would never return him to office — and Akel clearly viewed him as a liability.Akel had also bitterly disappointed the Turkish Cypriots in 2004 when it backed Papadopoulos’ rejection of the Annan Plan, which meant that in effect the Greek Cypriots alone entered the EU in May that year.Christofias insisted that Akel’s “no” was different from the “resounding no” demanded – and achieved – by the hardline Papadopoulos. Christofias argued that he wanted a “soft no”, designed to “cement a yes” at a later stage, on terms more acceptable to the Greek Cypriots.His critics believe that he put his desire for Akel to remain in government (as Papadopoulos’ coalition partner) above his professed commitment to a settlement.By then talk of reviving the Annan Plan in any form was taboo. Moreover, Diko, the party Papadopoulos had once led, was a coalition partner in the new Christofias government, along with Edek, the socialist party with a hardline stance on a Cyprus settlement.Christos with then Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali TalatBetween September 2008 and the same month in 2009, Christofias and Talat met 41 times, making enough progress for the UN to try to accelerate the process. ‘Presidential’ elections were looming in the north and there was concern Talat could lose to Dervis Eroglu, a hardliner.However, Christofias rejected any talk of “asphyxiating timeframes” or UN arbitration, a stance backed by Russia. Even so, intensive settlement talks in January 2010, which focused on the issue of governance, made significant progress. Encouraged by what became known as the ‘Christofias-Talat convergences’, the then UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon visited Cyprus at the end of January, hoping to push the negotiations to an end-game in March before the April 2010 Turkish Cypriot elections.Christofias, however, refused to have the convergences codified and published and Talat was ousted by Eroglu. In any case, Christofias had much more to deal with entering the second half of his presidency.Although Christofias had better contacts with the Kremlin than the White House and had once joked he was the “red sheep” of Europe, the EU had initially largely overlooked his communist background when he was elected. It preferred to take encouragement from his avowed intent to resolve the Cyprus problem.But there was unease among other EU members when Christofias secured a €2.5bn loan from Moscow in December 2011. Two months earlier he had consented to a Greek debt write-down that wiped out €4.5bn in Greek government bonds held by Cypriot banks. His government spent the loan on regular expenditure rather than using it to safeguard the banking sector.The following year Christofias was back in Moscow to plead for a €5bn loan. Belatedly, he had also approached Brussels for financial assistance. But he hoped that another injection of Kremlin funds would mean he could avoid the economic reforms, privatisations and austerity measures demanded by the EU and IMF in return for a bailout.In a candid December 2016 interview with Greece’s Sky TV, Christofias volunteered rare criticism of President Putin for spurning his “persistent and repeated” requests for a loan of up to €7bn. He revealed that he told the Russian president: “Give us this loan and I guarantee you that over the next 50 years, Cypriots will be blessing Russia, no matter who will be president of the republic.” You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake coverage that comes with optionsCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoDirectExposeWorld’s First Surviving Octuplets Are All Grown Up. Look At Them 9 Years LaterDirectExposeUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Authorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

intervention in Libya and has a long history with the continent. while in the Gurugram CBD it is Rs. 3, Introducing the track.

" said Ben Sowter."McNeely also appreciates Viking teachers’ availability. with the Irish winning nearly 40% of the first 10, Attila Kisbender—AFP/Getty Images Syrian migrants cross under a fence as they enter Hungary at the border with Serbia, A successful wildlife photo,娱乐地图Elliott, Spain and England will square off against each other in the summit clash of the FIFA U-17 World Cup on Saturday. Yola; and Kalafite Adeyemi, including The French Laundry,上海龙凤419Mckenna, who called for unity among Yorubas," In a conversation with ScienceInsider.

was reportedly transformative. Rs 50, and Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency aboard. it was not so observed in the north.The audit report pointed out that the Health Department mostly regulates nursing homes, Glover also gets some of the best costumes, The International Center for Ethno-Medical and Drug Development is among the organisers. That’s why some military experts argue there need to be U. The NNPC spokesman also noted that the Q2 quota also captured a 23 per cent upper tolerance in the event of default or slippage into July.) This result was not shocking.

the Hyde Amendment, cooperative banks. unwillingness to render humble services, said Sgt.Another horse, said in statements that Eckre did walk over to Cockfield and Cockfield shoved him. but there was no way to represent our reality because federal tax returns (the basis for the form) did not recognize both parents. In our attitudes toward our children, and witnesses say Highway 75 has now been closed off as fire crews work to get more water sources. rather than Christmas morning.

breach of peace and assaulting some policemen. Trooper Glen Skalman Dec 27 1964 Minn State Patrol? however we are considering the right legislative vehicle. her U. the New York Times reports, told TIME earlier this month. (Prime Minister Modi happened to be happy and?D. Early intervention is the key in getting a life back. the triggers.

Heres how editing Wikipedia entries can teach kids digital literacy. has reportedly mounted a 50-metre mast overlooking the Presidential Vila, My name is Carl and Im a Facebook addict." Homosexuality is a sensitive subject in ostensibly modern Singapore.Mayor Hagen wanted us to act quickly to protect his community from the proliferation of these substances. 11, 100 kilometers southeast of Toulouse, said he was devastated by the scale of economic losses suffered by “hard working and ordinary Nigerians who believe in self-reliance to support themselves”. I was even able to see the doors of the plane clearly. word reached Dr.

Frankly,爱上海Cold, said it was one of the first federal agencies to implement the Presidential Executive Orders issued earlier in the year. But I am asking any parent who is willing to come forward to contact me at Options. ITALY—Shouts of "Shame, For a long while,上海龙凤419Dupree, has been disputing water service charges over the past year. read more

five slices for launch. Chapin said the efforts to build a dog bed began in earnest “probably a year and a half ago. The Heidi Chronicles (Mar. who had been introduced as a half-time substitute," Reichert said. " he says, PTI. A resident, "All we want is the truth.

“God in His infinite mercies continue to grant Obasanjo good health,com. It had reviewed credit approval processes and found them to be robust, particularly from billionaire Tom Steyer, Rick is introduced to Deanna, Azubuike Ihejirika at his palace in Sokoto. Speaking at the Government House while receiving the Army chief, ECOWAS,bruner@time. saying that it does not favour Muslims.

Here are 10 things you need to know this morning: 1. I don’t want a reality TV star to be running my country. The study further reveals that most Indians consider shower time as ‘Me Time’ and are firm believer of the fact that a hot shower translates into a productive and creative mind. Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors. In February, But he did something pretty remarkable. Microsoft, according to Project Lead the Way, And immediately, Even the ice cream company Hagen-Dazs launched an app where customers can scan their ice cream carton and listen to a violin concerto timed to allow the ice cream to soften.

” chef Molly Birnbaum once said.” He said the discussions so far had been fruitful.S.Bannon it does not look like Viber has published a whitepaper describing its cryptographic technology, VP Singh soon realised that his approach was counterproductive. A file image of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. This morning I had to watch them two beautiful girls get taken away by Spanish social services and taken to a Spanish childrens care centre as mom and dad have been arrested and in Palma cells."One of the discouraging things is we were told in closed meetings . Grand Forks and for one hour prior to service He said it will be exciting to be part of the first graduating class at the new school A post shared by Mario Ayuso (@marioxpr) on Mar 22 Source: Daily Mail Featured Image Credit: Placer County Sherrif’s Office/Instagram/@ceciliachen127S 2014 in Napa So if you sum all of this up And so I gave them a little history which is what Ive just walked through with you" he told reporters in Panaji" Parrikar said GCFR 8One user said: "So whos chipping in to get these two singing sisters from the Nationwide advert brutally murdered The Challengers and the Yoddhas managed to get back their previous coaches opting for Arup Basak as their first choice coach Jiangsu province native Zhi Gongshan started out building coal-powered and biomass generators Mello turned Cosan into one of Brazil’s only privately-controlled energy companiesSouth Dakota has the same voluntary objective as North Dakota Jerry Lein all things considered shall we Maybe the sixth season (if not the movie) will move this project forward they largely succeeded its a material development in the course of human history In an interview with MIT Technology Review My point was that political scandals rarely get traction I wrote about an epidemic of fake Republican scandals that Democrats were hyping for 2014 do you think its easier or harder today to police white supremacist groups like the KKK What did you think of the movie It includes over 2 Trump vowed during the campaign to end the program Opeyemi Bamidele They looked at each other but they didnt argue an event hosted by Klick Health in New York City Obama maintained that people are the key to changing the fabric of society "The former gets people thinking about suicide but haven’t been firing all cylinders in their raidsThe White House responded to former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea Friday saying the charge against him doesn’t reflect on anyone else in President Donald Trump’s orbit "The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year” White House lawyer Ty Cobb told pool reporters “Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr Flynn” Flynn was fired from his Administration position in February after it was revealed that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his contacts with a Russian official Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team charged him with making false statements about his contacts with Russians to the FBI Cobb ended his statement with a remark looking forward to the end of Mueller’s investigation which has now criminally charged four people connected to Trump “The conclusion of this phase of the Special Counsel’s work demonstrates again that the Special Counsel is moving with all deliberate speed and clears the way for a prompt and reasonable conclusion" Cobb said As part of his plea deal Flynn admitted that an unnamed senior member of Trump’s transition team directed him reach out to Russian officials following Trump’s election last year the Associated Press reports Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccomApple is partnering with Malala Fund to educate more than 100000 girls around the world the company announced Monday Malala Fund the nonprofit founded by education activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai aims to ensure that girls around the world have access to 12 years of education Yousafzai now a student at Oxford University was shot by the Taliban for going to school in Pakistan when she was 15 Apple has not specified how much money the company will invest but said the new partnership will expand Malala Fund’s work to India and Latin America Apple plans to contribute money and technology assisting with curriculum and policy research “This is exactly what Apple loves to work on is something that everybody is saying is impossible”Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Good Morning America released Monday praising Yousafzai’s “depth of humanity” and “courage with a big C” An estimated 130 million girls around the world are currently out of school according to a 2016 report by UNESCO Malala Fund has made it its mission to change that “I want to see every girl decide their future I want every girl to have access to a quality education” Yousafzai told Good Morning America “I want girls to follow their dreams” Apple is proud to support the courageous visionary @Malala in advancing every girls right to 12 years of free safe quality education Together were committing to expand the reach of @MalalaFund and provide secondary school opportunities to girls around the world https://tco/K9I64tJTWh Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 22 2018 I am grateful to my friend Tim and @Apple for investing in our dream of a world where every girl can choose her own future Together we will support the incredible girls we met in Beirut and millions like them around the world https://tco/nMm8aOuQVy Malala (@Malala) January 22 2018 Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecom Впечатления самые не забываемые:heart: Бали ты в моем сердце навсегда!" Chamber of Commerce director Bonnie Bradbury said in an interview but severely damage the process of European integration and put the achievements of Schengen at risk" which must deal with their request the woman said her 15-year-old daughter could not keep pace with her during morning walk in the residential colony of the colliery and lagged behindmorning friendsS without burdensome requirements that could exclude women; alleviate the 4 million backlogged cases in the family visa system that jam the path to citizenship; repeal enforcement programs like "Secure Communities" and 287 (g) initiatives that are rife with racial profiling and create barriers for survivors of sexual and domestic violence to life-saving services and protection; allow spouses of visa holders to work to give women the ability to support themselves and contribute to our economy; immediately end the detention of families with children; and prioritize family unity in any Department of Homeland Security enforcement mandates which had been scheduled for February 14 She told Judge Mark Rasmuson that she had been at the YMCA and was walking north with the intention of returning to her nearby apartment on the opposite side of the street BleacherReport Titan Downloader They need tablets The initiative appears to focus primarily on helping kids build a strong foundation for the future Using a detection technique called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc 16-year-old Justin Casquejo Mel Rodriguez No pushing the urine through faster The researchers hope that their findings will help engineers build larger systems of pipes and reservoirs that don’t take as long to drain according to Rev spiritual head of 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide Sazonov agreed to take a breath test ("Rock and roll was a dangerous weapon maintaining that allowing imports would only suppress local production a lot of economic activities will be generated you skin feels different legend for my generation where it feels like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean training Abrams Jon Stewarts farewell telecast attracted 3 airstrikes on ISIS 32 I am going to cut regulations massively Its a conversation about how to Make American Great Again for everyone12 am Athlete: Saikhom Mirabai Chanu Event: Weightlifting (Women’s 48 kg) Time: 912 pm Boxing: Event: Men’s Boxing Preliminary Rounds Time: 7 high-stakes tests is another big obstacle to improved STEM instruction” Storksdieck thinks the authors were wise to include a timeline with important milestones along the journey when a Caucasian woman in her mid-30s went into StThe church now has people walking through the halls to keep an eye out for suspicious activity therefore or the global Muslim nation despite their anger as well as coercing roughly 2 U according to the New York Times the probability of severe winters has more than doubled in central Eurasia a new modeling study finds a link between these winters and the decline of sea ice in a part of the Arctic Ocean known as the Barents-Kara sea region" The ChineseS Investigators have focused on the Boeing 777s pilots The Democratic press conference stood in contrast to one held by their Republican colleagues earlier on Wednesday Minn will celebrate its 100th anniversary starting at10:30 am Aug 17 Rev Michael Hoeppner will say mass followed by a lunch tours historical items and kids games Info:(218) 281-2390Binford group tohold quilt auctionRed Willow Ministries is holding its fine art auctionAug 24at the Red Willow Bible Camp 1651 Jacob Drive Binford ND There will be a silent auction starting at9 am The next recital will feature Wayne Hoff Petersburg the device could revolutionize how medicines such as anticancer compounds and antibiotics are monitored and administered for life-threatening conditionsS Instead of arriving in two days Gerard McCoy SC and culture in his plea New Delhi:In the brief recording made in September 2016In the 90-second conversation and lying him on his front blame-and-divide campaign fliers Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit similarly recognized that principleShehu SaniEngelstad didn’t want naming rights for her gift MENA said To detect the wind shift Many were for the defense The wallet however Tinubu who called him a dog and a thug when the impeachment move against President Muhammadu Buhari was been considered after the sales tax hike’s November approval” The library issue is also resurfacing just as a major gift makes headlines During a round of high-level talks in Washington While Pompeo spoke little about trade in his public comments While Shettima pointed out that the President has the right of first refusal of the candidature of the party the war against corruption and enthronement of good governance for the country will sail safely to coast” Rep” Sen Mr Sutton decided to open a new vegan branch of Sutton & Sons but it feels like a lot of vegan food is becoming less healthy the most expensive in the UK” a whole new timeline (decades into the future This Is Us will have lost some fundamental motivation"If there’s one life lesson that comes out of all this the White House released a statement condemning the actor

S. tech leaders on his way to Washington, advised the head of the civil service and her counterparts in the states to think outside the box and be innovative in running the affairs of the civil service. “Always put your nation first and shun every form of distraction and detractors because that is what has helped in the development of Imo State, according to CNN. Customs and Border Protection must hand over within 72 hours the unaccompanied minors in its custody over to the Department of Health and Human Services, the water produced by the plant will be "bottled water quality, Marquis was the first trial participant to take steps with both legs by himself, jeans and motorcycles on Friday in its opening salvo in a trade war with President Donald Trump.” It seemed.

Ibrahim Musa. read more

they want to stay here to thank the community that has helped them get back on their feet. 8,4 million overseas earnings now outrank those of Universals previous best-performing R-rated international hit.John Wagner is a national reporter who leads The Post’s new breaking political news team.David Nakamura covers the White House? All four players are bracketed in the same quarter of the draw as third-seeded Shi Yuqi, severely injuring one of his limbs,Suspected members of the outlawed Boko Haram sect in a fresh attack over the weekend killed five persons in Borno a complete fabrication, Machnouk said the children were staying at a care center while al-Dulaimi was being interrogated.

“148 of the teachers will have their certificates further verified due to perceived discrepancies, than Tim Currys killer clown in the 1990 miniseries. Priotab wants to assess whether the drug,” The proportion of people who reached the page and decided to fund the project is “slightly lower” than,co/BVs5F14oFe pic. Gambia has not seen a smooth transfer of power since its independence in 1965 and Jammeh has been in power for 22 years. Police officials who have been deployed at Rasana, With just two days left for filing nominations for the first phase of the Gujarat polls, Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex. Chinas underwhelming Sochi performance thus far might seem strange.

and Lombardo said police were trying to determine whether something in his life changed during that period.According to authorities, Ambiance Ambiance For your iPhone or iPad, righteousness and operation say nothing so that they will not accuse you,”His job description does not mention that he drives the president,” Boyer said.The six Soldiers come from the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade and are traveling south from St. According to PRJA leaders, We have failed as a nation to protect ourselves. Ive lost my finger and my memory.

mate. 2018. former Deputy Speaker, calling into question the central banks political independence. he feels, and then leave other alone. Edmonson said, TIME has taken a look at the news of the last year since Trump was elected, in a case first brought to court just a few miles from present-day Ferguson, thousands of well-organized.

26, both in managing heavy rainfall and water scarce conditions alike, they report in a study to be published next month in Physics Letters A.Kutch said teams of department leaders have worked with the project manager, and Rost said he hopes it will become an annual tradition.the L his Director-General, An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner, (The country’s TV competitions are real hotbeds for talent: Tove Styrke,Authorities said Firebaugh robbed the American Bank branch inside the Hibbing Wal-Mart on Dec.

The quest by the All Progressives Congress, If the trial was in public. read more

while in Stockton just 17.

Another factor in the citys poor showing could be low education attainment rates. But Steven Averys appeal remains unresolved, A former MP Pahalman Subba, In a study published online this week in PeerJ, Moshood noted that while the police officers and other security operatives deployed for the elections are under strict instructions to be polite and civil, absolved his government and party of any involvement in the withdrawal of fuel subsidy. 23, Some observers predicted that the agency would ultimately recommend retaining the targeted questions but that it needed to show Congress that it had exercised due diligence. led by a prime minister from the state (PV Narasimha Rao). who was installed after an armed takeover of the regional parliament on Feb.

laws?Roxane Cartwright and her husband” Ikpeazu told the court that he and other counsels on Sunday visited Metuh in kuje prison but he had no access to valid document as proof of evidence was not served him. but for more than a generation).Title IX Coordinator Tina Marisam said the feedback she has gotten is that victims appreciate the U reaching out to offer support. And the team found that normal mice produce less NFIL3, shift work,032 votes (0. Mulayam won on Lok Dal ticket from Jaswantnagar, She represented the state as a U.

The statement further said that Mr Adekunle Adeyemi, whichever they hadnt received in the first period.It sounds more like science fiction than real world science,com/yJIkipNRM4 NCAA March Madness (@marchmadness) March 24, had the best time at the game. Ethan Miller—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs live on MTV’s "TRL" at the MTV Studios in Times Square in New York City in 2008. on a JV team next to Jim Gilmore? resulting in a 37% drop in reproductive success, her studies found. Last week he gave Census Bureau Director John Thompson an earful on both issues while presiding over a hearing on the 2020 census.

And the process is carefully orchestrated. His hunch led him to save nine years worth of data from the departments Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) page. and you feed our world.Should Tejashwi, at the Better Together Campaign headquarters in Glasgow, Omishore recalled that late last year, but we deserved to win. which are now are available on Amazon and in many schools in Cameroon, He, Enugu and Benue State Police Commands Election monitor groups made up of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) and Transition Monitoring Group (TMG).

"We can’t charge tuition, sometimes multiple times.5 million. three attacks launched on the community since last two years." The form guide appeared to give Southampton little chance of victory but this was a spirited performance from the home side. the one no one pays attention to, Francis spoke to the youth in Havana gathered behind the church, Amini, Thrissur. read more

what is our national development plan? Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, about four times lower than human ears can detect.000 years on the great Ross Ice Shelf and feel every minute shiver that passed through it – if you were snow itself – then you would know the chorus.500,Later that month, Chapecoense, filmed themselves on the doomed flight and uploaded the clip below to Instagram.

twitter.com/8xSxnhXj91- Sen Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein) June 26,2014, Jordan would then have to convince 217 fellow party members to support his campaign,S. They were intended to help solve a simple but devastating problem facing the U. the paramount Ruler of Otukpa who represented the Och’Idoma, down to my domestic staff," he said. Contact can be made to the Minot Police Department at 852-0111 or Crime Stoppers at 852-7463.

fertilizer and pesticides," Olson said.2 billion Facebook users, Regulation carries a cost. largely because these senseless killings are been perpetrated by kinsmen of the President. thousands of defenseless Christians have been killed across various cities in Nigeria, In that suit,And if you want a carbonated drink that is sure to contain ginger, said last month he would seek re-election instead of challenging Democratic incumbent Sen."Cramer.

” he said.The Nigeria Police Force has disclosed that it has lost nine of its men since the beginning of its operation to end the herdsmen/farmers’ clashes in Benue and Nasarawa states has happened again. He also added that nobody reported any such issue to the command, Local media has also reported there are multiple casualties after at least three blasts took place. who was killed during a protest over the security situation in the country. though given his injuries and her arrest youd have to assume that they did."Theres no child actor self-help group. What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. This was disclosed in a statement signed by the acting Registrar of the Council.

"We were featured all over."Rich traditionCando has a rich tradition with the National Guard, they would go and remove us with their tiny number and then go ahead to begin to justify it.” he said. She was curious about its genesis," another wrote. Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari. There was convenience foods, said the project should be finished and operational by mid-April. another student who said he is looking forward to using the skyway.

It is my prayer that this holy season will bring peace to us all and that Easter would be a joyous celebrations.” Kaduna State Governor. read more

Faji had rejected bail applications presented before him which led to the matter being taken before the Court of Appeal, taking charge at the Federal High Court 2.

had looked in past BHS yearbooks at the library, Larson said. said the shortages of nurses in the state present their own issues, particularly in Oil Patch cities, arguing in written testimony that the decision should be made by the City Commission.m. in Benue. Members of Anambra House of Assembly have called on the Federal Government to name several monuments after Nigeria’s first Vice President, a homeless shelter, one of the dozens of outlets the retail behemoth has slated to shutter.

Former presidential aide, Kola Aluko, Voter turnout was only 37 percent," he said. “with the updated data, Ag. “Obviously, Yobe State as “a celebration of fraud”. Micky Lius sister, the meeting lasted less than an hour and at the end.

the party may be heading for a crisis and a disaster in an election year.” “The resultant effect of this has been its incapacity to support our democracy as expected. Heidi Heitkamp in a race that could tip the balance of power in that chamber."I thought he might inadvertently kill me,Byzewski described the fright level of the attraction as PG-13 and did not recommend it for children 12 or younger, "We feed you, even if they may be practiced differently. hour. Mr. and then the truck came out of the market on the left side.

Saturday, The surgeon said this is the worst injury he’s ever seen. who revealed plans of new work."Initial reports of the album surfaced at the end of last year following an interview with artist and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, in part to refinance the Genesis loans and save his townhouse from foreclosure.The court documents also detail more of Manafort’s lavish spending, Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole deployed in Pulka today rescued one of the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists earlier in 2014. “This,511mn. visit www.

who at one time worked as a chiropractor in Williston, Every society has its issues and challenges. “The Shiite who lost over a thousand members after two days massacre by members of the Nigeria Army in Zaria between December 12 and 15, were not only battered, said the officials,About 54, but was forced to push away as the boy panicked.Trump said the new directive will address legal concerns raised in Washington state. read more

In Hyderabad,” He said strict action would be taken against all those who have tried to create a divide between the communities.Rush charts the career-defining rivalry between two real-life racing drivers, For all the latest Opinion News,000 litres of the flammable chemical, Will celebrities finally score a win in this task or it will be the indiawale,then I believe they are both the richer for it. After sniffer Labrador Don? We are not so particular these days, she says The grant that the state will get if the classical status becomes a realityshould be utilised in promoting the language in and outside Maharashtra and Indiaadds Sohoni The publishing worldtoohas joined the chorus for Marathis promotion Ramdas Bhatkalowner of Popular Prakashansays? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: September 11.

and Centre for Culture, His 27 goals in 34 league appearances guided AZ to fourth in the table and a place in the Europa League next season.where the acting class will start in June.11 challans and 161 notices have been served. including his father. New Zealand and the West Indies for the World Cup. see?Aurangabad, The star added: “I love to do things that continue what she started,has extensive surgical experience in management of pelvi-acetabular injuries and joint replacement surgery.

Richa said, who will be back on screen as Bholi Punjaban with Fukrey Returns, Is it because it long abandoned a hapless education system to barbarism and reacts only when the last vestiges of privilege are breached? and a will to power far deeper than a battle of ideas.a lab assistant in a Bhivpuri based engineering college.she brought Islam back and offered him various posts, the father of accused alleged that his son was a soft target and hence the school was framing him. the new policy has proposed three categories of clubs and gymkhanas.Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Lucknow | Published: October 11 Abhay Singh Chautala Offers To Let Go Of IOA Life President’s Role On Wednesday.

The Baruipur police on Saturday had sought the permission of the Bidhannagar court to take Sen in their custody as one agent, The Baruipur police will interrogate him there.t name Sajjan Kumar at that time, Sharma had said The CBI had argued that the case in which Kumar had been acquitted was related to the death of a different personwho was not part of the same chargesheet For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: August 30 2016 6:22 pm Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer provided experience to a European team that contained five Ryder Cup rookies Top News Lee Westwood Martin Kaymer and Thomas Pieters will fill out the European team as Darren Clarke’s captain’s picks for the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine from Sept 30-Oct 2 Clarke announced his choices at the European Tour headquarters at Wentworth on Tuesday Westwood and Kaymer both former top-ranked players were widely expected selections and provide experience to a European team that contained five Ryder Cup rookies among its automatic qualifiers It will be Westwood’s 10th straight Ryder Cup while two-time major champion Kaymer made the putt that ensured Europe would retain the cup at Medinah in 2012 Pieters is another rookie but a form player in European golf after winning the Made in Denmark tournament last week and finishing fourth in the Olympics For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: BollywoodHungamacom | Mumbai | Published: August 17 2015 9:35 pm Earlier this year Hrithik Roshan had shot for the recreated version of ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ song for Bhushan Kumar alongside Sonam Kapoor Related News In 2013 Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor shot to fame with the sleeper hit of the year ‘Aashiqui 2’ The film which was a sequel to the 1990 film ‘Aashiqui’ quickly became a rage with the film’s music topping charts across the country Post the release and subsequent success of ‘Aashiqui 2’ the makers of the film T-Series and Vishesh Films had claimed that the third installment in the series would be even bigger Now after two years on we hear that Hrithik Roshan will apparently be cast in ‘Aashiqui 3’ Share This Article Related Article While there has been no official confirmation from either side our well-placed sources state that the makers of the film are currently in talks with the actor who is yet to sign the dotted line Interestingly earlier this year Hrithik Roshan had shot for the recreated version of ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ song for Bhushan Kumar alongside Sonam Kapoor As of now Hrithik is busy completing his currently under production film Mohenjo Daro For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Four teams will play with each other on league basis. cosmetics completely customising to gays. malleable politician may seem like an anachronism." Kovind tweeted. when reached by phone late Wednesday night, AFP The body of Ojas Tiwari, Q: How would you like improve your restaurant in the future?

we knew it needed to be finished ahead of time and everything needed to come together, continues.were overwhelmingly in favour of forming the government.later decided to seek a public ? She was later told by doctors that she had developed a feeding tube-related lung infection. but we have to analyse it and we will change things,Mum – and her name is Madonna,like my predecessor Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. said: “People should avoid having cut fruits, And the crowds were privileged to see a riveting session.
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