first_imgHead coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines talk on the field prior to their game.COLUMBUS, OH – NOVEMBER 26: (R-L) Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines talk on the field prior to their game at Ohio Stadium on November 26, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)Ohio State and Michigan are set to renew their rivalry on Saturday, and per usual, there is a lot on the line. The winner of the contest wins the Big Ten East and gets to take on Northwestern in the league’s title game. A College Football Playoff spot could be on the line as well.Friday, Tim Tebow, who played for Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer at Florida, was on First Take to talk about the contest. He made an interesting suggestion regarding what we might see in the contest.Tebow twice said that Meyer, in the second half, could run some trick plays – saying he might have some “tricks up his sleeve” for the game.Tebow also harped on the idea that the game is a must-win for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines. He thinks this is their opportunity to finally turn the tide on the Buckeyes.Tebow, if Michigan loses tomorrow: “They’ve missed their window, and it doesn’t look good for the future.”–Meh— Medium Happy (@jdubs88) November 23, 2018Michigan, at the moment, is the No. 4 team in the College Football Playoff rankings, but there’s no doubt that they need to win out to qualify for the event. Ohio State is No. 10 – but obviously, a win over the Wolverines would move them up.Ohio State, if it can win out, can still wind up No. 4 – but they’d have to jump the likes of Oklahoma, LSU and Washington State along the way.The game will take place at Ohio Stadium and kick off at Noon ET. It’ll be broadcast on FOX.last_img read more

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now It’s appropriate that Archivo Pittoresco, Lula Pena’s third album, features her rendition of The Twilight Zone‘s theme, “Come Wander With Me.”Only her third album since 1998, Archivo Pittoresco wanders through a variety of languages and writers. The reclusive Portuguese musician/poet sings (in English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) lyrics and poetry by authors ranging from Manos Hadjidakis and Violeta Parra to Belgian surrealist Scutenaire in addition to her own works.The songs on Archivo Pittoresco flow into one another, creating a trance-inducing stream with just Pena’s voice and her acoustic guitar. The album, in her own words, was intended “to reach a sort of collective unconscious open source…There is a hidden truth that I want to find. The simplicity of voice and strings and a resonant body will help me find out.”Lula Pena’s Archivo Pittoresco is out now through Crammed Discs and is available on Amazon, the Crammed Shop, and iTunes. The Best Food Shows on Netflix to Binge Right Now 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now 10 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Nowlast_img read more

first_imgMinister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams, has endorsed the Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI), a three-year programme aimed at facilitating and supporting the growth and development of social enterprises.The initiative was launched by the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), at a press briefing, held on June 5 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston.The Foundation recently received US$1 million from the USAID to develop and implement the programme.Mrs. Ffolkes-Abrahams said that social entrepreneurs have been carrying out their roles very quietly without any unnecessary fanfare.“I commend (Jamaica National) for putting this very important matter on the front burner with the timely launch of this Social Enterprise Boost Initiative. I believe it is a valuable springboard from which to build greater cohesion and policy development for the sector for the longer term,” she said.The State Minister added that social enterprises, owing to their tremendous impact, must be fully integrated into the existing enterprise support systems.“This initiative will certainly help to facilitate and support social enterprise groups in Jamaica. This is a big step forward for social enterprise and Jamaica at large,” she added.The State Minister cited the tabling of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprise policy in the House of Representatives.“This is something that the government is really working on, because we know that it can revolutionise our country. Although most social enterprises are small and many are fragile, the sector has been attracting growing interest from policy makers, young people, entrepreneurs and established businesses,” Mrs. Ffolkes-Abrahams said.Meanwhile, Project Manager of SEBI, Jennifer Sharrier, explained that social enterprises are commercial businesses, which provide products or services at a cost to the marketplace.“SEBI’s mission is therefore to mobilise increased employment, investment and revenue within communities across Jamaica in a socially responsible manner, and in doing so improve the nation’s economic, social and environmental conditions,” Miss Sharrier said.She noted that this will be done by assisting social enterprises to become efficient and effective businesses by improving their performance and helping them to produce and provide affordable, sustainable, and profitable goods or services.As part of the facilitation process, SEBI will provide enterprises with the opportunity to be part of a business clinic, especially those organisations that have the greatest potential for growth.“There will also be training and development, including online resources, workshops and seminars, as well as access to ongoing business support. By working with organisations like Jamaica Business Development Corporation and the Office of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of the West Indies, we will be able to create a winning formula for those operating within the social economy,” Miss Sharrier said.For her part, Mission Director, USAID, Denise Herbol, said the project will focus on development efforts in the social enterprise sector.“At the end of the three years, we can expect to see an increase in the technical capacity of social enterprises, having developed the prerequisite business skills, knowledge and information to build sustainable organisations,” Miss Herbol said.For further information on SEBI, persons can contact the JNBS Foundation at 926 -1344 extension 4746 or email: sebi@jnbs.com.Contact: Latonya Lintonlast_img read more

first_imgzoom Vessel operating costs are expected to rise by more than three per cent in both 2013 and 2014 according to a new survey by international accountant and shipping consultant Moore Stephens.The survey is based on responses from key players in the international shipping industry, predominantly shipowners and managers in Europe and Asia. Those responses revealed that vessel operating costs are expected to rise by 3.0 per cent in 2013, and by 3.2 per cent in 2014, with crew wages and P&I insurance the cost categories likely to increase most significantly.Crew wages are expected to increase by 2.4 per cent in 2013 and by 2.5 per cent in 2014, with other crew costs thought likely to go up by 2.1 per cent and 2.2 per cent respectively for the years under review. The cost of P&I insurance is also expected to escalate by 2.4 per cent in 2013 and by 2.5 per cent in 2014, this compared to the increases of 2.0 and 2.3 per cent respectively predicted in respect of the cost of hull & machinery insurance.Expenditure on spares is expected to increase by 2.1 per cent and 2.3 per cent in 2013 and 2014 respectively, while respondents anticipate a 2.2 per cent increase in the cost of lubricants in both years under review. The cost of stores is expected to increase by 1.9 per cent and 2.0 per cent respectively for 2013 and 2014, while repairs & maintenance expenditure is predicted to increase in those two years by 2.3 per cent and 2.4 per cent respectively.Drydocking costs over the same period are expected to rise by 2.1 per cent and 2.4 per cent respectively. Meanwhile, as was the case in the 2012 survey, management fees are deemed likely to produce the lowest level of increase in both 2013 and 2014, at 1.4 per cent and 1.7 per cent respectively.One respondent noted, “Cost-cutting and belt-tightening have gone as far as it is possible to go. The next few months will see the service industries return to profit, and they will do that by increasing costs.” Another said, “It is clear that the cost of sustaining our industry will go up, funding will become increasingly difficult, and more small and medium-size companies will disappear.”“Owners are bleeding money,” said one respondent, “but this is not having any impact on the likes of class surveyors, spares manufacturers and service engineers as they continue to charge heavily. Moreover, the quality of the product is going down while maintenance costs are increasing.” Other comments included, “Operating budgets are being maintained but not increased,” and, “If the market shows a significant improvement over the next two years, we can expect a surge in operating costs, driven mainly by owners’ efforts to achieve improved performance from their ships.”The cost of fuel occupied the thoughts of a number of respondents, one of whom noted, “Fuel costs remain the biggest chunk of our operating expenses due to surging price increases.” Referring to political volatility in the Middle East and increasing regulation on sulphur emissions levels, another respondent predicted that many owners would “have to switch to Marine Gas Oil, which will involve a very big cost increase. We have already seen how the switch between high and low-sulphur fuel is causing problems for some ships, and instances of black-outs and loss of power are on the increase.”Elsewhere, a number of respondents referred to the effect on operating costs of a significant number of older vessels still operating in the market, with one predicting, “A number of these will be squeezed out by 2014, particularly those over 25 years of age.”Moore Stephens also asked respondents to identify the three factors that were most likely to influence the level of vessel operating costs over the next 12 months. Overall, 21 per cent of respondents (compared to 27 per cent in last year’s survey) identified finance costs as the most significant factor, followed closely by crew supply (20 per cent). Competition was in third place, with 18 per cent, followed by demand trends (16 per cent) and labour costs (13 per cent). The cost of raw materials was also cited by ten per cent of respondents as a factor that would account for an increase in operating costs.Moore Stephens shipping partner Richard Greiner says, “Ship operating costs fell by an average of 1.8 per cent across all the main ship types in 2012, so at first blush the predicted increase in costs for this year and next might come as something of a disappointment. In truth, however, the levels of increase anticipated for 2013 and 2014 are still way below many of those we have seen in recent years. Moreover, they have to be viewed against a number of serious challenges facing the owners and operators of vessels in today’s shipping industry.“Crew costs, as always, emerged as a major concern for respondents, which is no surprise given the potential budgetary implications of the entry into force of MLC 2006 and the increasing involvement of both international and regional bodies in the oversight of crew competence and its effect on safety. Continuing the theme of previous surveys, fuel costs again featured prominently as a cause for concern, as did the cost of having to comply with increased regulation generally in the shipping industry. The latter, unfortunately, cannot be addressed by the expedient of applying new rules and regulations only to new ships, as suggested by one respondent. The regulators want a clean and safe shipping industry, and it is the industry itself, which includes a significant number of older vessels, that will have to underwrite the budget needed to achieve compliance.“Speaking of underwriting, the projected rise in P&I premiums for 2013 and 2014 can be attributed, among other things, to a number of major casualties to which the clubs and their reinsurance underwriters have had to respond, as well as to the escalating cost of wreck removal. For these reasons, the anticipated cost increases are not unexpected. The fact that the projected increases for hull & machinery cover are lower than those for P&I is perhaps an illustration of the difference between physical loss & damage cover and third-party liability cover, and of the distinction between commercial and mutual insurance.“The projected increases in vessel operating costs for the next two years will be difficult for owners, operators and managers to absorb. The good news, however, is that the global economic environment is showing continuing signs of recovery. The freight markets should feel the benefit of that, and that is what pays the bills.”Moore Stephens, October 31, 2013last_img read more

first_imgDrivers can expect a stronger, smoother road in the Cape Jack area as a result of a road-paving tender announced by the Department of Transportation and Public Works. The tender is for repaving on Trunk 4 from the intersection of the Cape Jack Road at Linwood for 4.3 kilometres, to the intersection of the Frankville Road. The tender would also cover repaving of the Cape Jack Road from the intersection of Trunk 4 for 5.1 kilometres to the intersection of the Cape Jack Wharf Road. “Upgrading Nova Scotia’s highways is a top priority for government,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. “Traffic in this area will have a smoother ride when this project is complete.” The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Amid allegations that its administration is trying to impose Hindi as a subject in the undergraduate programmes, the JNU on Tuesday asserted that it is “unfortunate” that such “misinformation” has been circulated and said the discussion on the matter has been deferred.The Jawaharlal Nehru University said such “irresponsible” statements are “undesirable and condemnable” and clarified that the varsity administration has not taken any such decision. The Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) on Monday had alleged that the varsity was trying to impose Hindi by making it a compulsory subject at the undergraduate BA and B-Tech courses. The students’ body had said one of the agenda items of the the 151st meeting of the academic council on Friday pertains to “making Hindi a compulsory subject at undergraduate level for BA and B-Tech courses”. In a statement, JNU’s Registrar Pramod Kumar said it is unfortunate that some students have been spreading misinformation in the media claiming that the JNU administration has imposed Hindi as a compulsory subject in the undergraduate programmes of the University. “Such irresponsible statements are undesirable and condemnable. It is to clarify that the JNU administration has not taken any such decision,” he said. The agenda item of the Academic Council (which the JNUSU alleged pertained to imposition of Hindi) was related to a discussion on a letter from the UGC seeking the views of the university on Hindi as a possible course in the undergraduate programmes, he added.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Police on Monday said that they have arrested three persons involved in a robbery with Canadian pilot with a knife near Delhi Cantt area.Police identified the accused as Mehraj Salmani (31) (the kingpin of the gang) since 2012, he is running taxi with cab company and presently he used to run taxi for GTS (Garhwal Taxi Service) app-based taxies and his associates Asif (22) and Farman (22). Deputy Commissioner of Police during the investigation, it was revealed that the mastermind along with his two other accomplices was in police custody since July 16 at Sahibabad police station. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe accused person Mehraj Salmani, Asif and Farman were questioned in the court complex at Sahibabad court. All three were arrested after their admitted committing the offences. “They were taken on three days police custody remands and were questioned at length. As many as three fresh cases of Delhi Cantonment, Delhi and Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad of similar modus operandi were solved,” said DCP IGI. Police said that on the intervening night of 12/13 July one Canadian national originally from Iran working in Indigo Airlines as Pilot arrived from Kolkata who was looking for his company cab which was supposed to come to pick up him. He came outside towards cityside on the main road where one person met him who suggested him to talk to him in Hindi. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”He talked to him and told to drop him by his taxi near his cab by charging Rs 100. Complainant sat in the taxi, three persons were already sitting in the taxi who took his Debit card/Visa card by putting him in fear of knife and also taken PIN code of Debit Card, VISA Card,” said DCP IGI. They robbed rupees about 1.30 lakh and dropped him on the flyover of Mahipal Pur. The teams formed under the supervision of two ACsP of IGI Ramesh Chand and Abhishek Gupta investigated the case. Police said that during further interrogation three more cases were solved. In one of the case in the accused robbed a doctor after he took a lift in a cab for Jaipur from Dhaula Kuan.last_img read more

first_imgOTTAWA – A national recall of flour due to E. coli contamination that began in March has been expanded again, this time to a product aimed at hotels and restaurants.The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s recall now includes 20-kilogram bags of Baker’s Hood All Purpose Flour, which has been sold in Ontario and possibly across Canada.The recall was first announced on March 28 and affected Robin Hood flour sold in four provinces in Western Canada. It was later expanded across the country.More products were added to the recall in the following months, including certain flour goods produced by Ardent Mills of Brampton, Ont.A complete list of recalled products can be found on the CFIA website.The federal agency says all recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the store.No deaths have been reported in connection with the recall but the agency said 26 people were initially infected with E. coli and at least six required hospital care.A class-action lawsuit has already been proposed.last_img read more

first_imgTodd Lamirande APTN NewsAn NDP MP and St. Anne’s residential school survivors accused the federal government of stonewalling their testimony Monday.It happened at a rally and media conference in Ottawa.Survivors say the Independent Assessment Process has failed them.tlamirande@aptn.calast_img

Celebration of Nations showcases the diversity of the University campus.March marks multicultural month at Brock.International Services is celebrating with several events in the coming weeks, starting with Celebration of Nations on Thursday, March 5.Celebration of Nations lauds the diversity of the University, which hosts more than 2,000 international students from 85 countries. The event runs 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pond Inlet and showcases the culture, food and music of students’ home countries.The party continues on March 13 with a celebration of Ghana’s Independence Day. Hosted by the University’s Ghana Association, the event is an homage to Ghanian culture, music, art, fashion and dance.Kick up your heels starting at 7:30 p.m. at Club Roma (125 Vansickle Rd., St. Catharines). Tickets are $20 in advance and can be reserved by emailing bugaadmin@gmail.com. $30 at the door. Formal dress code in effect.The Brock International Students’ Association is also hosting a trio of events beginning March 5 with a movie night. The association will screen The Great Gatsby from 2 to 4 p.m. in TH246. Admission is $2 for members, $5 for non-members or free with the purchase of Spring Soiree tickets.The 36th annual Spring Soiree happens March 14. The theme is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s zeitgeist, The Great Gatsby and the night will feature eating and dancing at the Stone Mill Inn (271 Merritt St., St. Catharines).Tickets purchased before March 6 are $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Admission at the door is $35 for members and $40 for non-members. Email sm11fi@brocku.ca for more information or to reserve tickets.And on March 19, you’ll have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em when the association hosts a poker tournament. Watch the association’s Facebook page for more details. read more

Montreal driver Lance Stroll is joining the Force India Formula 1 team.The team was purchased by Stroll’s father, Lawrence, this past summer, creating instant speculation that Lance would drive for Force India in 2019.The 20-year-old Lance Stroll drove for Williams in his first two seasons in F1, notching one podium finish when he came third at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.Mexican Sergio Perez will be Stroll’s Force India teammate.“This is the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey in my Formula One career,” Stroll said in a statement. “I look forward to working alongside a successful team with a great culture. It’s a new challenge and I am excited to embrace this new opportunity.”The Canadian Press read more

OSU Freshman goalie Jill Rizzo saves a shot against Vermont Credit: Walt Middleton – Courtesy of OSU AthleticsThe Ohio State women’s lacrosse team fell to Michigan 9-7 in its first conference game of the season. The Buckeyes (3-5, 0-1 Big Ten) tied the game at 7-7 with less than four minutes left to play, but the Wolverines (4-5, 1-0 Big Ten) reclaimed the lead and sealed the win with goals by sophomore midfielder Molly Garrett and junior attacker Adriana Pendino. Ohio State and Michigan traded points throughout the first half. Pendino scored with 25 seconds left to gain the lead at 4-3 going into halftime. Buckeyes junior midfielder Baley Parrott led the half with two goals and junior attacker Sara Dickinson finished with two assists.  Michigan extended its lead by three early in the second half, but Parrott went on a 3-0 run that tied the game at 6-6 with less than 10 minutes left to play. The Wolverines quickly responded with a goal by sophomore midfielder Chandler Kirby. Despite the effort by Ohio State freshman midfielder Lindsay Epstein to tie the game, the Buckeyes were unable to maintain the momentum to finish with a win. Both teams finished with 17 ground balls. A strong defensive effort of 11 saves by sophomore goalie Jillian Rizzo helped Ohio State hold an advantage over Michigan, who finished with five. Parrott finished the game with a career-high five points with four draw controls, three ground balls and two caused turnovers. Senior attacker Molly Wood broke the program record for the most career draw controls. In the first half, Wood had two draw controls to break the record and finished the game with three to bring her overall career total to 223. The Buckeyes will take on Rutgers in Columbus at 7 p.m. Thursday. read more

This Years Kentucky Team Is More Dominant Than Indianas Undefeated 1976 Squad

Kentucky has to win two more games to become the first undefeated national champion since Indiana in 1975-76. And if the Wildcats succeed, the stats we have suggest that they’re a notch or two more dominant than those Hoosiers were.Getting data on Kentucky is easy: The Wildcats’ every game has a digital box score that’s been compiled and analyzed by the likes of Ken Pomeroy and our own March Madness predictions. But Indiana’s statistical record from its undefeated season remains in the analog age, locked in scans of stat sheets.To truly measure the 32-0 Hoosiers’ greatness, we’d want to compile the schedule and results of every Division I team that year. Unfortunately, that would involve inputting dozens of data points from hundreds of image files. And our favorite speed typist was busy.1Seriously, we asked him. So we simplified our analysis: We entered the scores of every Indiana game, then adjusted the Hoosiers’ average margin of victory by the average margin of victory of each of its opponents that season.2Accounting for home-court advantage. That gave us an estimate of Indiana’s Simple Rating System scores, which otherwise aren’t available for teams that far back.3We checked how well this technique estimates SRS for teams from the Big Ten — Indiana’s conference — and the SEC — Kentucky’s — for more recent seasons. We found it’s very reliable, with an r-squared of 0.96 against actual SRS for seasons since 1984-85. The distribution of its errors is approximately normal, with mean of zero and a standard deviation of 1.26, allowing us to create a confidence interval around its predictions and estimate the likelihood that Indiana’s true SRS was greater than or less than the known SRS ratings of more modern teams.What we found is that Kentucky has been slightly better, relative to its opposition, than Indiana was. Kentucky’s SRS is 29.05, meaning it would beat an average team on a neutral floor by about 29 points. Indiana’s estimated SRS is 27.49. Though that’s just an estimate, we can be fairly confident — about 90% sure — that Kentucky is the more dominant team. (Again, these are estimates only relative to the average team each season — the question of which team would win head-to-head is an entirely different one.) We also did a bit more data entry from those NCAA.org scans of old team stat sheets to compare Indiana’s core stats with Kentucky’s. Our former ESPN colleague Dean Oliver, now with the Sacramento Kings, developed four factors to describe teams’ style of play. We estimated these for Indiana,4We had to guess what share of its and its opponents’ rebounds came on the offensive side of the floor, because offensive and defensive rebounds weren’t listed separately in the stat sheets that year. To that end, we estimated from trends in recent college data (paywalled) and in the NBA that 35 percent of rebounds by Indiana and its opponents were of the offensive variety. and we also computed each undefeated team’s pace of play and its points scored and allowed per 100 possessions.Indiana was better than Kentucky in a few ways: It allowed fewer points per possession, shot for a slightly higher effective field goal percentage, forced a greater rate of turnovers and allowed slightly fewer free-throw attempts per shot from the floor. But in every other respect, and every net measure, the Wildcats best the Hoosiers.Of course, Kentucky is trying to finish as undefeated champion in 2015 — it’s not chasing the 1975-76 Hoosiers or perfection. Or, as Kentucky coach John Calipari keeps emphasizing to the media when they ask about his team’s quest to finish 40-0, “We know we’re not perfect. We’re undefeated, but we’re not perfect.” The coach is right, and he’d be just as correct if he were describing the 1975-76 Hoosiers.Both the 2014-15 Wildcats and the 1975-76 Hoosiers are great teams — probably among the 25 best teams relative to their competition in the last 40 years of men’s college basketball. But neither team ranks as the best in recent decades. What sets apart Kentucky and Indiana is that they managed to win all their close games and remain undefeated. Indiana won two games in overtime, and five more by five points or fewer. Kentucky has also won two OT games, and two other games by five points or fewer. Each team played nailbiters against Notre Dame: Indiana won by three on Dec. 11, 1975, while Kentucky won by two on Saturday to advance to this weekend’s Final Four in Indianapolis.We have reliable SRS data going back to 1985. Eight teams rank ahead of this season’s Kentucky squad, including two previous Kentucky teams: the 1996 two-loss champs, and the 1997 national runners-up. Those 1997 Wildcats — along with the No. 1 team on our list, the 1999 runners-up, the Duke Blue Devils — provide a warning to this year’s Kentucky squad that the best team usually doesn’t win the NCAA tournament. Even among the eight teams of the last 30 years that were more dominant than Kentucky has been so far this year, just two won the title. read more

The 76ers Can Tank All They Want But They Still Need Lottery

Source: Kevin Pelton/ESPN Philadelphia 76ers7933.27710-223.2 4th266011th1930 6th238013th1760 Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats5644.16900+1255.9 New York Knicks3138.72660-478.7 NBA draft lotteries, 2013-15Sources: Basketball-Reference.COM, Wikipedia New Orleans Pelicans2850.92380-470.9 7th228014th1690 Toronto Raptors100.20-100.2 TEAMEXPECTEDACTUALLUCK Armed with those pick values — and the lottery probabilities for the past three years — we can run a series of simulations to figure out how much value each team was expected to glean from the draft before the lottery balls bounced, and how that value changed after the picks were finalized. I included lottery-protected draft-pick trades in this accounting, so situations where a team’s pick would or would not be traded depending on the outcome of the lottery are reflected — and, as we’ll see, can make a pretty big difference. Portland Trail Blazers2078.32030-48.3 Which teams have enjoyed the most (and least) lottery luck? Tuesday night marks the NBA’s draft lottery, the annual spectacle in which 14 franchises hitch their futures to a sack of pingpong balls. (And not the kind Michael Jordan plays with these days.) Although the process is weighted toward giving better picks to teams with worse records, it’s also an exercise in pure luck as to where the picks are ultimately distributed within that setup. So we decided to take a look at how much effect luck has had, and which teams have benefited from it in recent lotteries.First, we have to quantify the value of an NBA draft pick. Last summer, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton developed a draft value chart on a similar scale to the NFL’s famous Jimmy Johnson chart, based on the net wins above replacement value of the typical player picked in each slot (relative to his salary). Here were Pelton’s values for lottery picks: Milwaukee Bucks3132.43250+117.6 Minnesota Timberwolves7111.17880+768.9 Washington Wizards2329.62890+560.4 Dallas Mavericks1793.11760-33.1 The value of an NBA lottery pick 1st40008th2200 Cleveland Cavaliers5121.88000+2878.2 Phoenix Suns6312.75950-362.7 Oklahoma City Thunder3497.43530+32.6 Sacramento Kings7533.66860-673.6 Orlando Magic8720.88410-310.8 PICKVALUEPICKVALUE 2nd32509th2120 5th250012th1840 Boston Celtics2720.62380-340.6 Los Angeles Lakers5377.65530+152.4 Detroit Pistons6588.84400-2188.8 Denver Nuggets4324.24210-114.2 It’s no surprise to see Cleveland at the top — the Cavs won the lottery from the third slot (despite 16 percent odds) in 2013, when they drafted Anthony Bennett, then won it again the next year from the ninth slot (a 1.7 percent proposition!) and drafted Andrew Wiggins. Bennett’s awfulness aside, in recent lotteries no team has seen the balls bounce in a luckier direction than the Cavs. Meanwhile, the next-luckiest — and the least lucky — teams are linked through a trade conditional on where a pick landed, which Cleveland’s stroke of luck also influenced. In 2014, the Detroit Pistons’ first-round pick was top-8 protected, and they finished in the No. 8 lottery slot, with an 83 percent chance the pick would not be conveyed to the Hornets. Instead, because the Cavs won the lottery and everything else played out according to the pre-aligned slots, Detroit fell outside the top 8 and lost the pick, which Charlotte used on Noah Vonleh. (It almost certainly would have been conveyed to Charlotte anyway the following season, but it illustrates how one team’s unexpected lottery luck can have ripple effects for numerous other teams.)Finally, since we all love focusing on the tank-tastic Philadelphia 76ers, here’s that same distribution chart for their past three lotteries: 3rd289010th2030 CUMULATIVE PICK VALUE Miami Heat2067.42030-37.4 Utah Jazz6376.36030-346.3 To underscore that point, here’s a look at the possible distributions of Cleveland’s draft outcomes, and where they actually ended up: Indiana Pacers1967.11930-37.1 Notice that the entire x-axis of their distribution is shifted far farther right than, say, Cleveland’s — because the Sixers were so bad, their drafts had an enormous amount of expected value. But given that, they essentially hit on exactly the median expected value of those picks — with average luck, multiple years of tanking only carried them to the fourth-most valuable set of picks after the balls finished bouncing.Tuesday night, Philadelphia will have the highest probability of picking No. 1 — albeit with only a 25 percent chance. Let’s see if they can exceed the straight-down-the-middle lottery luck they’ve had the past few seasons.CORRECTION (May 18, 11:03 a.m.): A previous version of this article misstated the years in which two Cleveland players were drafted. Kyrie Irving was drafted in 2011, not in 2013, and Anthony Bennett was drafted in 2013, not 2014. read more

The Longhorns Are Usually Good At Football And Basketball Now They Stink

Few colleges had more success in the first decade of this century than the University of Texas, whose football and men’s basketball programs regularly brushed shoulders with the nation’s elite. But what’s been happening in recent years has been nothing short of bewildering.With Mack Brown at the helm, the football team won 158 games in 16 seasons, for a win percentage of .767. That span included the Longhorns’ famous undefeated season of 2005, when Vince Young helped defeat USC and win the school’s first undisputed national title in 35 years. On the court, the Rick Barnes-era was the most successful in the school’s history. Barnes won 402 games in 17 seasons, for a win rate of .691, and took the Longhorns to their first Final Four in 56 years. Under Brown and Barnes, who both coached their first game for the Longhorns in 1998, the University of Texas represented dominance and stability. But after the football team fell to 4-5 on the season under Tom Herman last Saturday and with the men’s basketball team set to open its new season on Friday coming off of an 11-22 record last year, it’s the women’s basketball and volleyball teams keeping the Longhorns from total irrelevance.Don’t get us wrong, the Longhorns will survive regardless of what happens to their two largest sports for generating revenue, especially if the women’s hoops team continues to make it to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament. But it’s certainly baffling how much this former juggernaut of football and men’s basketball has declined considering the resources at its disposal to hire top coaches and recruit the best talent. It reportedly cost Texas $19 million to fire Charlie Strong from the top football coaching position and hire Herman from the University of Houston. And the deal to hire current men’s basketball head coach Shaka Smart — who had numerous schools trying to secure his services after taking Virginia Commonwealth, a mid-major, to the Final Four in 2011 — wasn’t cheap either, costing Texas about $22 million over seven years.The regression has been significant: Since Brown and Barnes departed, the football and men’s basketball programs combined to win less than half of their games.1Longhorn football has a .435 win percentage since 2014 while the basketball team has a .470 win percentage since 2015. To give this some context, we compared Texas to some of the other schools that have been consistently competitive in both sports — in other words, not one-sport powers like Kansas (basketball) or Georgia (football). Specifically, we looked at every school that ranked inside the top 50 in all-time wins for both football and men’s basketball and calculated the harmonic mean of their football and men’s basketball Elo ratings since 1988, the earliest we have data for both sports.2We used a harmonic mean instead of a straight average to make sure a team was performing well (or poorly) in both sports at the same time. This allows us to see how these teams compare in the combined success of their two biggest programs. UT’s decline has been rapid and, for Longhorns fans, the results will be depressing. 201421.58816.462 201327.68616.615 The basketball program’s recruitment problem hasn’t been attracting top talent — the Longhorns have produced several NBA stars in recent years, including Avery Bradley, Tristan Thompson and, most recently, Myles Turner. Instead the Longhorns have failed to translate their NBA-caliber talent into postseason success — the Longhorns have failed to make the Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament since 2008.But things may finally be turning around. After its rough recruiting class in 2017 — which was disrupted by the firing of Strong and hiring of Herman — the football team has rebounded to secure 16 commitments from the ESPN Top 300 so far for the 2018 class and is No. 2 in team rankings. And Smart has the basketball team ranked No. 12 as of Thursday, which is impressive considering that the school is coming off its worst season in decades. Smart’s class could improve after the early signing period, which is happening now. The Longhorns are in the hunt for No. 7 Keldon Johnson and No. 13 Quentin Grimes. 20176?33.444 RECRUITING CLASSTEAM RANKWIN PCT.TEAM RANKWIN PCT. 201515.6069.417 20114.5885.615 BASKETBALLFOOTBALL 20094.7063.929 *2018 basketball team rank as of Nov. 9, 2017; 2018 football team rank as of Nov. 8, 2017**For basketball, the year of a recruiting class is for freshmen whose first season begins that fallSource: ESPN Currently, only Missouri ranks worse than Texas, and Missouri’s problems in and away from the sports world have been well documented (sorry to drag you into this, Mizzou fans). For more context, Wisconsin is currently the best two-sport school.3Greg Gard took the men’s basketball team to the Sweet 16 last season, and Paul Chryst’s football team is currently 9-0 and ranked No.8 in the College Football Playoff rankings. Based on this measure, it’s fair to say that the Longhorns are in the midst of one of their worst stretches in almost 30 years.On the football side, the problem can be traced to recruitment. Between 2009 and 2012, Texas registered four consecutive top-5 recruiting classes, according to ESPN’s team rankings. In the next five years: zero. Last season, they ranked No. 33. Think about that for a second: The University of Texas with the 33rd-best crop of freshman football talent. The turnover from Brown to Strong to Herman is certainly a factor here. Since NCAA rules stipulate that football players must stay in school for three years, talented high-school players seek stability — not knowing who your head coach will be next year can be the difference between a top recruit committing to your program and going elsewhere.But another disconcerting thing about the Longhorns’ recent dip in recruitment is that Texas plays in the epicenter of high school football — no state produced more recruits in ESPN’s Top 300 rankings in 2016, and only Florida produced more in 2017. But recently, it has lost its hold on the best prospects from within its own borders. As a result, the top Texas high school recruits are increasingly looking outside of the state. Among the top 30 recruits in Texas in 2017, LSU was the most popular destination (five players chose to go to Baton Rouge, compared with the three who picked Austin). 20124.4713.692 Texas is finding its way back onto the recruiting mapUniversity of Texas men’s basketball and football recruiting class ranks 201812?2? 20108.7782.417 201611.33310.417 Although the school has been rocked by huge personnel turnover over the past four years, there’s a little light on the horizon. The football team has three games remaining on its schedule and is just one win away from being bowl eligible, so Herman’s team could end another tough year on a positive note (Granted, Texas’s boosters won’t be doing backflips over a trip to the Cactus Bowl — but it’s something.) As for Smart and the basketball team, they’re resting their hopes on freshman center Mohamed Bamba, who is ranked No. 4 among incoming freshmen by ESPN heading into the new season. With a fresh start kicking off Friday, Smart will be looking to take his team back to the NCAA Tournament. read more

handball CupSwiss handball cupswitzerland ← Previous Story Iceland beat Austria Next Story → BIH, Switzerland and Finland to EHF EURO 2016 Qualification stage Sweden and Spain will play for the trophy at the Swiss Cup! Both teams celebrated wins in the semi-final clashes, but much easier task had Spanish team against the host – Switzerland 36:25 (15:11).In the first match of the tournament, Sweden beat Croatia 21:18.

first_imgTigre de Sibérie : la Chine et la Russie s’allient pour le protégerLe tigre de Sibérie va se voir offrir une zone transfrontalière de protection mise en place par la Chine et la Russie. Menacée de disparition, cette espèce ne compte aujourd’hui plus que 500 individus vivant à l’état sauvage.Les provinces russe et chinoise de Primorsky et Jilin viennent de signer un accord visant à créer la première aire protégée transfrontalière pour le tigre de Sibérie, également baptisé tigre de l’Amour. Cette zone dans laquelle les autorités de chaque pays lanceront des opérations anti-braconnage, “offrira un habitat plus sûr non seulement aux tigres de l’Amour, mais aussi à d’autres espèces menacées comme le cerf porte-musc et le goral,” souligne Yu Changchun, directeur de la conservation du département forestier de Jilin.À lire aussiVoilà à quoi ressemblent les cris de petits rhinocérosEn plus d’harmoniser leurs systèmes de surveillance des tigres et de leurs proies, la Chine et la Russie mèneront ensemble des études écologiques et amélioreront le partage d’informations. Ces deux pays “ont un rôle capital à jouer dans la protection globale du tigre. La création d’un réseau transfrontalier est un énorme progrès dans nos efforts de conservation”, estime le Dr Sergey Aramiley, coordinateur de la biodiversité pour la section Amour du WWF-Russie. Si la Chine interdit depuis 1993 le commerce de produits provenant de tigres, le braconnage et la contrebande persistent. Les félins sont également menacés par la déforestation, la destruction et la fragmentation de leur habitat, mais aussi par le manque de proies à chasser. Aujourd’hui, ils ne seraient plus que 500 à vivre encore dans la nature, pour la grande majorité dans l’est de la Russie. Les autres félins vivent dans le nord-est de la Chine. Le 4 septembre 2010 à 12:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgNature is beginning to wake up as spring-like weather makes daily inroads into our lives. Sunshine on Saturday raised afternoon temperatures into the 50s, giving a few a bit of spring fever.The frogs are back with their cheerful chorus, trees are budding and, yes, that grass is beginning to grow. Dan Hein, weather observer in Camas, was about ready to cut his last week just before it got covered in snow.Speaking of snow, as we get a short break in the weather, southeastern Oregon had a winter weather advisory for several inches of snow, which is good news for the southern Cascades as well. This week will see a return of steadier rain and good mountain snows, with high temperatures a bit below normal depending on the cloud cover.I am still compiling February rainfall reports and will share those with you Tuesday. I had to clean out my rain gauge Saturday, as it had a rather healthy crop of moss around the rim. Next week at this time, we will enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evening, which will be nice, I guess. It’ll be a little darker in early-morning hours as a trade-off.last_img read more

first_imgWhen 911 phone lines went down statewide for several hours early Thursday morning, local dispatchers sprung into action hoping to work around the problem.“It’s another emergency. It just happens to be our emergency,” said Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency Director Anna Pendergrass.Dispatchers began noticing that they were not receiving 911 calls around 1 a.m., she said. They notified people of the outage through alerts and social media, and let people know which alternate numbers to call instead.Local hospitals, ports, care facilities, some of the area’s major businesses and the Clark County Jail also were alerted. Electronic freeway message boards displayed the alternate emergency numbers.The statewide problem began around the same time that a technical issue was reported for CenturyLink customers in Oregon, a problem that crashed the entire 911 system in Oregon.“We don’t know at this point if the Oregon outage and the Washington outage are connected or if they’re two separate instances,” said Jan Kampbell, spokeswoman for CenturyLink. She said the agency is investigating the problem as if they are unrelated to make sure that the issue doesn’t happen again.Pendergrass sat in on a conference call with state officials and other 911 dispatch center directors. The Washington State Enhanced 911 Program managed out of Camp Murray in Pierce County is reviewing what happened and why, as well as determining ways to mitigate future outages, she said.last_img read more