November 2017

original content update is a website optimization of Shanghai dragon. Many owners said the content of the original will be called "the original so hard to write, write every day, where to find the theme……". Hard to be difficult, difficult to write, but also can not copy, copy others love Shanghai not only not included, there may be right down, in fact, if every day to deal with clients, actually write original content website is not difficult, as long as the right direction, slightly moving the brain, a few hundred words of the original content. How long can the read more

is also a headache thing to repeat the question. The site has just got, I found a large number of repeat title pages, the number of the thousands of animals. This is a very serious problem. Since a lot of the content of the page may not be well adjusted, but repeated title or better solution. For example, the title can display the list page >

To solve the problems included

details in the first article "my how to create a successful real estate website" has been mentioned. By using the techniques above, in the 3 months to the real estate network included more than 10 thousand pages, full of basic. read more