June 2017

rural entrepreneurship is one of the most effective means to promote rural economic development and increase farmers’ income. Jiangsu, Fengxian County to play the leading role of Party members and cadres, leading the county farmers to learn entrepreneurship training, to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in rural areas.

the rural grass-roots party organizations play a role on strengthening political guiding function, improve the service ability level. As a relatively underdeveloped Fengxian County, most farmers expect, the most urgent is to go through, build up the family fortunes on comparatively well-off road. To this end, Fengxian County County Organization Department aiming at this demand, through in-depth research and analysis, and adhere to the education and training of Party members as a powerful starting point to enhance the quality and ability, rural Party members and cadres to promote the county rural development, so that each party cadres play a good exemplary role, to lead the masses to the undertaking, for the full realization of a higher level of well-off society escort. read more

now open shop more and more people, only better operations to win popularity, harvest wealth. So shop operators must find ways to improve their popularity. The following Xiaobian teach you how to improve the popularity of Taobao

shop?A beautiful appearance,

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jewelry compared to other industries, how to attract passenger flow is the most critical, and jewelry industry profitability, but also entirely dependent on the degree of love of goods, so entrepreneurs in the selection of projects is particularly important. So in the choice of accessories to join the project, the franchisee must not only see propaganda on the drawing, or just listen to each other about profit outlook is as if it were raining flowers so close at hand. At this time, the need to have the intention to join the jewelry carefully measure the product or service market positioning, market prospects and share, effective consumption, etc..

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venture in many projects, the beverage industry is a very good small business industry, has a very large prospects, in recent years, fruit drink is very popular, many people see the unlimited business opportunities in which they want to run a fruit drink shops, but there are so many fruit drink shops on the market here, we need to improve the core competitiveness of your beverage shop, here and a simple analysis of all the reasons why.

health quality

first fruit drink such products, the main production materials it is basically a variety of fresh fruit, we all know that fruit in every person’s life, is a healthy pronoun; it also makes a lot of people for the fruit demand is relatively large, while the fruit drink are all kinds of fruits, make all kinds of fresh drinks; for the people, so drink relatively more health, and they live in the demand for the fruit, also can pass a new form that satisfied. read more

college students in the form of female college students gradually increased, they are actively involved in the game, is to show for communication. Recently, Tieling’s first female college students business plan contest finals successfully ended, the girls race out of style on the level of competition game, showing a different kind of style of contemporary women off the record.

12 8, organized by the Tieling Municipal Women’s Federation, the Education Bureau, people club Bureau and other departments of the city’s first female college students Business Plan Contest Finals held, the players bring after 6 months of careful preparation of entrepreneurial projects to fierce competition. read more

if things can be simplified, who are willing to deal with simple, however, if you do business with this idea, which is very detrimental to the development of the business. After all, the retail customers to choose the retail business itself, on the choice of a road not eat Xin suffering, easy method. As the saying goes, before the more worry, worry less afterwards. Some retail customers are not trying to do service work was perfect, but grinding ideas, loophole, picking up only, how easy to do. As a result, their own trouble, but the customer is not happy, to build their own trouble on the basis of customer trouble, the result will be detours, out of trouble. read more

in our daily lives, often due to a lot of personal reasons, leading us to the bank loans, but loans are required to go through the relevant examination and approval, with a series of strict rules. Due to the problem of loans to the Bank of China when he was vice president of Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank of Limited by Share Ltd, chairman of the board for help. After successfully get 28 million yuan of loans, in order to express gratitude, Lee bought a set of real estate donated to Joe, and even property costs, renovation costs also bear. Reporters learned yesterday, due to bribery, Lee was sentenced to three years in Beijing city court sentenced to 1 years and 3 months. read more

now more and more decorative market products, so that the choice of interior wall decoration market is growing. The Home Furnishing indoor wall decoration in addition to the ceramic tile and a powder coating in recent years very popular, not only because the powder coating is solvent free, rich colors and, in the process of painting can be designed in accordance with their individual wall brush. In order to enable you to choose a better powder coating, to avoid the purchase of inferior products, here we will introduce the ten major brands of powder coatings, for your reference. read more

a lot of people always feel that those drugs and health care products is good, and even like a panacea, in general, as long as others say it must try. The results not only cost money, but also hurt their bodies. The following news is one of the best examples, so that consumers and the community began to reflect.

72 year old Aunt Wang, usually live frugally, for health, eccentric purchase all kinds of health care products, in the home of 13 large and small paper box filled with a few years to buy this department drugs, a total of more than and 30 varieties, investment of nearly 400 thousand yuan. But CCTV financial reporter carefully look at these so-called drugs, mostly without any approval number, antecedents unknown. Health care products did not bring her health, leaving behind the pain is a heavy external debt…… This is a report on the financial channel. read more

with the rise of women’s status, entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive men. Of course, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs in terms of entrepreneurship is very confused, do not want to do poineering work. To this end, Jiangxi County, Shangli, through training and other means for women to create high-quality entrepreneurial venture platform, so that local women compatriots benefit.

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