April 2017

said to the catering industry is delicious and healthy food consumer goods what is popular, small fish strongly recommended investment projects. Fish give you a barbecue extreme feelings, but also bring the traditional fish freshness for you. Grilled fish with a good return on investment, the brand is also a very good project. Hanging furnace roast fish is such a project, beyond the traditional hanging furnace roast fish fish, the implementation of the new concept of diet after the first baking rinse. Enjoy a delicious crisp and tender, grilled fish, fish Hot pot debut. Accompanied by the fragrance of fish flavor, the specialized ingredients and ingredients of gold collocation, truly you can eat, eat what they want y and delighty. read more

many investors are aware of the huge potential of crystal jewelry market, many investors have started to invest in crystal jewelry, do any business, to master the correct management skill is very important for the operators, only to find the correct mode of operation, can make the success road more smoothly.

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not only children like jelly, adults are also keen, this project had more entrepreneurs affirmation, so, how to find a suitable franchise store opened jelly? Xiaobian this for us to do a detailed introduction, hope to enlighten you.

jelly store opened in which good? When it comes to the location of the details, we must do business survey, on the local level of consumption, consumer occupation, age of the investigation clearly, different places have different life level, consumption level is different, so in the site must be clearly investigated read more

small venture was also a few, but the businessmen according to their actual situation, but also to develop a number of the latest small venture. The following is a small series compiled out of the latest eight small venture.

23 year old British girl Rebecca launched the UK’s first personalized newspaper "you report" Co. ltd.. In this "private newspaper", the newspaper is no longer published in other newspapers on the shoulders of social morality of traditional news, but purely personal news. Customers can not only name and other personal information published in the newspaper, but also personal news stories, photos on the front page headlines. In addition to Christmas, birthday celebration and other common themes, more young people love the content is funny. This is more attractive than the civilian reality show to attract young people, ordinary people to help achieve the star dream way has been favored by more and more young people. At present, the company is able to print ten thousand copies of the customer’s weekly newspaper, the monthly turnover of up to $45000.

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food market every year by the market abandoned countless brands. There are many reasons, but many are not careful because of the early selection of the brand. Investment and entrepreneurship on the industry, the election of the project, the election of the brand is particularly critical. As the saying goes, choosing the right is half the battle. So we must be careful when we make every investment choice. Obama has come since the Korean food from the market by the industry and many consumers alike, insist on doing the most trusted small catering business a good helper. read more

let Chinese innovation activities innovation technology has made a new leap opportunity, on this occasion, the 2015 Beijing innovation work has made some progress, and invite you to communicate with foreign diplomats understand, for international exchanges and cooperation innovation foundation.

"2015 diplomats from science and technology activities" 5 held in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, 24 officials from 12 foreign embassies in China in-depth understanding of Beijing’s innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

with the rapid development of the real estate industry, the construction industry has also been a greater span of progress, the glass curtain wall in this demand and the power of science and technology. Glass curtain wall as a unique design of modern architecture, it reflects not only the best combination of architecture, aesthetic design, but also a variety of functions of the glass is also perfect. China glass curtain wall company rankings? Glass curtain wall ten brands list as follows.

glass curtain wall of the top ten brands NO.1: Yuanda CNYD (Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Group Co., Ltd.) read more

college enrollment, each college students are facing increasingly stringent job market. In the new era, want to achieve employment, college students have a choice, that is entrepreneurship. College graduates with high quality and professional knowledge are the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship.

11 on the afternoon of 20 August, "entrepreneurial innovation   guardian dream" financial train live in Hangzhou gold investment financial building, conference room, room 35. Lei Zhenzhen, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou college students venture capital, the city of gold investment group, a branch secretary and other leaders attended the event of Zheng Xinjun. read more

on the market many entrepreneurs interested in children’s clothing, on the part of investors in the idea, that children’s clothing store more money, so this part of investors in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, there will be a general delineation of the scope of course, children’s clothing store is ranked one, then select the address should pay attention to what a children’s clothing store?

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we all know that the market demand for flowers, large profit margins, so open a flower shop is a very good business choice. Many young people want to own a flower shop, especially young girls. Open shop location also have skills, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

1, in downtown

florist can consider the downtown location, the store from the main business center and the main station should be closer, the flow of people in front of the door should be relatively large, and the sidewalks should have sufficient width for parking (making floats very convenient). However, such stores are generally not very cheap. As an ordinary flower shop, as long as one of the one or two can meet. The shop in the downtown area, service object to the floating population, they may not have too much time to wait, so you should be inserted ahead of several floral products, how many points a grade, so that all customers can choose as soon as possible to the required goods, the goods can be engaged in all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, jewelry etc.. read more