Beauty salon should be considered from several aspects

how to open a profitable beauty salon? First of all, you have to have a good store location, followed by a good market positioning. Only store location, positioning accuracy, in order to attract the target consumer groups. Next to make money naturally easier. Here are the details of the information!

a, location choice:

first of all to analyze their own beauty salons in the location of a variety of business factors. The following factors need to be considered:

you open the beauty salon is located in residential areas, office areas, downtown, office mixed residential areas or suburbs;

how about the population of the beauty salon you open, especially if the population is in or out of the area;

the consumer spending power and consumer characteristics of your beauty salon;

whether or not the beauty salon area you have opened is complete: whether it is affected by the station, pier, river and main road;

the location of your service facilities are complete; you are in the location of the traffic is convenient.

two, beauty salon positioning:

beauty salon himself to the bottom, one is its name and location, is a professional beauty (hospital) or beauty shop or comprehensive beauty salon or a beauty salon, and then consider your facade decoration and sign writing. Two is the store’s business positioning, target customer positioning, price positioning, product positioning, service positioning, positioning, etc..

1, the size of the store: according to their own funds; should have a reception room and waiting room; a reasonable design of the beauty room, make-up room, operating room, bathroom and storage room.

2, staffing (ie organization): a certain scale of beauty salons in the staffing should be strict and orderly. According to the principle of less and fine to prepare staff. There are management personnel, technical personnel, logistics personnel, such as manager (a beautician, a number of silver, toll station staff, consultants, health and cleaning personnel, electrical repair personnel, the purchase and sale of goods).

3. advertising planning: the color of the decoration, the wording of the signs, the appropriate media such as newspapers, radio, etc…….

4. profit and loss calculation: estimates of the number of visitors, customer transaction price, unit area turnover, cost composition ratio.

5. market survey: the survey of household, shopping malls, personnel structure, people’s needs, beauty salons, etc..

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