Guilin industrial and commercial bureau of college students career guidance station built

college students need to be guided by the scientific guidance to ensure that no detours, as early as the first step to master entrepreneurial skills, as soon as possible to step onto the stage to become rich, all places for college students to develop relevant policies.

3 26 July, Guilin Qixing District Industrial and Commercial Bureau entrepreneurship guidance station was established in the Guilin Aerospace Industry Institute opening, this is the first Guilin City Industrial and commercial service entrepreneurship guidance station, innovation mode of university students entrepreneurship service for the business sector to effectively promote the students play a leading and exemplary role. The same day, the school two students enterprises through the guidance Station Easy Access received a business license on the spot.

The advantages of

responsible for entrepreneurship policy guidance, advocacy law to entrepreneurship; trademark registration consulting, and guide students to use enterprise independent brand to develop the market; to guide and help students to enterprises to carry out construction activities; to carry out the chattel mortgage, equity pledge service; to assist students helping enterprises such as a series of activities 7 responsibilities.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Qixing District, the relevant responsible person said, through the guidance of station construction, the construction of university students’ career guidance work gradually spread in area colleges and universities, helping students connect the "last mile", and strive to promote college students’ Entrepreneurship beyond.


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