After 90 college students online shoes sell gratifying results

graduated from the University in 2015 coincided with the peak season, the number of college graduates again refresh history, due to the great pressure of employment, many college students have the courage, the courage to try to start his own career, Xiaobian bring you closer to the 2015 college graduates in Entrepreneurship Master.

his achievements

his goal

3 years to bring the brand into the national market, with a large number of stable customer base, but also through scientific management knowledge to optimize the supply chain.

entrepreneurial ideal

my business make money just one goal, for me, another goal of my business is to influence the lives of others, so that people no longer stand the melancholy in the expensive window outside, but simple and easy to get what you want. I hope everyone can be happy.


2009, Zhang Shengfeng, a sophomore at Xihua University, started his own business. Although the study is a major in thermal and power engineering, inadvertently, he found the business model of e-commerce opportunities. He further learned that Chengdu, as the capital of women’s shoes, has a large number of high-quality leather shoes factory.

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