n order to obtain the customer approval may be given

is now the owner of a lot of people want to get the customer is sure, want to achieve business, but very stingy, unwilling to give anything. In fact, the desire to take the first may mean that we all know, is a metaphor: want to get something from the other side, we must give each other a little sweetness. "To take the first" strategy is one of the life of our ancestors summed up from the practice in many. With the development of economy, the people of insight, as the war for the war, the "take" successy used to promote competition in the.

Sunday, the author accompanied his wife to a large supermarket, just walked into the supermarket door, there are several service personnel will come, give us a couple of free people of a generation of "JUNLEBAO" brand of lactic acid bacteria drinks, and said: "drink live bacteria, often easily. Happy to share, healthy every day and other propaganda. His wife and son have a special liking for dairy products, feel good after drinking, and so we buy things to go, bought two boxes home.

also said there is a story "to take, first" business strategy, a young couple opened a children’s toy store in the city, unlike other toy store management means, his shop free goldfish activities, which will be sent to the children had a goldfish, goldfish have little friends will be very happy, happy little friends will buy toys. Goldfish is cheap, he is through this to get the child’s heart and recognition.

for retailers to sell new cigarette, I think that is also available to take, to give "business strategy to enable customers to accept the new cigarette as soon as possible, not stingy, the best to be willing to provide free products for the customers of cigarette smoking. A cigarette can not be worth much money, to do so, not only to narrow the distance between buyers and sellers, but also to contact the feelings, as long as the customer’s taste for cigarettes recognized for the taste of customers, most will pay for the purchase.

especially those old customers, you handed in a timely, please take care of them, and introduce them to listen to their evaluation of new cigarettes. If these old customers feel good, can also feel, they are likely to accept the new brand, and will be around to relatives, friends, through word of mouth, the new brand cigarette so open.

as the saying goes: "children can’t set the wolf," this sentence reflects "to take the first" this philosophy. In today’s increasingly fierce market economy situation, if the thought of customer obsessed only dig pocket without providing quality service, this money I am afraid it is difficult to walk to the end of the road.

now many retailers too preoccupied, in fact, is not conducive to the development of the business, affecting people’s profits earned. As a result, smart retailers must first learn to give, do a little "stupid", give customers more

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