On the eve of May Day, Luo Huining went deep into the enterprise park and the construction site to i

51 on the eve of the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining deep chase, Huangzhong county two enterprises in the park and the construction site, to promote research and development of county economy is accelerated, and visit the model worker, to pay tribute and festive greetings to workers in the province fronts.

after a strong spring, the production. Cast aluminum bridge is the introduction of Datong project installation. Luo Huining look at the equipment process, ask technical indicators, product market. He pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, the introduction of talent, product optimization, industrial chain extension efforts to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. As the province’s first independent property Park, chase the Yellow River small and medium enterprises to invest in business park, has attracted 45 companies settled. Into the country more than food and beverage catering company, Luo Huining told the person in charge of the enterprise to study market demand, grasp the spending habits, to provide people with safe and delicious food. Huo Huo is the assembly and sale of small electric machinery business enterprise. He told accompanying the relevant departments responsible person said, with the popularization and application of electric buses, cars and other motor vehicles, to the product safety quality, early planning for charging pile supporting construction, and promote the healthy development of lithium battery, the electric car industry. In the knight Luo Huining cable, and the person in charge of the enterprise together to discuss how to effectively develop new products Aluminum Alloy cable with good electrical conductivity and other issues. The auspicious light solar, Luo Huining pointed out that the distributed power supply new products continue to emerge, more and more closer to the consumer demand, to change the way the government arranged the construction of distributed power supply, promote the market application of distributed power supply. He affirmed that a number of small and medium enterprises in the County Pioneer Park, pointed out that this is an effective way to promote the development of intensive innovation.

Huangzhong County relying on the advantages of resources, to build the cultural tourism industry park. In China, the "eight Fang company Lotus" intangible cultural heritage center, Luo Huining affirmed they set display, experience and creation in one way, stressed the need to dig the national culture, culture of folk artists, do a good job of tourism and cultural integration of this great article. In Hehuang Culture Museum, Luo Huining stopped to watch the Kumbum Monastery scenic sand table, he pointed out that we should attach great importance to and gradually solve the positioning style scenic architecture, the ethnic customs, geographical features and modern style of organic unity, create Hehuang cultural tourism brand. Luo Huining stressed that the county Party committee and government to optimize the layout of the city’s productivity, optimize the height of the industrial structure, and further enhance the sense of urgency of the county’s economic development, and constantly improve the level of economic development of the county level two.

may. National model workers, Xining water supply company employees Ji Yunhe colleagues are repairing the water pipe network. Luo Huining along the muddy path to the construction site, we worked hard!" He shook hands with everyone, said: "your hard work, to protect the lives of the masses, to support the development of the city, the people thank you, I wish you a happy may day!" Xining city model workers, margin of the general manager of the company, especially red red independent entrepreneurship, to solve the employment of nearly 100 people. Luo Huining affirmed his carving skills, driven by the masses around the common practice. When he visited the model workers stressed that the strength of the example in the side. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, so that labor glory, to create great achievements;

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