Additional bus lines to facilitate travel

In order to solve the

Economic Development Zone (nine springs) near the factory staff and the surrounding masses and Roca Bay, yanggouwan villagers travel demand, the city traffic bureau after investigation, promptly issued "on the open economic development zone (spring nine)" reply to yanggouwan city bus lines. The bus company with the approval, and actively organize the vehicle, on May 8, 2010 the official opening of the economic development zone (spring nine) to yanggouwan 36 bus lines.

36 bus lines to the starting point for Economic Development Zone (nine springs), Golden Bridge Road, ten shop, East New Road, Ming Xing Road, Jin Yuan Road, training base, vehicle management, Roca, Roca, bay Bay yanggouwan. The opening of the line, a great convenience to the area of enterprise employees and the surrounding masses travel.


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