The Development Zone rewarded 24 high-level personnel

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to achieve a great leap forward, the development of talent is a strong intellectual support. In May 30th, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone held 2013 Talent Awards Conference, 24 made outstanding contributions to the construction of the park development of senior personnel, management personnel and professional and technical personnel by technicians, including 4 senior personnel each won a one-time award 100 thousand yuan. Municipal Committee, deputy director of the CMC Yao Lin attended the meeting and made a speech.

this is the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone since 2006 in accordance with the "one district and multi Park" management model for the first time since the establishment of high-level talent park. The rewards of the 4 senior talents including our province’s first entered the central organization department people plan experts, Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Limited company general manager Wang tiger; my first batch of high-level scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, one of the 2011 Annual Taifeng pulead Technology Co., Li CTO Chen Jitao Aomi Taitoyo Li first; science and technology limited CEO lethon st (foreign); Qinghai 100 high purity materials development limited company general manager Wang Qimin. At the meeting, the development zone also hired Wang and other 16 people are the first batch of senior consultants, in the future work, they will be involved in the development of major decisions related areas and provide guidance and advice.

Yao Lin said in his speech, in recent years, the Development Zone Party Working Committee, the CMC attach great importance to talents, deepening the reform of personnel and personnel system, optimizing the structure of talent, pay close attention to the introduction of talent, training and use. The development zone to establish and improve the personnel leadership system and working mechanism, formulated the "Development Zone, introduction of talents, training and reward Interim Measures", "to further strengthen high-level professional talent introduction work guidance", "development zone" employee system and a series of personnel policy and related policies, set up the policy platforms in order to attract high level talents, cultivate and reuse. The increase of talent capital investment, the park each year in the annual budget according to a total annual revenue of 1% to 1.5% the proportion of the establishment of the park of high level talents special funds earmarked for the park all kinds of high-level talent introduction, training, incentive spending. Through the development of human resources, the structure and current situation of talent team has been improved obviously. Up to now, the development zone has attracted 60 thousand employees. Of which more than 1.8 technical secondary school graduates, accounting for the total number of employees of the total number of intermediate and above the number of more than 4000 people, including senior titles and technical leaders of the 160, doctoral degree of 23 people, and more than 31.6% people.

Yao Lin stressed that although in recent years the Development Zone in the introduction of talents, training has made some achievements, but the total amount, structure and quality of talents also cannot adapt to the economic development zone, in urgent need of science and technology, finance, management, engineering and industrial development in the field of professional talents and pioneering talents. Yao Lin requirements, the park will further improve the talent development environment, and strive to absorb all kinds of talents to the economic development zone, to achieve leapfrog development of development zone to provide a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support. To make good;

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