Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun to inspect and guide the Datong county governme

9 month 13 days, Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun in Han Shengcai County, county village office director Liu Shengyu, the town Party Secretary Ma Youzhong, mayor He Yongcai and tal village Party branch secretary Huang Shengfu accompanied the tarwan village to inspect and guide the "military enterprises build a model village activities progress.

Zhang, vice mayor and his party first came to the tarwan village bazaars, inspected the market construction progress, mayor Zhang Fu stressed in the construction market to do market planning, quality and quantity to complete the construction of the market. Secondly, inspected the three office buildings are being built and Datong jindawei vegetable base.

‘s village was listed as "military enterprises build a model village", received strong support from the provincial and city leaders. Since the campaign, the Party committee and government, the demonstration village of Taer to build activities as an opportunity to seize the progress, overcome difficulties, to ensure the quality, strive to build activities to achieve tangible results.


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