The application of the method of parents paternity test

In June 7th, the first day of the exam, candidates in went to the examination room at the same time, many parents also all kinds of test methods. Parents accompany the morning candidates running from north area of decompression of the candidates parents Lee told reporters, in order to help their children decompression, 6 in the morning the clock to get up, then take the kids to run the morning in the District, in the process of running in the morning, Lee’s daughter ran the book of poems read aloud Mr. Li, and the side of the whole careful chaperone, remind the child to pay attention to exercise in safety. According to Lee, the movement is one of the scientific methods of decompression, through a series of exercise, can effectively help children reduce pressure. Ask the examination matters silently accompany the candidates in June 7th, the first morning after the end of the exam, many candidates have walked out of the room, waiting at the side of Mr. Su immediately told his wife, will not ask about the exam. Mr. Su told reporters that there are two candidates home this year, one is his daughter, the other one is his brother’s son, the two totally different character, a lively boy, so suitable for communication, the exchange process can tell some stories to help relieve the pressure, and the daughter is so quiet. In the summer as long as it silently accompany less talk. Parents to help students repeat the camera to stay in commemoration of June 7th, in the city’s fifth test center, the reporter noted that some parents from the candidates into the examination room to the candidates out of the examination room, the entire process of video. Ms. Li from Ping An county told reporters that their children are repeat students, a failure in the exam just because a child alone Fukao, psychological gap due to the large, so the family very regret, this time coincides with the test time in the rest of the day, so the family in summer than parents mobilization with DV the peikao process recorded, can regard it as a memorial, on the other hand, through this method to tell the candidates, parents attach great importance to him.  

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