Xining north of the city held a mid autumn festival, National Day celebration of the moon cake festi

"big moon cake ah, for many years have not seen such a big moon cake, and I have a taste, as well as the taste of that year?" September 14th at 11 in the morning, in the courtyard of Xining rural farming ecological garden fun, an old grandmother while enjoying a variety of moon cake, while recalling the time of the year.

On September 14th –15

, the North District of Xining City People’s government, the North District Tourism Bureau of science and technology, Xining Xiang Qu Agricultural Science and technology limited company jointly organized the "mid autumn moon cake to celebrate the national day," Xiang fun delicacy festival in the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun Cheng Bei Xiang Qu Xining District Agricultural Culture Ecological Park held. In the activity, people from the big stage of the cast into the rustic garden show large show, near the village of old people with homemade cakes, showing the traditional moon cake and special snack.

at 10 o’clock in the morning, the women from the village of North Tao took the rack car, rushed to the venue. "Hurry up, hurry up, or you won’t get a seat." At the door of a rustic garden woman said to his little son.

the woman put down the car, took out the big moon cake from the brightly coloured steamer, early in the yard to find the target media reporters came over, journalists and photographers are all sorts of questions, kuangpai. "Is this your own moon cake? How long will it take to make such a cage……" Reporter asked. While women finishing their own steamer, while casually answered various questions.

"do you know the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival? Why do we have Mid Autumn Festival? If the answer is right, there are prizes." When the chairman of the podium threw such a question, the audience to appreciate the moon cake to attract the past.

"Mid Autumn Festival, for the annual Lunar August fifteen."

"Chinese according to the lunar calendar, August for the autumn of second months, in ancient times known as the autumn, so people called the mid autumn festival."

"the Mid Autumn Festival, also known as Qiuxi, August Festival, August, Yuexi, half month festival, and because this day the moon full circle, the symbol of the reunion, also known as the festival of reunion. The folk Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake, moon, enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus, lantern riddles and other customs." After a number of personnel involved, and finally answered the question asked by the moderator.

on the day of the event, also held a photographic exhibition, martial arts performances, paper cutting, embroidery show, flower singing and open-air movies and bonfire parties and other popular folk activities.

more praise is that because there are many performances at noon, many people can not go home for dinner. Xining rural fun farming ecological garden for everyone to provide a free lunch, we carry a bowl of rice, while sitting there to enjoy the show. "It’s a great feeling. There’s a show, and a free lunch. It’s really happy." Lee said the villagers. (Ben reporter Liu Zhiqiang photo coverage)



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