Xining District, West District, clean energy not new coal-fired stove

Xining City West District environmental protection departments to coal smoke pollution remediation City three production industry as effectively as a popular project to catch people’s worries. Currently, this year into the scope of the remediation of 273 catering operators, has completed the remediation of the 238.

at the same time, further west district also asked the area all catering service industry of coal smoke must install coal fume purification equipment, treatment compliance after the flue, ensure that emissions meet the national emission standards. Other cooking stove in the high-altitude emissions, requirements shall not affect the normal life of surrounding residents and the surrounding landscape, no new coal-fired stove in the city clean energy area. In addition, the person designated to be responsible for the operation of the region’s food and beverage operators soot cleaning facilities, the unauthorized operation of the facility operators will be punished. (author: Wu Yachun)


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