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in 2012, the Xining municipal government identified as "affordable housing construction management year".

goal is clear: the first class standard 14050 sets of affordable housing goals. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the province three of the, namely: the use of affordable housing in 2010 to start the delivery of the use of affordable housing in the beginning of the year in 2011 to be completed, the protection of housing starts in one hundred percent in 2012 of one hundred percent.

Xining city planning, fine management, squeeze money from local finance is not well-off in efforts to promote the construction of low-income housing, low-income housing construction this year to become the city’s largest one year. And, in the continuous exploration, to find an effective path.

new model: improve the housing system

2012, Xining city plans to build 14050 units of affordable housing, low rent housing, 1200 units, 11000 units of public rental, the state-owned mining shantytowns 1570, affordable housing 160 sets, 120 sets of ramshackle reclamation area.

at the beginning of this year, Xining city in strict accordance with the "construction of" government leading, platform operation, social participation, equity diversity "new models of affordable housing construction, the industrial park, labor intensive service industry needs strong public rental housing, public rental housing construction actively encourage investment oriented enterprises, workers to solve the rental housing" work requirements, will be inclined to low-income housing construction of industrial parks and enterprises, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises in the construction of public rental housing.

at the same time, as the perfect affordable housing construction mode, improve housing security of an innovative initiative, Xining city low rent housing and public rental housing subsidies indicators and integrated, unified planning, unified construction, unified location, according to the government led, social participation and market operation mode, the construction of low-income housing through new construction, renovation, purchase, long-term lease etc., low-cost housing and the merger of public rental construction, laid the foundation for the construction of public rental housing system based on incremental.

establishment of affordable housing construction joint point package work responsibility system, timely coordination of the examination and approval, planning, land, demolition and other issues. Moreover, the implementation of forced mechanism, inverted schedule, according to the schedule to carry out supervision and inspection, so that the construction of affordable housing more flowering, go hand in hand. According to the situation this year, there are some affordable housing to be allocated, Xining strict protection of the object of the application, approval, publicity and exit system, so that the limited resources to protect the fair distribution. In the exit system, make full use of good civil affairs, community management platform, do a good job in the annual review of the object has been an annual audit. At the same time, the relevant departments to carry out a joint inventory, is no longer in line with low-cost housing security conditions of the family, in accordance with the provisions of timely exit.

shantytowns: turned warm room

statistics show that: since 2008, Xining has been built and under construction of various types of affordable housing 59142 units, accounting for the province issued a task of 10;

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