Employment a top priority to improve people’s livelihood

12th Five-Year, the first four years, we pay close attention to the employment of the people’s livelihood. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, director of the provincial people’s Congress in the province’s twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the four meeting of the closing speech stressed.

[a] a lens: Loan story of the entrepreneurial dream, but suffer from a lack of funds, Student Entrepreneur Li Hui was due to loans almost abandoned the entrepreneurial dream. Not long ago, Xining City, innovative financial services, launched a love loan, help Li Hui 3 college students entrepreneurs were loans to 50 thousand yuan, start-up funds were available, Li Hui and partners have already registered for the production of mobile phone APP software, WeChat public service number and other electronic business the main business of the company, the dream set sail from here.

[] policy force in our province the policies promulgated and continue to improve, in order to alleviate the employment pressure, to provide effective support and help the country to vigorously promote the work of employment, and achieved good results. Our province through the implementation of policies helping to create full employment community, government backing placement, establishment of "one to one" twinning system, will aid and assistance with daily focus, multi-channel, multi form to help employment difficulties in employment.

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