n May 1st, the five provinces in the northwest Silk Road Cultural Relics in our province have a fea

as one of the large-scale cultural relics exhibition is the most influential, from May 1st onwards, a concentration of the ancient Silk Road in the five northwest provinces treasures panoramic visual feast – "Silk Road — Cultural Relics Exhibition" at the Provincial Museum, the silk road has a long history and great significance in this exciting show.

it is understood that the Silk Road – Heritage boutique Exhibition for a period of 3 months, jointly launched by the northwest of the five provinces and cultural units of the 18. The theme of the exhibition on "The Belt and Road" development strategy, held in National Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Ningxia Museum and dozens of provincial and Municipal Museum, the community responded enthusiastically. Participate in the exhibition a total of 167 cultural relics (sets), brings together the northwest of the five provinces and cities of the participating units of the Silk Road cultural relics, the high level of cultural relics, the number of display, the United States and the United States in the same kind of exhibition crown. The contents of the exhibition is divided into "Zhu Rong" sprout "Silk Road in the western regionszao Kong Open" Silk Road "ethnic fusion" Tang Dynasty "the Silk Road" prosperous silk road "the Silk Road" Shengjing Vatican Buddhist trace "Songyuan" six units operating silk road light, a comprehensive display of the silk road history reproduce surge high and sweep forward, the former silk road brilliant and now still style.

Qinghai is located in the south of the Hexi Corridor, is an important part of the Silk Road and East West trade transit station. I participate in the exhibition of cultural relics of the province, a total of 24, including the Zhongtong banknote, Yu tiles, wolf bite cattle gold ornaments, on the horse of bird Lianzhu stria brocade, are the treasure of treasures.


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