Datong eastern new town infrastructure cooperation project started

October 28th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County held a groundbreaking ceremony in Eastern Metro infrastructure projects, accelerate the construction of the city, this is an important achievement of Datong innovation development mode, and also an important symbol of the Pacific Construction Group Datong power of economic development.

It is reported that

, eastern new city infrastructure projects are infrastructure projects by China Pacific Construction Group in Datong 5 billion yuan investment in the construction, including roads, bridges, tunnels, landscape, river regulation and civil engineering construction projects. This year, started construction of Guangming Road, Telford road project is the use of two key municipal road engineering construction of the BT mode, the project designed by Chang’an University Engineering Design Institute, investment in the construction of fifth Pacific Construction Group, Xining green engineering construction supervision company responsible for supervision. Two projects with a total investment of 58 million yuan, involving the relocation of farmers in 134 households 465.

Telford road and Guangming Road as the eastern Metro infrastructure projects, including Guangming Road project total investment 35 million yuan, the construction period is two years, will be completed in 2013, the road length of 2930 meters, planning red line width of 28 meters (section 4+20+4), road for the city main road II design, demolition 128 households of 445 people Telford road; a total investment of 23 million 900 thousand yuan, the construction period is two years, will be completed in 2013, the road length of 2940 meters, planning red line width of 18 meters (section 3+12+3), the road for the city roads II, involving the demolition of 6 households of 20 people. The road with asphalt concrete pavement, pavement concrete pavement brick, supporting the construction of drainage pipelines, water culvert and city road lighting facilities. (author: Yang Jian)



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