Eight areas of supply side reform steadily

put the tube service "the deepening of reform, the provincial administrative approval items retained in the northwest provinces in the least; innovation driven strong forward, new projects 258; real estate inventory to see results, the province’s housing inventories fell 9.8% compared with the beginning of the year…… Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the province’s eight areas of supply side structural reform overall co-ordination has achieved initial results.

retain administrative approval of Northwest least. In the put tube Service Reform: the current provincial administrative examination and approval to retain 287 items, is the least of the provinces in Northwest China; 8 cities and counties and county government departments of all rights, the list of all responsibility for the publication of the 46. At the same time, announced the list of administrative fees and government funds list, and regulate the 95 intermediary services, etc..

innovation driven forward. In the driving force of innovation, to further increase the construction of technological innovation platform, to build a number of industrial clusters in urgent need of key pilot plant; built the first large-scale energy storage tower thermal power station, etc.. Actively promote the Qinghai Lithium Industry Innovation Institute building, efforts to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship platform and other public space construction.

iron and steel to resolve excess coal. The implementation of the implementation of the steel industry to resolve excess capacity of coal production plan, at present, Xining special steel smelting furnace 3 units have been completed and completed power outages, storage, etc.. Take effective measures to zombie enterprises, the province’s processing zombie enterprises 32, and orderly and steady progress in the placement of workers, workers have been placed in 629.

digest inventory about 700000 square meters. Up to now the province to 9508 sets of money to change the shelf, digestion inventory of about 730 thousand square meters. The province’s commercial housing, commercial housing stock area decreased by 9.8%, respectively, compared with the beginning of the year, 14.8%. At the same time, adjust and optimize the supply of real estate, encourage the development of enterprises and the construction of real estate, such as pension real estate.

multi boost enterprise cost reduction. Full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot, the first half of this year, Qinghai tax total tax relief 1 billion 238 million yuan, and once again the implementation phase reduced social security rates, cessation of price adjustment fund to actively implement the natural gas and other support measures, to help enterprises reduce cost factors.

, in addition, to broaden the financing channels for enterprises "financial innovation linkage", social leverage is steadily reduced; make up the short board, to promote poverty alleviation, and strengthen the basic public service short board construction, and actively promote the ecological environment construction and other short board; to accelerate the reform of state owned enterprises, specifically the province of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership the goal of the reform, and further increase the advantages of the industry to support efforts.


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