Qinghai outdoor vegetables, sitting on the plane to Beijing

in the early morning of September 14th, the autumn wind howling. Huangzhong County, Xining green green open standard vegetable garden 3000 acres of open field vegetables, waiting for the harvest. "Such a good cook, if it does not pay by the frost, or wait for the sun to pick a sun." Early in the morning, Yinlu Funchal town has a small range of frost, a dozen workers sitting in the field, and baby food together waiting for the sun to rise.

sit on the plane to the distant

10, when the weather was warmer, the workers began to get busy. This year’s food is good, the market price is also high, hard finally did not waste." Zhao Weijin said while touching the side of the doll. "Here the main species of baby food and Chinese cabbage flower, there is broccoli and cabbage, yield a year than a year, the income is high." Operating vegetable base has been open for five years Zhao Weijin, his face filled with a happy smile.

fresh baby food hidden in the big leaves, the workers patiently opened every piece of green leaves, the baby dish out. In a short time, dozens of baskets of baby food has been placed on the farm car, waiting for the "sit" plane to the far. 40% of these vegetables are sold in the field, the sale of the province in the province, there are 30% for the province’s boarding schools in. This year, Huangzhong vegetables on Beijing, Xi’an, Shenzhen and other residents of the table.

field laugh

suddenly, bang machinery rumbling sound broke the stillness of the field, an Oriental red ridge seeding mulching machine working, driving the machinery of the villagers Lu lushaer town under the heavy village zhang. He had a dark face, wearing a red hat, "in order to learn the mechanization of planting, I specifically went to the county training for more than a month before the end of June to all kinds of thousands of acres of land, now rely on mechanical work, save time and effort." The chapter is very proud. The workers joked that Lao Lu was also their technical staff.

this morning, the busiest and most happy to pick a few dishes of women, they wear a variety of colors of the headscarf, as if the field is a brilliant rainbow, laughter after another. I can pick 60 baskets a day, income can reach $120. It’s good to find such a job at home. Now, vegetables with good technique, and harvest it, vegetables were the cart to the city to sell that day has something to look forward to." Xiao Demei is a housewife lushaer town Taiwan village, is very satisfied with her job. "In April this year farming period, our three large machinery for three days and three nights without rest, we also saw the mechanization of planting for three days, the seeds buried in the soil, our heart is steadfast. Today, people’s growing demand for vegetables, farming should also keep up with the changing times." Speaking of a species of vegetables open field, you say a word I say. Speak to speak, the hands of the work seems to be faster.

just as you said with a smile, Huangzhong county agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of Vegetable Technology Extension Station Wei Jianping took the topic, said: this year, the county dew;

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