Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to investigate and deal with all kinds of economic cases

December 21st, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau held a briefing to investigate the economic and legal cases. A typical case involving the meeting on 2007 in the rectification and standardization of market economic order in the special action investigation, personnel were informed, investigate violations of unfair competition, commercial fraud, illegal pyramid selling and selling fake goods such as the impact of large, wide range of timely exposure.

this year, the city industrial and commercial system has carried out the "red shield agriculture" and "food safety" and "well-known trademark protection" as the theme of the special rectification activities, greatly increase the illegal cases of various types of economic investigation, to a positive role to maintain the market economic order stability. It is reported that this year, the city industrial and commercial system to investigate cases of illegal economic since 2535, a total value of $65 million 134 thousand and 600, confiscated 3 million 170 thousand and 400 Yuan fines, destroyed counterfeit, fake dens 378, illegal MLM dens 5, inventory, education, severance marketing staff of 505 people, and seized fake false smoke 3083, 5687 bottles of wine. Expired "three" 12985 bags of food (bottle), not edible oil 7000 kg, 88 pieces of unqualified Fuzhuan Tea (each 20), unqualified mobile phone 200, unqualified wire and cable 4200 meters, fake engineering machinery accessories 200, all kinds of trademark infringement of 87000 sets, and expired and no the date of production of pesticide bottles, 1135 seeds of 3000 kg, and 73 tons of chemical fertilizer. (author: Lin Ping)


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