The proportion of non-public economy in Xining is increasing

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, in 2013, Xining non-public economy in the proportion of the national economy is growing, has accounted for 40.43% of the city’s non-public economy has grown to 351 thousand. It is expected that by 2020, the city’s non-public economic enterprises will reach 1700, the proportion of the national economy will account for between 50% to 60%.

It is reported that

, 2013, Zhuhai non-public enterprises to take a separate form, regional construction, system construction and other industries, further optimization of the non-public enterprise party organization set. In the city to build a model village 62 tasks, non-public enterprises to participate in the 53, non-public economic organizations to mobilize the work of the Party committee has signed an agreement to help all enterprises, the implementation of more than 300 yuan of funds to help. To carry out the package assembly work, to determine the 72 municipal units to the selection of the 96 non-public economic organizations of the party building instructor, and on behalf of the non-public economic organizations to carry out the formation of the work of the party organization of the packaging enterprises in. At the same time, held a two coverage of the pilot work will be observed, in order to continue to crack down on non-public economic organizations in the construction of the city to provide new ideas, new methods.


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