Marriage Yiwu ushered in the first intercollegiate entrepreneurship as an exchange student in Taiwan

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in Taiwan and the mainland in recent years there have been significant changes, the first choice is close to the Fujian Guangzhou, the mainland is more in-depth, to start the media, inter marriage, Yiwu for the first time in Taiwan exchange students.

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"on both sides of a pro, we are one family. The school has arranged for two students to live in the student apartment, peer visits to school teachers are arranged in the teacher’s apartment." Party secretary Wang Zhenhong, Yiwu business school said that cross-strait youth have grown up in the Chinese national culture, in the way, pioneering the concept of even the pursuit of life there are many similarities, should make scores for cross-strait business exchanges and will do our best to make contributions to the school, creating a new situation of Chinese entrepreneurship education.

to let Guo Junhong and Liang Yaqi can adapt to life in Yiwu as soon as possible, Yiwu business school is also dedicated to their life with and learning assistant assistant.

"elegant chess really polite, meet for the first time also bow to say hello is that from the bottom of my heart, which I think, the students really want to Study hard." My roommate Chen Xiaoting said, "Ya chess explained to us Taiwan’s local customs and practices, I am longing for Riyuetan Pool, now more yearn for. I also want to travel to Taiwan, to feel the natural scenery and cultural history."

Yaqi beam another roommate Chen Xiaoting jokes, although Taiwan and mainland ancestry, but in daily life, there are many different ways of expression, and even created a lot of oolong. "Yesterday, I asked ‘Ya chess action station on Saturday whether to open the door," I really shocked. Tangled for a long time, I know that ‘mobile station’ is the meaning of the mobile business hall."

Compared with

"Yiwu’s booming electricity supplier, Taiwan electricity supplier development has been relatively backward. In recent years, there are more and more people choose to come to Yiwu entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship through Yiwu to achieve personal dream has become a trend of many young people in Taiwan." Liang Yaqi said that now the Internet is so developed, and other skilled, she also tried to sell Taiwan food on the electronic business platform. "Of course, I would like to be able to become a cultural ambassador, to promote cultural exchanges between Yiwu and Taiwan to make its own contribution."

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