The battle of the restaurant industry

at the beginning of the founding of People’s Republic of China suffered foreign bullying, 918 after the Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese war in the past eight years, numerous casualties, numerous wars. But in the end because of Chairman Mao’s protracted war strategy so that China will eventually become the winner. Everything is a truth, in the catering industry, such as the existence of such a person who will fight a protracted war.

the protagonist Li Liang, is a cross-border food and beverage, when the soldiers, chose the show, worked over the chair, opened the bar, before eating into the restaurant, he runs a profitable one million media companies.

2015 in March, Li Liang founded the "prawns drive to Changsha, and winter sell live shrimp slogan break fame, has opened six stores," here is the first prawns "settled in Beijing GUI street Hunan lobster museum.

this change, Li Liang invested around 7 million, almost the entire net worth of all voted in, experience, and lessons. Many of these "real feelings" of each of our restaurant are worth learning.

do catering, fight really Kung Fu, fight a protracted war

Street shop to survive, must rely on taste

this year, the rise of fast fashion restaurants, I often hear such a voice:

cooks delicious is not important, don’t eat on the line, it is important to brand


me many cross-border catering, raring to build the brand, the decoration, marketing, services are done well even to the extreme, but the dishes perfunctory perfunctory.

to do my personal experience in terms of dining, I would like to say is: the only brand is to raise such a voice, it is more suitable for business than the street shop.

, for example, can sell 25 yuan a bottle of Sibelius in sea buckthorn juice, in our shop sells 15 yuan will be covered at the checkout would move was required to make a break or erase the fraction.

This is because

, a customer into super do consumption preparation, not too sensitive to the price, the environment, service, atmosphere is better than to taste, many people are directed from the brand.

and the street shop, the customer’s expectations and requirements of the taste is much higher.

An unwritten

customer psychological subconsciousness is: if you want to eat a delicious, might as well go to the streets and flies in the restaurant. In the mind of the customer, shop in the street with flies restaurant is placed in a balance, so the taste is essential, otherwise you across the stall can do better of you >

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