What is the specific process of opening the Western Restaurant

how to open a western restaurant, Xiao Bian think as long as it is suitable for your food and beverage projects, have the future of business, because you are interested in this road will go farther and farther, the higher the climb. So what are the specific processes in the process of joining the western restaurant?

1. through the network, e-mail, telephone consulting Jazz steak project

2. visit the headquarters to communicate face to face, to witness the headquarters scale and strength

3. in accordance with the conditions of the headquarters to join the audit by the operating department to join the qualification

4. signed a contract, after payment headquarters began to join the follow-up work

5. assigned the project manager to the site of the store site visits

6. headquarters assigned to the overall planning and design

7. assigned to start the business manager, start the new store preparatory work

8. franchisees assigned to headquarters to carry out training

provide professional supervision and support to important positions, supervise and guide the store, and assist store operation instruction


to join the western restaurant if you have anything else is not clear, please give us a message, we will see after the first reply to you.

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