Ancient Hong fast food franchise support what


venture choose to join the patina of Hong food items, a simple way to join, quick, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. So, entrepreneurs choose to join the patina of Hong food items, which support? Let’s take a look at it!

1, brand image support.

offers free full set of brand VIS system; ancient Hong headquarters clerk clothing, accessories, badges, etc. the name card design and artwork unified, and provide staff training manual.

2, store decoration support.

company has a rich experience in the terminal store design team, according to the actual situation of franchisees to provide free shop decoration design and store layout program to unify the brand image.

3, opening guidance support.

offers free opening ceremony activities implementation plan (tailored), the opening can be assigned an experienced person to guide business shop with the master, until the store normal operation; and provide long-term tracking service.

4, management support.

invited well-known industry planning agencies, professional production operations manual, store management manual, and sharing brand resources to help you make plans, jueshengqianli.

5, advertising support.

stage in the CCTV and the country’s major magazines, newspapers, outdoor, television media advertising to enhance the franchisee’s sales performance, enhance brand awareness.

6, regional protection support.

according to the location of the market strictly control the number of stores, to ensure that each store has sufficient source, to ensure profitability.

7, marketing campaign support.

company has established a perfect marketing management platform, according to market attributes and characteristics of the franchisee, according to various national holidays tailored for the franchisee to provide marketing planning, event marketing planning, advertising planning and news planning etc..

8, information sharing support.

according to the analysis of sales data, timely grasp of market dynamics, trends, and give timely feedback to the franchisee, make accurate guidance for the franchisee’s sales activities, inventory control, improve the capital turnover rate, better adapt to the market.

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