How to improve the operation of the store in the network

bustling shops, operators may not have so much trouble, however, if the business is in the shop floor, want to let the store business booming, nature also need to master more business strategy. Even if the independent management of the store in a good building, the money is limited. Because the customer is limited to the vicinity of the guests and the old people, these people even if a moonlight 35 Gu, you can not create much profit. In order to open up the market, still need to strive for more customers.

you single handedly, even every station distribute leaflets in the street, has been doing publicity, make full stops, will be found to people is always a part of. This is not your first do not suffer great agonies of the mind, and now the society, strong people’s awareness, you just show a little selling intention, will be like the iron bastions "self-defense" mental block back, a pair of "don’t talk about money" attitude. Although, not afraid of deep alley, the alley has also been eloquence can smell! Across the street eight, half of the city, how much wine probably not floating out.

want to float out wine, in fact, the network is the best tool to make good use of the network, you are the modern businessman.

love sun group

long ago there was a thread, called "the sun every day wearing ornaments, the girls would love showing off his own little things, others also love to see the sun out of the beautiful things, so this post was a smash hit. Sometimes the world to each other: "upstairs really nice bracelet! Where did you buy it?" While ofshare also has a shopkeeper, day: "do it yourself, also sell." Simple words, there is a business opportunity.

to participate in the activities of the site

There are many promotional activities of

website, especially well-known websites, hang their commodity information in the famous website, become the protagonist of this fact, it is a promotion, in other words, this is the well-known Web resources, to promote their products, borrow chicken and egg, is good to make money methods.

to participate in the review site

if I want to find what delicious fun, probably will go to the first or bestie, price comparison, and then find a suitable. The shop has a distinctive, may wish to prepare a copy of this site. Coupled with their own shop image, shop description, product categories, many people will be able to browse the reference, perhaps you will win customers.

join forum

post bar, the forum is a kind of place, the virtual community in the network, where we will be a little off the cloak of vigilance

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