Do catering business must make their own characteristics

any stores have a lot of attention to matters, whether you open a restaurant, North and South and East and West which side which country people have their own local cuisine, catering, don’t do what special food and trouble, can choose according to their own home meals. Can also be based on local characteristics to choose, for many ready to open hotel but do not know where to start with the people, there is a problem, what can I sell? Do catering, how to make a feature? Such problems have been asking ourselves, but could not find the "North", or many. In fact, the restaurant wants to grow to have their own characteristics, when the bosses are aware that there is no or very little specialty has become a bottleneck in the development of the food and beverage industry, progress, began! Have their own "specialty"".

hard to create a "dish"

"a dish" well, catering also did the same, "the old family Braised pork in brown sauce", and Lao Li home, not the same. The same is Li’s family, the choice of materials, cooking, seasoning and so on, is not the same. Because this is not the same, and eat there next time, next time don’t eat well there will be no next time. And it’s not a good thing to eat. The old family "Braised pork in brown sauce stewed soddenly, Li’s" good taste "?? this is the difference?. Love "stewed soddenly", came to love the old Zhang; "good taste", to go home Lao li.

menu to keep pace with the trend of

and fashion, people’s taste change is regular. Eat more seafood to eat barbecue, dishes to snacks, delicious dumplings can come every day, and eat for coarse grains. Careful observation of these changes, the potential market demand, the development of consumer favorite food, so open a restaurant, is on the right track, a little mean.

open in front of the hotel please memorize the above two points, then you can combine the restaurant business orientation, such as: the main dishes rich or main light? Delicacies or seafood? Dishes or dishes? Southern or northern? You’d better choose one. Your market position is clear, consumers are good judgment, it is easy to choose. Remember: in all of the catering enterprises, who can have for, have not for??? That "specialize in", who can have the characteristics of "". Only in this way, you can go further in the food and beverage business, operating your own specialty restaurants.


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