Shanxi province 35 new provincial public space

nearly two years, there has been a new provincial public space created by the government recognized, fully affirmed the creation of public space to promote the role of entrepreneurship. In order to fully stimulate the vitality of the public innovation and entrepreneurship, Shanxi province 35 new provincial public space.

1 3, from Shanxi province science and Technology Department to understand, and vigorously promote the development space for the public, stimulate the public innovation vitality, the reporting and expert assessment, the leader of space, clear control of the public record space 35 public record space of Shanxi province has been identified as a public space.

multi-creation space refers to the province within the operation by independent agencies, through the market mechanism, professional services and capital construction way of low cost, convenience, all elements, open all kinds of new business service platform, the public record space combination, innovation and entrepreneurship by combining online and offline incubation and investment combination, to meet the different needs of entrepreneurs space work space, network space, social space and resources sharing.

35 Shanxi province all the

was identified in a C space, a space, a leading space cubic 7 multi-creation space is located in Taiyuan high tech Development Zone; Shanxi Institute of media culture science and Technology Park 4 multi-creation space located in Jinzhong; Alexander art multi-creation space 13 multi-creation space in Taiyuan Yangquan city; public record space service base 2 multi-creation space located in Yangquan; Datong Small and micro businesses business incubator located in Datong; Xiaoyi high-tech industry incubation center 3 public record space in Lvliang; perfect the public record space is located in Shuozhou Yuncheng economic development zone; e-commerce area public record space 2 a public space is located in Yuncheng; Shanxi multi-creation Nobel aesthetic space in Changzhi; in youth employment and entrepreneurship Park in Xinzhou.


multi-creation space play a positive role, but also limited. Want to achieve entrepreneurial success, in the final analysis depends on the quality and skills of the public entrepreneurs themselves, in order to ensure the sustainable development and profitability of the venture.

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