Amazon launched Amazon logistics + open storage logistics services


technology news on October 27th news, Amazon Chinese today announced the launch of "Amazon logistics +" service, to provide warehousing logistics solutions to domestic e-commerce enterprises and traditional enterprises, including the integration of logistics warehousing, warehousing operations, transportation and distribution, cross-border logistics services and customized logistics services etc..

according to the introduction, specifically, logistics warehousing integration scheme is to help the enterprise management of the whole logistics system, including warehousing, transportation, distribution and customer service terminals; warehousing operation scheme is to help enterprises to achieve efficient warehouse management; transportation scheme is to use Amazon’s transport network, provide transportation, parcel and last mile distribution of cross-border services; the logistics service is to help enterprises import and export logistics management; customized logistics services is to provide customized and independent warehouse logistics service enterprise based on the specific needs.

‘s global vice president, global logistics China Amazon CEO Xue Xiaolin said that last year, 70% domestic sellers in the use of the Amazon logistics services after its sales increased by 20% at least, now is to further expand and extend the service. Currently, Amazon has 109 operations centers in the world, China has 13 operations centers, the more than and 300 trunk transport network. (Tong Gao)

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