WeChat marketing activities to play a few cases


marketing now want by the content of simple tipping forward frenzy is a very difficult thing, not difficult to attract users attention and highlight the formation of communication. And there are a number of WeChat marketing activities are often able to achieve good results, especially those WeChat public platform for innovative marketing play infinite power, can instantly detonated circle of friends.

on the WeChat marketing activities, today wood will not say how much, said many of the classic cases, the casual, simple talk about a few of my recent life in the WeChat marketing share.


first, WeChat set like gift

could see this, some people would say, wood ah, WeChat early in the fight set like behavior, you don’t know? To shame! Yes, WeChat has been in the fight against set like behavior, but only that you do not play too honest and did not play well, the harder that have the effect, just to see some WeChat public activities, many of them in various forms of sets like activities, including those who do well large.

why? Although it is now set to ban the use of praise, but the idea of formal gifts is feasible. Because WeChat is to crack down on some of those forced or intimidation and other brutal way to allow fans to participate in sharing, but also a direct sharing of products. WeChat official also said: we do not prohibit the legitimate promotion of public accounts. We are prohibited by the interests of malicious promotion, forced to ask friends to share the circle of behavior.

well, since so many people, to say the WeChat marketing set like activity of the case, the public number I see released by WeChat public platform for text information, so users get reply keywords of the page, this is a common practice, and in activities through the set like gift. The key is the gift, the gift company is very special, the company made the star dolls, quickly detonated circle of friends, or believe that if some commonly used gifts, it is with no echo, with immediate effect will be greatly reduced, although users love free stuff, but the one and only love, creative things.

so, this set of gift giving activities, the first thing is to copy the activities of the text, and then is to have a unique gift, can arouse the interests of users.

second, WeChat voting activities

this is a very similar to the above case, I met the activities is to let the fans to create DIY images submitted, and public official number will generate a page, then fans for their votes, the most votes to get a reward.

this activity is very good, users will own for their votes, called friends, colleagues, friends and other WeChat vote for themselves, will use their own circle of friends, QQ space, WeChat, QQ, renren.com website, QQ group, micro-blog to participate in the activities of all circles to share their links, and even everywhere "

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