.CM resembles.COM paralyzed half a month suffered heavy losses

users should think twice when input ".CM": from the beginning of this month, a large number of.CM domain (Cameroon national top-level domain) cannot be resolved, it is said that the country’s top.CM management agency responsible for internal reasons for this China suspected run away, registered.CM domain name to occupy most of the global registered users who suffered heavy losses. Preliminary estimates of losses of around 10 million.

as of press time reporter,.CM site still can not be resolved, the time has been half a month, when the recovery is still a mystery. Such a large area can not be resolved, the reporter in the official website of the.CM authority (Netcom.cm) did not see the relevant response, which also makes the loss of Chinese domain name registration rights is difficult. .CM domain name management confusion and dereliction of duty can be seen from this paralysis.

is a well-known domestic webmaster told reporters that the.CM domain name registration number Chinese occupy most of the world, and registered the price is very expensive, in 1000 yuan / year, Chinese user input has been less than ten million yuan, the.CM chaos has brought to the majority of Chinese registered significant losses.

technology behind the expensive Cameroon national domain name in China so much sought after, so much damage caused by


reporter query Whois (.CM query system), baidu.cm, qq.cm, sina.cm, the ebay.cm, ama-zon.cm and other famous sites of the CM domain has been registered person, but has been enabled in these domain name domain name is almost zero. Baby brand cybersquatting is the authority.CM domain name registration made a fortune selling point.

The real reason is: because the

.CM domain name and the mainstream.CN,.COM domain name is similar, very suitable to build a phishing site, copycat websites; and a lot of domain name registration in the.CM domain name is still obvious loophole caught another truth:.CM domain name registration policy easing, there is no need to provide information, registration no need to review, not even the domain name arbitration mechanism.

domain experts believe that the registration policy, completely ignoring the requirements of domain name registration information on the authenticity of the provisions on the administration of China’s domain name and international practice, to provide an environment for illegal phishing, fraud and other network, the domain name market has brought chaos. It is understood that the registered information management slack is widespread in the domain name on the.COM exit.


, there is an international well-known security company McAfee report shows that Cameroon has a ".CM" domain name, the Internet has become the most dangerous in the world area, identity for the highest ratio of red,.CM website attacks up to 36.7%.

"I also registered four or five.CM domain name, or one of a domestic portal site.CM domain name, originally want to raise, then transferred to sell a good price, but now can not be resolved, it is" dumb ", say out. >

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