Rui Yang how to carry out network marketing catering industry

can be said to be "hunger breeds discontentment", but Chinese traditional industries catering industry there are few network marketing. But western and Western fast food more. In fact, as the most appropriate industry. It is necessary to carry out proper network marketing. So how to carry out the food and beverage industry network marketing. We’ll talk to you.

a, show

Internet is an information base, the catering industry as a culture of China, is one of its historical connotation. Many diverse cuisines, martial art, although we could not everything included, but in our website, or other platforms, to show users, coupled with some methods of cooking, you will be very love. This will arouse great interest of the public, beautiful and attractive pictures, but also to make a good impression. The image of the value of the market can be fully reflected. You will download, send hair. This is a good way to promote.

two, interactive

The interactivity of

network is incomparable to any kind of media. Collection of some diners hobby, need to carry out targeted consumption guide. The guest’s name, telephone, address, and date of birth, home address and other units, and establish a relatively deep feelings of customer relationship, and then adopt corresponding marketing strategy target. At the same time holidays can also carry out some activities, holiday consumption. If you have the ability, you can also online video collection, engage in some cooking competition, which is a good network marketing model. Now the group purchase these can be in full swing, carry out, and get very good marketing effect.

three, service

In fact, any kind of

industry development today has been converted from selling goods to sell services. With the Internet, our service can be better reflected. We can provide consumer services online ordering. In fact, the room is a very cost-effective way of marketing, in human and material resources, and the site occupancy rate is very high in a cost-effective way of selling. And can accumulate a large number of fixed source. At the same time, it is also a kind of mobile advertising. Before ordering simply by phone, to a smaller range, but now with the Internet, the concept of service, delivery and service characteristics to thousands of households.

in short, sharp Yang believes that the food and beverage industry has a lot of advantages of network marketing, and profitable space. As China’s food and beverage industry, should be clearly aware of this, and a good grasp of effective implementation. This will play an immeasurable role in the future development of enterprises. Reproduced please indicate the source, welcome friends exchange. Sharp Ocean network: QQ:1515040789 1599681262 TEL:13251803188

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