More beautiful 345 million yuan C round of financing to open medical plan P

On the afternoon of 2

, more beautiful APP announced the completion of the C round of financing 345 million yuan, and announced the investment of all the C round of the first and second batch of financiers, including Acer Group, Suning universal, Tencent, CITIC, Fosun Pharmaceutical etc.. At the same time, more beautiful CEO Liu Di announced to open a new strategic plan — "100 medical IP plan".


this conference is Liu Di first proposed medical beauty industry "Dr. IP" concept, by way of the Internet to help good plastic surgeons to create a full range of personal brand, to maximize the value of the doctor.

Liu Di said that Dr IP refers to "excellent professional skills, charismatic, through technology, case and long-term service attitude to attract users and the formation of the two word of mouth, and ultimately to achieve their personal and service agencies and settled platform multiple commercial value doctor personal brand".

Jason, vice president of Suning global

believes that the system, social, standardization is the three characteristics of the United States more doctors IP platform construction.

comprehensive outpatient CEO Orioles that trust as the key link of medical care, is also the most difficult to establish and the weakest link, so the super IP used in doctor individual, is content to flow the charm of personality and self force.

Ying said at the meeting, the content, originality, personality, flow and commercialization is to create a super five IP logic chain. Ying Ying believes that the revival of the new era is based on the content of the new era of personality and red age.

It is reported that

, more beautiful plans in the near future will be to build up the medical IP as the goal, to provide a full range of service matrix "air settled for hospital doctors". The United States will focus on the air hospital launched a series of IP assistance projects, including the industry database, doctors and other medical professionals brand customization.

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