Li Wanqiang detailed millet millet retreat to become the world’s top three behind the secret

introduction: dark horse – the end of October millet training camp nearly 100 students, have very good luck, second days had announced it will retreat, get a chance to interact with him, who had to be good at social marketing is known, the founder of millet in history plays the pivotal role, and "social marketing" remain perplexed despite much thought of this topic is not only anxious and fearful traditional enterprises concerned, to explore emerging Internet Co. So in the dark – millet training camp, an hour long "time had interaction" is especially lively.

the same day, the two major international research institutions IDC and Strategy Analytics were released in the global smart phone Market Research Report in the third quarter, and announced shipments and market share of the top five list. In these two reports show that China’s millet phone shipments and market share are ranked third in the world, followed by Samsung and apple.

millet mobile phone how in a short span of four years of growth for the world’s third? Has always been cordial had, very sincere answer every question horse. Of course, the problem of how to social marketing based, revealing the secret behind the rapid development of millet. The following is a Q & a record:


1, dark horse Yang Guofeng, from the brewmaster network question: do 1 billion sales Rice noodles Festival, I would like to know what activities or actions, because the price does not seem to fall.

Li Wanqiang: this rice Festival has several core:

is the first of our millet red rice phone has millions of dollars, so that in the day, we do not have to grab, the basic can buy.

second, at that time, we are basically half off parts of the audience, so I think these are very important for their own products pulling.

is the third, our internal events as the double eleven, external we do a warm-up for a long time, including supporting also made a very good activity, that is called when the mora game, Mora nature is through a variety of channels and resources to let the user know in advance the information, and some coupons can be released. The day when we are very happy in the company, Tmall internal double eleven, what are the drums.

fourth, we are not the same as other manufacturers, we are issued cash coupons, not all of the full reduction, of course, there are less than the full, we made a lot of direct coupons.

2, dark horse founder

Xu Qiming shop

question: I have two questions, you at the beginning of the time, very few people under the hand, there are now more than 4 thousand people, in such a short period of time, how hold live so many people management?

Li Wanqiang: in fact, 40 people, 400 people, the person of 4000 >

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