SARFT and the Ministry of internal affairs conference network TV or released

after a lapse of nearly 4 months, SARFT and the Ministry finally sat together on the development of network television communication. Reporters learned yesterday from the relevant parties, communications with the Ministry of internal affairs of the Ministry of communications is very optimistic about the results, in August this year, SARFT or yellow card warning network TV or be released".

August, SARFT issued "on the strengthening of the administration of radio television to receive notice" issues related to Internet audio-visual program service management terminal, recently pointed out that "some enterprises to seek improper economic interests, without the approval of the administrative department of industry and the authorization of the copyright, without authorization on the Internet TV drama and other audio-visual programs free transfer to the TV terminal for users to watch, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of copyright rights, also require manufacturers must obtain a license to carry out Internet TV business.

in fact, the conditions for obtaining a license are very harsh. SARFT this move will undoubtedly give the Internet TV to wear a straitjacket". Subsequently, the color TV business units to the competent authorities for help". The Ministry’s video industry association formally submitted to the SARFT reply, the development is not recommended SARFT to notice the form of blocking Internet TV, SARFT has not published feedback.

Xiao Hua, director of the Ministry of electronic information, said

, the Department believes that Internet TV has Internet access, will involve the issue of content. But the same is the terminal, the contents of the computer after the Internet is no one tube. But he also pointed out that the Internet is indeed difficult to monitor the issue of television, all aspects need to unite together to deal with.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo said that if a product represents the trend of the industry, on behalf of the consumer’s preferences, it is impossible to stifle. In fact, although the attitude of SARFT Internet TV development is not clear, but the color TV enterprises to accelerate the pace of development, many enterprises not only introduced new products, also announced that the future network function will become its color TV standard.

Xiao Hua said that this year the domestic color TV enterprises due to grasp the new domestic consumer demand and development, Internet TV is based on the national conditions and the launch of the domestic consumption environment, quickly won the market.

Statistical data of

Video Industry Association’s Orville consulting show that after six months of development, the retail sales of Internet TV has exceeded 10% of the total color TV, IPTV is expected next year, growth will exceed 50%, the market size will be more than 30 billion yuan.

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