Coral site 19 930 am Nanshan court

today want to go to the official website of the coral to download a software station, the site appears 19 9:30, Nanshan court view the source code

19 at 9:30 am, Nanshan court <! – China, France or NPC? –>


is the coral raise a Babel of criticism of case will be held in Shenzhen in December 19th the Nanshan District court


historical playback: in August 2007, Tencent Inc to use the Shenzhen police force, coral reef Chen Shoufu from Beijing’s home to Shenzhen. Tencent Inc accused Chen Shoufu of making illegal profits by bundling coral QQ, and if convicted, Mr Chen Shoufu could be sentenced to 1 to 7 years in prison. After the incident, although there are many industry celebrities for Chen Shoufu Tencent Inc to intercede, but Tencent Inc to "know" dodge. "New century" and "Wall Street journal" and other media reports of the incident.

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