Seven extrusion vertical electric three quarter earnings breakout

double eleven, the electricity supplier in the field "for your early pattern, vertical B2C living space is being squeezed. However, the vertical electricity supplier (NYSE:VIPS) through the close combination of brand resources and business model, the performance has gradually improved, the first quarter of this year, the first quarter of three to achieve profitability, becoming a heterogeneous electricity supplier in the field of vertical.

insiders said, as long as the vertical B2C and avoid the fight hand to hand with platform based electricity supplier, combined with the line through the resources and form their own competitive threshold in seven pattern still has room for development.

The results of the inflection point looming three quarter earnings, net profit of $641 thousand, for the first time a single quarter earnings.

stimulated, shares rose to $12.46 in November 20th, compared with the issue price of $6.5 in March 23rd rose nearly $100%, compared with the lowest price of $4.12 after the listing, or more than 200%.

In contrast to

and, the China electricity supplier in the field of two other listed companies in the United States (NYSE:DANG) and Mcglaughlin (Nasdaq:MCOX) shares were $4.12 and $0.577, while the two shares were $16 and $11.

was founded in 2008,, the use of limited time discount model started. Since the initial sale of luxury brands are difficult to obtain authorization and stable supply of goods, and then gradually from the front line luxury brand to two or three line brand, operating conditions improved. But in the process of expansion, suffered electricity supplier in the field of "expansion loss" industry predicament, 2009, 2010 and 2011 continued losses, the net loss amounted to $1 million 380 thousand, $8 million 370 thousand and $100 million.

in March 23rd this year, the loss making listed bloodshed, suffered the embarrassment of listing that break. But contrary to market expectations, in this year’s electricity supplier seven continuous compression case, contrarian growth.

2012 three quarter earnings data show that gross profit increased by $10 million, from $247.8% last year to $34 million 800 thousand, gross margin rose to 22.3%. CFO Yang Donghao to the daily economic news reporter, said’s gross profit is steadily improving. With the further growth of sales in the future, the company will further strengthen the bargaining power of the brand suppliers, there is considerable room for profit margins.

previously, expects fiscal 2012 quarter net revenues of $~2.40 billion, an increase of approximately 123%~128% over the same period last year, an increase of 51% over the third quarter. "We have the confidence to achieve the goal." Yang Donghao said.

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