n the end is a flicker of people or really – the site must be upgraded

is the second phone, the first one is from a small company, said the site does not upgrade, will not open after the computer, the second is in, do not know this thing is true, or, I went to the National Information Center checked, no similar message.

2 phone is the requirements of our company’s website upgrade to become 3G, but now the national standard? If you don’t upgrade to become 3G then our website will open on the computer? China analysis, the website is a lot of people do, in January to 3 this website to see a card we don’t want to write their own blog, people have 3 cards before they can do a blog, it is not to say that I have to upgrade this www.80dfd.cn? So those of us who don’t know who to the so-called 3G technology upgrade,

should be the network company in Suzhou Huyou people, the state should not issue such a policy, if issued, then the country is not to limit the development of the network?

or to force a lot of Chinese IDC companies laid off my understanding of the technology is that as long as there is server space, as long as the meter can be resolved, then we can open the site.

in the end is the Internet company in Suzhou Huyou people, or other things I wait to see, anyway, do not upgrade.


PS, flicker of the Suzhou network company ——————————————————–

called to ask the National Information Center, yes, they said it had nothing to do with

in the bluff, liar,

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