Talk about the controversial cultural barrage barrage of today and tomorrow

The new mobile media

now does to people’s daily life has brought a lot of convenience, especially the entertainment life, as the content of popular "spirit Steamed Buns" video rich public view, but also to the public in the entertainment life a lot more free choice. When watching the video, most of the young people will habitually open barrage function, search for happiness.


speaking barrage function, I have to introduce a. Barrage from Japan ACG, is a kind of comment, refers to the comment like a cannon in the viewing screen rather than rapid. With the barrage function will allow users to feel in the craftsman spirit at the same time on the website, can also produce audio-visual synchronization, have more fun, interactive entertainment, making friends, barrage like other new technologies like the Internet, give users a different experience.

interactive barrage of such networks, with high real-time and interactive features, very popular with the majority of the audience especially the young audience, so that the network has a high degree of interaction, a variety of video in the major video sites including some music platform has set. Perhaps the most young people in contact with the barrage when you think that this is an interesting interactive tool, and can quickly participate.


full screen barrage of abuse

in recognition of the "barrage" advantages at the same time, we should also see that many sites offer the barrage platform is being eroded by the Internet vulgar culture, language, violence, pornography and other factors are to seize the barrage position, this is not a good signal.

according to insiders, the current barrage of the crowd to use for 90, 00 after. In the case of BiliBlili website, the website of the membership, only to become a member to send a barrage, but the membership application must be done 100 and animation related topics in 60 minutes, if not the animation is very understanding of the people, it is difficult to finish this task, so it is mainly concentrated in the user base, 90 00.

is one of the major features of 90, 00 after the question authority, is suspected of a rule, "by what" often people instantly rendered speechless, they launched a barrage is unbridled, say what you what.

barrage remarks is almost everything, can Tucao may complain, can foul, emotional and improper remarks abound, the lower the ability to identify the teenagers, is undoubtedly a kind of spiritual pollution.


youth representative (TFboys)

for young people, they are in the world and the values of the study period, a lot of facts and ideas can not have independent thinking ability, vulgar profanity will distort the youth world view.

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