Shanxi to carry out special action against nternet pornography

Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial court, the provincial procuratorate 12 bureau decided that from now until September in the province wide organizations in accordance with the special action to combat Internet pornography.

it is reported that the focus is against the use of the Internet and mobile phone number information dissemination of pornographic, illegal profits; in launched overseas pornographic websites to domestic dissemination of information, the development of members; organizing online pornographic performances and online prostitution; and illegal personnel engaged in network fraud, theft, gambling and the sale of contraband and other criminal activities.

The key problem of

remediation is audio-visual programs, blogs, podcasts, animation, peer-to-peer network and mobile phone website, as well as hosting and virtual space to provide online communication places and channel problems for pornographic and other harmful information; online payment platform, mobile phone network advertising fees and provide illegal profit channels; website published fraud, gambling and sale of contraband and other harmful information, "drug release illegal advertising and advertising" venereal disease prevention and control; dissemination of audio-visual programs website without examination and approval of the television show, refused to fulfill the Internet information service and providing false information for the record filing responsibility problems.

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