Baidu promotion link credibility questioned Baidu said it can reflect

with Baidu search engine to find keywords to book tickets, Ms. Zhang appeared on the right side of the page, Baidu promotion link in the information, call 400 at the beginning of a telephone order for two tickets. But she will be 2200 yuan fare into the other account, and also can not get in touch with them. There are many people reflect, Baidu promotion link, a lot of information on the sale of second-hand car prices are mostly scam. "Baidu promotion link" in the information should be approved by the relevant personnel examination and treatment, but why even suspected of fraud, false information still can run in both directions unblockedly


public complaints: promotion link information has false

in recent days, a number of people to reflect this newspaper, in order to buy cheap tickets, they search through Baidu booking tickets, discount, cheap and other keywords. Appears on the right side of the page information, is Baidu’s "link", a lot of people through the recommendation of the telephone booking, the last note two.

The citizens of

Ms. Zhang said that most of the airline is a liar lied, the fare is very cheap, and then provide an account for booking money, once the money into the account, the phone is set to reject the program booking cannot contact the people. She said: "Internet information difficile true, that the" Baidu promotion link "recommended information is audited, did not expect. I believe that Baidu should bear the corresponding responsibility."

reporter verification: most of the information involved in low-cost car fraud

in addition to booking tickets and other cheat outsiders, the public is also reflected in the sale of second-hand car network information. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter through Baidu search "second-hand car", the left side of the page the information right "Baidu promotion link uneven in quality," the information also has a large number of "90% new Audi 30 thousand yuan", "80% new Accord 20 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan auction court Benz" and other information.

this, the reporter to verify the credibility of similar information Ji’nan police. Police pointed out that such information is almost all false information on suspicion of fraud. This year, 110 police command center has received a number of alarm, many people believe such information cheated: liar to price to sell the vehicle for bait, let the victim to the designated account to pay the so-called "Chengyijin", "security", "the car costs". Among them, a citizen cheated more than 20 thousand yuan.

industry secret: as long as the money will be able to bid ranking


interview, the reporter learned that Baidu Inc has a special staff to operate the competitive ranking and promotion links and other services. Related individuals or enterprises and institutions, to pay a certain fee, you can put your own information in the search results in front of, or appear on the right side of the page, promotion link.

a claim with the cooperation of the Baidu Inc insiders said: "Baidu PPC and promotion link, as long as you give money can participate in relevant information audit procedures are loose, some business people not even true."


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