A5 webmaster network third server site security training to accept registration


in web server security training? According to the latest statistics, the average every 20 seconds, a website was compromised over the Internet firewall 1/3 is compromised, there are serious security vulnerabilities of network system in China more than 90%, due to the vulnerability of the information system of the global economic losses, hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and showed a rising trend year by year. Let the students master the various server Windows, Linux platform for the establishment and management of security configuration and through our training, through the actual security application Raiders training, let members understand the principle of hacker technology skills, mastery of security technology, website security experts become true, create a safe and stable server environment.

suitable for the crowd: personal website owners, the company’s Web site maintenance personnel server maintenance personnel site security enthusiasts, such as

lecturer introduction:

Spring, a computer professional, RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer, engaged in the IT industry has 8 years of experience, in which the original black hawk safety net for more than four years, mainly engaged in server maintenance, solutions and technical research, and made the network security course a large number of video and voice. 2012 to a Career Technical College server and network to provide targeted solutions.

training methods: online video training (you can directly watch the teacher’s desktop demo) +qq group communication


: a total of 20 lessons every night starting time: September 17th 20:00-21:30

tuition: 880 yuan payment www.admin5.com/bank

(in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of learning, this period only received 20 students in accordance with the registration order, full of people. A5 webmaster promise: if the school is not finished or not satisfied can apply for a full refund, do not charge any fees)

registration advice: QQ:8561289; 886128 Tel 400-008-3536

courses are arranged as follows:

lesson: Secret GHOST version of the system for horse

second lesson: protection of personal privacy and PC security

third lesson: select the server system on the line with the basic settings

fourth lesson: the use of system vulnerabilities quickly destroy server

fifth lesson: analyze and understand the site invasion step

sixth lesson: ASP site invasion and demonstration

seventh lesson: ASP site erection and security settings

eighth lesson: ASP.NET erection and security settings

ninth lesson: PHP reasonable environment to build

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