2007 people most influential rankings

      see list of personal webmaster influential Sohu yesterday released in 2001, also make a fortune, to chat.

      1, Pang Shengdong 51.com, strictly speaking, not long Pang personal webmaster, then took another round of investment, Pang has become the capital predators out of the personal webmaster, his dating website with Pang Chaoqiang’s promotion team and strong financial support, has been basically as the largest video dating websites. The year spent nearly one million yuan to buy a domain name, it is a useless, young Pang Shengdong, after several attempts of entrepreneurship, finally firmly on the Internet Center stage.

      4399.net  4399.com 2, Li Xingping, almost everyone wants to own website traffic better, ranking the better. But instead of black apple, he is not willing to own site rankings are too high, so he put his game site into 2, in this way, also all into the top 500. That year’s hao123, until today is still the backbone of Baidu traffic. Black apple, but still low-key, still calm. As a superior, you since I still miles surge high and sweep forward, no wave.

      3, Huang Yimeng, verycd.com , Dai Yunjie, the University of Shanghai from the start of the big boy, a university did not graduate from school, a university for nearly 6 years to read the. It seems not a good child in the traditional sense, but to create the world’s leading Internet sharing platform. In BT, P2P wave so turbulent today, their VeryCD is still sitting in the world’s top three Chinese download tools seats. Moreover, is the only one of them almost did not get any investment, entirely on their own to do a little bit of team.

      4, A Fei cnzz.com China station with A Fei, it’s hard to imagine how his body can contain so much energy, station, within a few years to grow so large, almost all Chinese stationmaster used A Fei’s station to provide all kinds of resources. This proves one thing – with the convenience of others, with their own convenience. Only to share, is the development of the king.
      5, refused to swim fish im286.com laggards just contact the laggards, will think, why is called im286? Why don’t you call luowuzhe? So far there are still a lot of speculation, I do not know why, but just feel that this forum is very good. You go to the resource exchange channel

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